Tom Daley’s First Pampers

So the name and idea for the story are from a guy I chatted to. He was more than happy for me to develop this and write my own stuff. All comments and feedback welcome.

Tom Daley, Olympian and all round cutie, got back to his flat overlooking the scene of his greatest achievement. He took off his backpack and sighed with relief that he hadn’t needed to stop and chat to anyone. Not through fear of fame, he was just nervous about the contents of his backpack.

Dustin had left the previous day and would be away for the next three months filming his latest script. While Tom would miss his boyfriend, he had been secretly waiting and planning to enjoy this time to himself.

Opening his backpack, he pulled out the Amazon package. He got nervous as he opened this special delivery. Inside were things he’d craved for so long. The smile on his face got larger as he emptied onto his bed a bib, bottle, some dummies and best of all, a pack of Pampers size 7.

Tom’s frame and cute little package would mean he could easily fit into them. He eagerly stripped off and tore open the packaging on his favourite brand of nappies. He’d mentally practiced putting one on so many times and now it was finally here.

Tom’s cock was so hard at the sight of the Pampers and he took a sniff of the fresh smell of them. He struggled to go soft enough to fit into them. Lying on his back, he sat on the nappy and taped himself up.

Tom took one of the dummies out of the packet and popped it in his mouth. He went to the bathroom to admire how cute he looked. The nappy contrasted with his muscly body and his adorable smile grew behind the dummy as he sucked on it.

First he let out a flood of pee into the Pampers, fully soaking them to the point of leaking. No worries, he thought, as he crouched down like a toddler. Seeing the yellow puddle on the bathroom tiles got him hard. He then took the dummy from his mouth, went down on all fours and licked up his pee. Delicious!

Now came something Tom had longed to do – finally he could do a poo in his nappy! He’d previously done it in pants and speedos, but these Pampers were what he’d been dying to do. He saved up his poo from the day before, holding on and almost having to go in the morning. Now the time was right.

With barely a strain, Tom Daley pushed out a big load of poo into his Pampers. He admired the size of the bulge in the mirror and patted it gently. “Good boy Tommy!” he said aloud, “what a big poo you’ve done in your nappy!”.

Eagerness to enjoy overtook him. He sat down on the load and squashed it. Poo oozed out the edges of the nappy as Tom sucked his dummy and giggled. His cock strained at the front and needed release.

Tom popped the tapes on his nappy. His cock sprung up and couldn’t wait to be touched. Tom spat out his dummy and lifted the heavily filled Pampers to his face. He took a big sniff then licked the poo, his tongue leaving a trench in the firm load.

Tom couldn’t help himself. He was such a toilet boy. He lay back with his nappy on his face, smelling and tasting his delicious poo. He barely touched his cock before his cum shot out pearly white against his lightly tanned abs.

Relief overcame him. The next three months were going to be fun. After a long shower and clean up, Tom returned to his bedroom and saw the message notification on his phone. His good friends One Direction would be playing at the Olympic Park tomorrow. Niall was asking if Tom had any plans afterwards. Tom had a big crush on the Irish cutie, who knew it too. This could be fun, he thought…

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  1. Great story! I’ve imagined many times having fun with Tom, I bet he pisses in his speedos quite a bit, I’ve heard athletes do when they are in the pool, I would love to imagine him taking a huge poo in them too!

  2. Brilliant story ! Had many fantasies about him myself , how I’d love to meet up with him in our loaded nappies , I’d definitely insist on him letting me try his on ! Thanks for getting me all hot n bothered!,

  3. Tom & One D – I think I’d like to spike the drinks at that after party – and not with alcohol…

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