Too Big to Hold

I arrived back in the office in the early afternoon, in the kitchen two women were talking. “I can’t believe how big it was!”, Helen was saying. Sally turned as I came in “Do you know who did it?”, she asked. “Did what?”, I reply but I knew exactly what she meant. She glanced out the door to make sure nobody was there, “Someone left the biggest shit you’ve ever seen in the ladies toilet up on fourth floor!”.

It had been a very big shit, yes. Painful too. “Really?”, I ask trying to sound surprised, “I was out at lunch so…”, I started before Sally cut me off “oh no no we know it wasn’t you, we weren’t saying that!”. Helen still seemed to be in disbelief, “It was like THIS thick”, she said as she mimed with her hands. I started to leave and said “Oh well, let me know if you hear anything” as I went. I could still hear Helen as I left the kitchen, “and it reached from the water to the seat!”.

I went back to my small personal office and laughed to myself. When I arrived this morning I had been feeling very uncomfortable. I had not shit for a long time as I was considering having an “accident” for my partner just to see what they did, but I had not found the right time. It had been many days.

I decided that I would have to do it tonight as the discomfort was growing pretty bad, I just hoped that I could stay away from people today and hold it together. During the morning a colleague came to see me briefly about something. All the time he was there I could feel strong urges to shit and had to avoid making it obvious. Under the desk I couldn’t help fidget and clench everything – anus, toes, everything. I started to get a real sense that what was inside me was going to hurt a LOT on the way out,

After he left I went out to where my nearby colleagues were and said “I have to make a few calls, can you give me some privacy for a while”, and they nodded. Back in my personal office I closed the blinds and just to be sure locked the door. Immediately I had to cradle my lower abdomen and bend over as the log tried to come out. Unfortunately for me the phone rang just then, and from the caller ID I could see it was someone in a senior position at the company.

I stumbled to my chair, sat down, and picked up. “Hi?”. He wanted to talk about an upcoming job that we were taking on. As we spoke I needed to shit real bad, the urges were not really going away now and were something fierce. Whenever I was not speaking I had gritted teeth. I realised I was not going to be able to hold it in. By the end of the call I was standing with bent knees, leaning on my desk, my anus half open despite me trying to clench. “Look I’m going to have to call you back…”, I stammered. As I said goodbye and hung up I was having to place the palm of my hand over my anus as the log pushed back against it.

I needed to get to a toilet right fucking now or else I was going to shit myself in a BIG way. The problem would be having to go past people and not being able to have my hand slid down my underwear to stop the shit. I thought for a moment about just doing it right here but how would I clean up? As my stomach cramped again I realised that I was actually going to do it here if I didn’t move.

With anus still hanging open I went out of my office towards the toilet. I had my cellphone to my ear as though taking a call so nobody would bother me. The nearest toilet on this floor was quite far and I decided that there would be less people on the upper floors so I went into a stairwell to get there. As I walked up the two floors worth of stairs I felt my anus fully open. It was very painful. Eye wateringly painful.

Before I exited the stairs I reached down and felt the big shit that was trying to surge out. As I crossed the corridor I felt a terrible stinging as the huge shit moved a bit, the kind of stinging where you know there will be blood on the toilet paper. The ladies loo was unoccupied so I waddled into the first stall and locked the door, going bow legged as I started to push the shit out. The first few inches were so knobbly and dry that it bought tears to my eyes and caused me to cry out. I braced myself for another push and felt the full thickness of it rip me apart and make me cry as it moved. After that I got it together enough to drop my panties and sit on the toilet, pulling my buttocks apart with both hands. A series of final agonising pushes got the whole mass to slide slowly out, leaving me gaping and in pain.

The shit was big, thick, dark, mainly dry, and poking up over the seat. I wiped, and sure enough had bled a little, I guess this is why it is such a bad idea to hold on this long. I flushed the papers down the next cubicle toilet and then made my escape by leaving for lunch.

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  1. Great story, very well written and arousing.
    I love the idea of a turd that is so big and thick that forces its way into panties despite being really hard.
    Also that it is painful and makes someone cry out of pain.

  2. Great story.

    Once I discovered I liked pooping in my underwear I figured holding it in until if forced its way out was an accident not on purpose. That meant my loads were always huge and very firm and often seemed physically impossible to have done. The good part was they hardly smelt so providing I flattened out the huge logs I was usually able to get away with it undiscovered.

    That’s wasn’t always the case and there was a few times people were fascinated by the size of the logs in my underwear and one of them was a teacher. She seemed quite sure I had pooed in my pants even though no one else seemed to suspect me at all. At the end of that class she stopped me and demanded to know, then looked in my underwear.

    When she did she was completely fascinated by the size and was sure it had been on purpose not by accident like I told her. I didn’t realize it at the time but she must have been fascinated in a arousing way because she spent quite a while checking it out, them sprayed some of her perfume on me and told me to keep it secret. After that she stared checking my underwear just about every lesson and seemed disappointed when they were clean.

  3. Love the way you write, the dirtiness of the words used and all. πŸ’žπŸ”₯πŸ’¨

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