Tony’s Punishment – part 1

I wrote this a couple of years ago (it’s up on the Nifty site) and it developed a bit of a life of its own – there are 11 chapters so far although chapter 11 has ground to a bit of a halt as I ran out of ideas 🙁 Anyway – here’s chapters 1 to 3 – if you like it I’ll post the rest. Usual disclaimers apply. When Tony walked into the Coach’s office he sensed immediately that this was not to be the usual pep-talk that the Coach always gave the team before one of their wrestling tournaments. For starters there was no one else in the office apart from Coach Wetherall and immediately Tony became nervous that this was going to be bad news. He hoped he wasn’t being thrown off the team and his mind instantly flashed back a couple of days when he’d taken the opportunity to have a wank in the locker rooms one night after every one else had left. Did Coach know about this? Nick Wetherall looked up as Tony entered the room and took in the boy standing in front of him looking vaguely anxious. Tony was 17 years old and well built with strong well-muscled arms and thighs from his perpetual indulgence in most of the sporting activities the college had to offer. The boy’s blonde hair was tousled from a shower no doubt and his square jaw clenched nervously as he stood in front of Coach’s desk. Tony was wearing a lycra wrestling uniform in the college colours – light blue with a white trim – and the gear moulded itself to the young man’s muscles and bulges tightly as the shiny fabric caught the light. Tony stood for a second and then Coach gestured to the chair in front of the desk and he sat opposite Nick. The Coach gave him a stern look and drew from his desk drawer a videotape which he popped into the VCR used for reviewing plays for the football squad. The TV monitor sprang to life and there was Tony caught in the act of jacking off in the locker room from the other day. Tony felt his face redden at the scene they were watching and started to stammer out an apology – hoping to god the Coach would turn off the dreadful images in front of both men. The Coach let the tape run for about a minute as the CCTV cameras caught the boy jacking himself towards a climax then turned it off abruptly and looked across the table to where Tony was sitting with his eyes lowered and a visible sheen of sweat on his forehead. “This school has rules son and this sort of disgusting behaviour is not acceptable – especially from one of our brightest young athletes. What if the cleaning lady had come in and caught you doing this?” “I’m so sorry sir – I didn’t think anyone would know” Tony couldn’t meet the Coach’s eyes and kept his gaze on the floor as he spoke. He knew he was in trouble and was frightened about what the Coach would do next – what if he showed his folks the tape? There was a knock at the door and Jay Werner walked into the office. Jay was a slim guy from the same year as Tony but the two men were worlds apart as they had totally different cliques and courses. The rumours were that Jay was queer and people tended to give him a wide berth as a result of this. He also had a penchant for practical jokes which Tony found pathetic and childish. Tony couldn’t work out why Jay might be in the gym, let alone in the Coach’s office, – Jay had no interest in sports whatsoever. The Coach continued talking as if Jay hadn’t entered the room and Tony blushed even further as the lecture continued in front of this other student. He wanted the ground to open up and swallow him and was trying to think of a way to stop the conversation and get out of the office when he suddenly realised that the Coach had mentioned Jay in relation to Tony. “Sorry sir – I missed what you said” “I said that you will have to be punished for this unseemly behaviour and that I’m putting Jay in charge of your punishment. You will spend the next fortnight under his supervision and he will report back to me during this period. If you do not heed his orders then I’m afraid that I will have to take this footage to the Dean and arrange a meeting for your parents to view this material. Is that clear?” Tony tripped over his tongue as he tried to articulate his thoughts “What do you mean sir? ‘Supervision’ – what is that sir?” Jay smiled evilly and came around and sat on the edge of Coach Wetherall’s desk in front of Tony, “He means that I’m in charge – of you. You have to do what I say or I report back to the Coach that you haven’t and he spills the beans about your tacky JO session in the locker rooms. Do you want him to do that Jock-boy?” “No I don’t but I don’t see what this has to do with you Jay?” “I’m your ‘mentor’ for a fortnight and you are my toy – I’m sure we’ll get along just fine. If we don’t then your future here is over. S’your call stud.” Jay turned to the Coach – “When do we start sir?” “No time like the present eh? – he’s all yours son” “Right then – lets test this out” Jay opened his backpack and pulled out a leather collar that was about two inches wide and studded with wicked looking chrome studs. He moved round behind Tony and started to put the collar round the boy’s muscular neck. Tony freaked and jumped up out of the chair – he grabbed the front of Jay’s shirt and shoved him up against the wall. “Get your filthy pervert hands off me you queer!” flecks of spit showered Jay’s face, which was an inch from Tony’s enraged countenance. Jay however seemed not in the slightest bit perturbed by this violence and, in a bored tone of voice said, “I guess it’s not going to work sir. You’d better make those appointments.” Jay watched as Tony took in the implications of this and Tony released Jay’s clothing and backed away from him. Tony looked utterly dejected and turned and implored the Coach not to do this. “You must be punished Tony. This will teach you a valuable lesson about the importance of ensuring you behave with dignity at all times. Now what’s it to be, Jay and his regime or a facilitated meeting with your parents and the Dean?” Tony hung his head in shame and anger. To let this freak touch him was bad enough but to let Jay have control over him for two weeks was intolerable. Yet he had no choice. His parents would go ape if they knew about his actions in the locker room and he couldn’t bring shame on his family in that way. He also couldn’t risk being thrown out of college – not when he was so close to graduation. As much as it revolted him he would have to go along with this punishment and hope that two weeks passed quickly. From his experience thus far with the collar it was clear that Jay was going to make the most of this situation but he could see no way of getting out of it. “Ok sir I’ll do this” he muttered. “Very well Tony – for the next two weeks whatever Jay wants you to do you will do. If he says jump you will ask how high. If I hear that you’ve refused to follow the line he sets then it’s all over for you in this school – is that clear?” “Yes sir” “Right then – I’ll hand you over to Jay. I understand he’s drawn up an itinerary for the fortnight and I’ll be keeping in touch with him to ensure all is going well. At the end of the fortnight you’ll get your tape back to do with as you wish. Now get out of my office – both of you” Both boys left the Coach’s office and walked into the deserted locker room. Tony sank down onto one of the benches and Jay came and stood in front of him. “We should start as we mean to go on don’t you think?” he said with a grim smile. Then he proceeded to secure the studded collar round Tony’s neck and fasten it tight. “You will wear this all the time and you will address me as ‘Master’ for the period of the two weeks. You will tell your folks you are staying over at my place for a fortnight as part of the school’s foreign induction programme and that you will receive extra credit for doing so. You will seek my permission before engaging on any course of action. This includes talking to other people, using the bathroom, sitting down, eating, and taking part in your school activities. Are we clear Jock-boy?” “Why are you doing this to me? Are you gonna get some sort of sick thrill out of this?” “Honestly? Yes I am. Now then – first things first, what are you wearing under that outfit?” “Wouldn’t you like to know” sneered Tony. But his voice betrayed his lack of confidence and he looked downward and added “Just a jockstrap” “Take it off – then you can put your gear back on” “I can’t do that! This outfit’s skin tight – everyone’ll see my dick!” “Do it.” “Ok but turn around. I don’t want you drooling over my arse you cocksucker” “Fine – the deal’s off. If you can’t obey the rules there’s no point continuing. Hope you enjoy whatever low-rent school you end up in” Jay turned and started towards the Coach’s office. Tony panicked. “Wait! I’ll do it! I’m sorry.” He started to pull down the shoulder straps on his uniform. “What do you say? ‘I’ll do it’ followed by what?” Hating himself for his predicament Tony knew he had no choice so he looked Jay in the eyes and said strongly, “I’ll do it Master” “That’s better. Now get on with it.” Tony pulled his uniform down to his ankles and stepped out if it. He stood in front of Jay now only dressed in his jockstrap, socks and trainers. He took the jock off quickly and pulled his wrestling gear back up as quickly as he could. All the while Jay watched with a smile as the boy disrobed and his sizeable dick presented itself to his view. When Tony pulled the uniform back up and put his arms back through the shoulder straps he looked up and was blushing furiously. Jay looked down and could see the outline of Tony’s cock as the shiny light blue lycra hugged it totally. “Good. For the next two days this is all you’re allowed to wear.” Tony groaned at the thought of having to walk to school in this get up – he moved his hands self-consciously in front of his groin, painfully aware of how visible his manhood was to the eyes of all and sundry. Jay walked over to him and took off his backpack. He put in on the bench next to Tony and started rummaging through it. Tony watched his captor helplessly – wanting to smack him and run, or to burst into tears of frustration. “We just need to tweak your outfit before we go for our walk I feel” said Jay pulling some items out of the bag. Tony watched horrified as Jay turned to him and grabbed his arm. Jay put some sort of pink shiny plastic glove on Tony’s hand and secured it at the wrist. It wasn’t a glove as such however as it had no fingers and, once it was on him Tony couldn’t move his fingers at all as the glove was stiffened inside so that he couldn’t un-straighten his hand. He started to voice his dismay but a look from Jay silenced him and he knew he would have to submit to this further indignity. Jay performed the same manoeuvre with Tony’s other hand and Tony became painfully aware that he now could not grip or grasp anything with his hands and would have to rely on Jay to open doors or even – he shuddered – feed him. Jay then produced a length of chain with handcuffs on it from his backpack and secured Tony’s wrists with it. A second set of similar chains appeared and Tony’s ankles were similarly shackled so he could only move with difficulty. Then Jay produced a bottle of water and a blue pill from the recesses of his bag. “You will take this for me now.” He instructed the hapless Tony. “What is it? Master?” Tony asked trying to keep the fear out of his voice. “Never mind my little Jock-boy – Now swallow this so we can get on with things” Tony had no choice but to swallow the pill. If he had resisted his shackles would have meant that Jay could have gotten the better of him and forced him to swallow the pill anyway. He realised that he was helpless and that he’d let himself be put in this position by a boy who he would have had no problem beating up ordinarily. Jay then got a gag out of his bag and strapped it in place round Tony’s head so he could no longer talk but could only make muffled grunts and groans. Tony’s eyes were wide with trepidation by now and Jay grinned malevolently as he brought out the final item for his preparations – a balloon. Jay stepped away briefly to the sink and filled the balloon half-full of water. He then returned to his wretched captive and pulled down the back of Tony’s wrestling garb and put his hand down the back placing the water balloon in such a way that it created an unfortunately suggestive bulge in the rear of Tony’s butt like he’d messed himself. Tony tried to pull away from Jay’s ministrations and groaned in shock as the cold balloon hit his butt but he couldn’t get away from Jay and soon he stood helplessly in front of his tormentor – gagged, chained and hobbled wearing his clingy outfit that now emphasised his genitals and – from the rear – looked like he had soiled himself heavily. Tony felt ill with fear about what Jay might try and do next and started trying to get away – surely the Coach couldn’t think that this torment was appropriate punishment he thought as he hobbled pitifully towards the Coach’s office. Jay stepped up behind Tony and grabbed his cock through the shiny material, causing Tony to cry out against his gag. Jay spun the poor man round so he was facing him and, grabbing the chain connecting Tony’s wrists, started pulling him across the locker room towards the gymnasium. Tony tried to resist but he couldn’t exert his strength and he was pulled relentlessly into the big room where Jay took one of the climbing ropes in the centre of the gym and tied Tony’s wrist chains to it – effectively stranding the powerless boy in the centre of the room and bringing his hands up to head height so he couldn’t cover his embarrassment elsewhere. Finally Jay took a placard out of his bag which read as follows, “FRAT PUNISHMENT 101 – DO NOT FEED THE ANIMAL” Jay placed this in front of Tony’s trembling form and faced his captive. “Right then, I’m off for lunch. I’ll check back on you in a bit. If anyone frees you then the whole thing is over and you’ll be expelled so it’s up to you to ensure they don’t. See you later ‘dude'” With a giggle Jay walked calmly out of the gym.

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