Tony’s punishment – part 3

Ten minutes later Jay returned to the gym with a group of about fifteen boys from one of the frat houses on campus. They were all laughing and horsing around and as they came in Tony felt a spasm of fear go through him. He shouted against the gag for them to let him go free but they were clearly all in on the joke with Jay and they gathered round him – pointing out his tented, cum-stained groin and his cute bubble butt. Tony felt another spasm course through his system but this time it wasn’t fear – his belly felt bloated with gas and he suddenly realised what Jay had given him in the locker room. He couldn’t hold it as the pressure grew quickly and had to let out a large fart.




His tormentors roared with laughter at this fresh embarrassment even as Tony felt the pressure begin to grow in his bowels again. He strained against the ropes and dribble rolled down his chin as he yelled for help into the gag.


“He’ll never even last til three o’clock dudes – look at how he’s squatting already!” laughed one of his ‘admirers’.


“Man! – how much cum did he have in him – I can’t believe he’s still sporting a hard-on?!”


“Yeah – who knew he was so well hung?”


Tony tried to stand up straighter in his bonds but this movement made his belly feel even more bloated and his prick stick straight forward, rubbing painfully against the sticky crotch of his suit.


“Hell it’s only five to three and he already looks like he’s gonna drop a load – heh heh, look at his face guys, he’s going red!”




Tony groaned in relief and shame as he let out another lengthy fart – to the hilarity of those around him. As soon as he had done so he felt a new sensation – his bowels felt very heavy and he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold his shit much beyond the appointed hour. He grunted in effort as he fought back the load that seemed to be pushing relentlessly on his sphincter to get out. The boys clustered round him and Tony pleaded with his eyes for them to help him – how could they let this happen to him!? He was desperate to get free and get to the Coach’s office – surely the man couldn’t have meant him to be going through this torment?!


A spasm cramped his gut and he cried out through the gag, bending as low as he could to ease the pressure and inadvertently presenting those boys waiting behind him with a great view of his muscular butt. Someone slapped his arse to much laughter from the crowd. He tried to clench his butt cheeks together to help stem the inexorable pressure.


“He’s gonna make a hell of a mess back here in a minute – look at him, you can tell he’s not gonna hold on for long”


Tony then felt another fart coming but he couldn’t dare let it out as he was uncertain if this would be all that escaped him. The weight of his bowels and the cramping were all he could think of. He no longer cared that all could see his still-hard erection or the sorry, sticky, state of the front of his singlet. All he wanted was to get free and hobble to a bathroom before he shamed himself further. He had never soiled himself throughout his adult life and, as the sweat of his efforts poured down his face and stained his singlet, he realised with despair that he was powerless in front of all these people and that soon they would be taunting him as he helplessly crapped himself.


“Look at him squat guys! – he’s gonna make poopy any second”




Red-faced from the effort Tony felt another spasm pass through him and once again cried out against the rubber ball lodged in his mouth. He felt himself relax for just a second against the unrelenting weight of his bowels and knew that he had let some of his load out into the tight confines of his shiny lycra-clad butt.

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“He’s doing it! He’s touching cloth guys!” cried a student from behind Tony. The crowd moved as one to his rear to get a better look at his misfortune as Tony, his legs shaking with effort, fought another spasm.


“Well Tony, I’m afraid I’m going to have to diaper you if you can’t control yourself” Jay said, barely disguising his glee, as Tony groaned in pain.


Jay then pointed out that it was five after three and asked the assembled crowd to place their bets. The deal was that the person who bet closest to the time Tony shat himself would win. A tear trickled down Tony’s sweaty cheek as the lads started betting on his impending misfortune with no care in the world for the abject humiliation that their victim was undergoing.


The sheer weight on his sphincter seemed to be increasing exponentially and Tony found himself squatting as low as he could to try and ease the pressure in his cramping guts. Looking down he could see his dick tenting out the sticky cum-soaked singlet. He couldn’t fathom how he was still erect with all that was happening to him and shame flooded him as he pictured himself, soiled, hard, and sweating while sliding inexorably towards the moment when he lost control of the most basic of functions in front of this braying crowd.


Suddenly, and to the delight of the gang of boys around and behind him, Tony’s eyes widened in horror and he cried out against the spit covered gag. He could feel his innards pushing out the excrement that so heavily filled him to bursting. He tried to bear down and maintain control but the weight was relentless and he groaned in relief and despair as he felt an enormous turd force its way out of him and into the tight lycra.




The boys standing behind him cheered and clapped as the material of his singlet was stretched by the new weight it was asked to carry. Because the lycra was skin-tight there was no hiding what was happening and the lads were laughing hysterically as Tony, still struggling to exert some control, slowly filled the rear of the outfit with one continuous log of stinking crap.


“Hah ha ha! Look at him go lads! He’s really loading up his suit”


Tony could not help but emit a long, low groan as he felt his evacuation give some semblance of relief to his full bowels. He could not bring himself to look up, shamed that he might make eye contact with the smug, grinning face of Jay or the other boys. Even as the huge coil of excrement continued to distort his wrestling gear Tony was weeping in despair that no one was helping him and that 15 or so people were actually getting off on watching him shitting his pants. He felt physically sick that anyone would force someone to do this, let alone enjoy betting on how long it would be til they watched a man lose all control and publicly humiliate himself in this way. His groan of disgusted relief turned to one of struggle as he tried to halt the seemingly unstoppable flow.


“It’s like he’s never gonna quit! That’s one outfit he won’t wanna wear again”


“Wow that sure stinks!”


“Can you believe he’s still rock hard round here”


“I can’t believe its still coming – that a whole lotta shit guys”


Tony could feel his singlet being stretched and, as he sobbed, the weight of his bowel movement dragged the material down. He finally managed to gain some power over himself and, with effort, was able to stop the flow of excrement. By now however the damage had been done and Tony hung in his bonds weeping in shame and exhaustion as his shit warmed his butt crack and nestled up against his sore balls.


The boys behind him were commenting cruelly on how much he had tented out his singlet and comparing notes on who had won their bet. Jay sauntered into Tony’s eye-line and gave his sore dick a playful honk causing Tony to cry out in pain.


Someone out of sight patted Tony’s shit filled butt and he squirmed as he felt the heavy load squelch and move further into his crack and up his backside. Tony screamed out his frustration and anguish but this was met only with hoots of laughter and further pats to his distended wrestling suit.


As he struggled to avoid these ministrations Tony could feel the warm mass moving and coating his buttocks. He then groaned as a further spasm gripped his gut and he sensed the familiar weight against his sphincter. He tried to bend low but this made his singlet force his shit against him and presented his butt for the attentions of his tormentors. Another spasm and the crowd erupted in joy as the helpless boy let out a muffled fart and another enormous bowel movement forced its way slowly out.


“I can’t believe there’s more!”


“You’re disgusting wrestler-boy! Can’t even hold your own shit for ten minutes”


“That’s gotta be a couple of pounds of crap!”


Tony by this point was too exhausted to try and fight his body’s urge to evacuate and, over the next couple of minutes he helplessly loaded his wrestling gear to bursting in front of the crowd. He spread his legs as much as he could to avoid the discomforting touch of shit against his skin and could feel the weight dragging his singlet down between his thighs obscenely. Amazingly, or perhaps horrifyingly, Tony’s dick still stood at full mast. When he finally regained control of himself, the rear of his singlet was bulging and sagging between his legs – almost to his knees.


Almost as soon as he stopped shitting, and without warning, Tony suddenly felt himself pissing and he was so dead beat that he had no choice but to let go and sob as the front of his singlet darkened and urine coursed down his legs, soaking into his socks and filling his sneakers. The gang thought this was hysterically funny and laughed as a puddle of hot piss formed at the humiliated boy’s feet.


Where Tony’s piss mixed with his bowel movement his once immaculate wrestling suit darkened further and stained. Prior to this the dump he had taken was just a very obvious bulge – now it was soaking through the lycra and dirtying his legs and the suit.


Jay untied Tony’s wrists and the shattered boy fell to the floor on his hands and knees – directly into the puddle he’d so recently created. The lads were heckling and jeering as the contents of the rear of Tony’s suit swung low with the effects of gravity. Tony was dimly aware of his dick and balls now being completely submerged in the soft sticky shit as it moved towards the front of his outfit. He no longer cared. Something in him had broken and he slowly started to shuffle on his hands and knees towards the locker room.


Jay then called for order and told the crowd that the entertainment was over for now and that they needed to leave so he could get ready for the next show in a couple of hours. The lads were reluctant to move off and miss the continued tormenting of the hapless teen now sluggishly dragging his befouled body across the gym. Jay reasoned with them however that the sooner they left the sooner he could invite them back and grudgingly they filed out of the gym, high-fiving one another and comparing notes on who had won the bet.


When the last of the audience had left Jay helped Tony into the locker room and watched cheerfully as the pathetic seventeen-year-old waddled squishily across the floor towards the showers.


Once in the white tiled area Jay removed the gag from Tony’s head, the chains from his wrists and ankles, and directed several of the shower heads at him. Jay did not remove the pink mittens and Tony had to lean against the wall under the showers while Jay cleaned him up. Jay removed the wrestling singlet, which fell to the floor with a heavy thud. Then he began soaping up the unresisting boy, giving plenty of attention to his now dwindling manhood and his buttcrack.


Tony felt completely debased. His thoughts were confused and, while he knew that now was an opportunity to make a break for freedom, he had no energy to put up a fight, let alone flee from his captor.


Jay then towelled Tony off and led his acquiescent charge back into the locker room. Tony slumped onto a bench, lost in a daze. His voice croaked as he looked up at Jay and managed to ask,



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  1. I like your stories. In your mind would you want to be the "Tony/Danny) or the other people?

  2. Both 🙂 – I’ve been (although not to the degree I write about obviously) the Tony and loved it but I’d also love to be the ‘bad’ guy controlling another guy’s humiliation.

  3. hey i just read all of it. Couldnt tare myself away and i just wanted to know when the rest will be done

  4. Great story!! Realy nice, please post the other chapters to, its realy nice to read

  5. I was so enthralled by it that I would love seeing the rest of it on here!!!💘💘💘💘💖💖💕💓💗💗

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