Tom and Harry

This story is abou me when I was a young boy, not everything is the way it’s written but in broad lines it is.

Tom was quite excited he was allowed to have his cousin stay over for the weekend while his parents were away. Just imagine two boys all alone for two days, late nights and lots more. He could hardly wait, not long to go now.
At that precise moment the doorbell went and his mum opened the door, Harry entered the room.
Hi mate, Harry greeted.
Hello bud, was the reply.
Ok, said mum, show Harry his room Tom.
C’mon mate said Tom, and both boys left the living room and went upstairs. They walked in what was to be Harry’s room for the weekend and Harry slung his bag on the bed.
Great room, he said, what’s behind that door?
The en-suite, was the answer.
Great I’m busting for a wee said Harry, opening the door.
As he walked in he unzipped his fly and took his willy out in full view of Tom and proceeded to wee, totally unconcerned his cousin was watching. Tom felt himself go red but could not stop watching.
So what are the plans, said Harry, shaking his willy vigorously to extract all the wee.
Tom was still staring at his cousin’s willy and mumbled something like, dunno.
Harry walked back into the room and saw his cousin’s red face.
Oh sorry, he said, did I embarrass you.
No…. no, came the answer.
Tom’s mum walked in the room and said, we’re off now boys, remember Peter next door has the key and will pop in occasionally to make sure you are ok. Now give me a kiss and I’ll see you in two days.
Tom kissed his mum. Bye mum have a great time he said.
Bye aunt Mary said Harry as he kissed her.
So who’s this Peter, asked Harry, after his aunt had left the room.
The next door neighbor, he lives on his own, came the reply.
I sure hope he’s not in and out of here every 5 minutes.
Don’t worry, said Tom we probably won’t see him at all, he’s sound.
Ok then what shall we do asked Harry, fancy a game of cards?
What kind of cards, was the reply?
How about poker?
I don’t know how to play poker.
Don’t worry, I’ll teach you said Harry. We’ll have to make it interesting though so how about strip poker?
Tom blushed again and started to protest but his cousin assured him it was just for fun.
After explaining the rules of the game the boys set out with their game. It was clear that Harry was the experienced poker player and it was not long before Tom sat there in his underpants.
Harry dealt the next hand and promptly won that one as well, Tom said well you won and moved away from the table he started to put his clothes back on. Hang on, said Harry, I won so you have to take your pants off.
Tom felt himself go red again and asked why? You have won, haven’t you?
No come on fair is fair came the reply.
Tom realized that he had no choice so he turned his back to his cousin and dropped his pants.
Nice bottom, said Harry, now can I see the front?
I can’t, came the reply.
Why not?
I have a stiffy, was the answer.
Tom all of a sudden realized his cousin was standing behind him and whispered in his ear, that is not a problem is it? Harry started stroking his bottom very gently and Tom moaned softly. Mmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhh, nice isn’t it, he heard in his ear. Now show me my prize!
Tom slowly turned round and heard his cousin gasp at the size of his willy, WOW! Harry gently touched his cousin’s willy and at that he started to ejaculate, hang on, he shouted, while he gently placed his lips around the spurting penis. Tom had the greatest orgasm he ever experienced while his cousin drank him dry.
Harry swallowed all the cum moaning with joy.
That was great, Harry exclaimed. Now help me please!
Tom felt at a loss as what to do so Harry guided him, finger me please, proffering his bottom towards Tom. Tom touched his cousin’s brown star with his finger, Harry moaned loudly. Come on stick it in he urged. Tom applied pressure but his finger did not slide in as expected. Harry said, common lubricate it!
Tom said, how?
Lick me, was the answer.
What, your poohole?
Yes come on, it not so bad.
This was way beyond what Tom had ever done or dreamed of but if his cousin said it was ok he would try. Gently he touched the boy’s poohole with his tongue.
Mmmmmmmmmmm. Go on make me really wet.
Tom accumulated some spit in his mouth and lubricated his cousin’s love hole really well. Then he inserted a finger, which now slid in ever so gently. He immediately retracted it as he had felt something hard, he looked at his finger and smelt it, yep it was poo! Yuk, he exclaimed.
What’s up, was the reply.
Poo, he said.
Well what did you expect, said Harry, Roses? Look if you are that worried I’ll have a poo first. As long as you wipe my bottom.
Tom did not know what to say, but Harry had already taken him by the hand and led him to the toilet. Harry sat down and proceeded to poo, Tom was quite embarrassed about the whole thing. He had never seen anyone poo, but on the other hand it was quite exciting.
Done said Harry, now wipe my bottom for me, as he bent over.
Tom took some toilet paper and wiped his cousin’s bottom like he was a small child. Harry moaned during the process while saying, go on please, go on. His willy was now so large and red it looked like it would explode any second.
Go on finger me, he moaned.
Tom looked at the sink and sprayed some soap on his finger inserting this digit deep up his cousin’s bottom. With that Harry sprayed all over the floor shouting, wow wow wow.
That was fantastic said Harry, what did you think cous’?
That was nice said Harry, now let’s get dressed.
Why, was the reply. We have only just started, lets walk around the house nude.
But what if Peter comes in, protested Tom.
He won’t, was the reply, come on play the game.
Again Tom was won over by his cousin’s argument and they walked around the house totally naked.
Ok, said Harry, what shall we do next.
No idea, said Tom.
What about if we pretend to be daddy and baby?
How’s that asked Tom.
Come on let’s get upstairs, was the answer.
Upstairs Harry opened his bag and pulled out a nappy. Here put this on he said.
No way was the reply.
Ok you are a naughty boy then, come here.
Tom walked over gingerly.
With that his cousin pulled him over his knee and spanked his bottom hard.
Ouch, he shouted, stop that.
But his cousin spanked him long and hard, funnily Tom actually didn’t mind the spanking, in actual fact he grew hard again. SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK it went, colouring Tom’s bottom red. Then it was over and Harry said, get up!
Tom got up, rubbing his bottom while he walked to the full length mirror to see the result for himself. He was no longer conscious of the fact that his willy was standing ‘loud and proud’. At the mirror he turned his bottom back and forth so he could see the red buttocks properly.
From behind him Harry said, by the looks of that you enjoyed it. Now come here and let me put this on for you.
Tom walked over.
Lay on the floor with your legs in the air, came the command.
Tom did what he was told.
Harry expertly nappied his cousin up. Now get up.
The boy got up and walked to the mirror again, this looked quite fun actually.
Ok, said Harry, this is your forfeit now what you want me to do?
Tom thought for a moment, but then said, I don’t know really. I’ve never done anything like this before.
Ok, came the reply, I’ll be naked and when you think of anything just say. Let’s have something to eat and drink.

The boys walked back down the stairs and into the kitchen. One opened the fridge while the other went through the cupboards. Fancy a beer, said Harry.
No don’t my mum doesn’t like me drinking.
For Pete sake your mum’s away, we will replace them if you are so worried.
Tom seemed to lose every argument to his dominant cousin, and gave in to this one as well. Seconds later the boys were drinking cans of Stella Artois. It was not long before the beer had its effect in several ways. Apart from losing whatever inhibitions they had left it had a diuretic effect too, and Tom got up saying, need a weewee.
Hang on, said Harry, you are wearing a nappy. Just let go.
Giggling like a child Tom stood there and let himself go. His facial expressions ranged from fear to bliss during the time he relieved himself. Then he said, that was nice actually. He sat down again and continued with the drinking session. The nappy felt strange all wet around his bottom and willy, but, again, quite pleasant.
Harry said, stay here, and went upstairs coming back shortly after with a dvd. He walked to the television and operated the machines expertly, then a film started playing. It was a gay porn film.
Tom by now did not even flinch about his cousin’s array of goods he had with him. This had obviously been all planned by him.
The film was about young guys involved in watersports and spanking games. Tom could see his cousin was getting very aroused, his partner could not see it had the same effect on him through the thick nappy. Tom sidled up closer and gently started massaging Harry’s stiff willy. With his inhibitions completely gone through the alcohol he took his cousin’s penis in his mouth. It was not very long before his mouth started to fill with warm sperm. This tasted not too bad actually he thought while swallowing greedily.
The boys continued watching the film although Harry had been truly spent. Tom, in his wet nappy, however was ready for more but decided to wait for his cousin to make the first move.
After a while he felt a familiar feeling in his tummy, he needed a poo. Ah well, he thought, I’m wearing a nappy. So he proceeded to fill his nappy. This obviously did not go unnoticed by his cousin.
So, baby did a poopoo then? We better go upstairs and get you changed.
The boys walked upstairs.
Come on go stand in the bath, instructed Harry, climbing in himself as well.
He undid Tom’s nappy.
Wow, that’s a lot of poo for a little boy, he exclaimed. Bend over and I will wash your bottom for you.
Tom did as he was told, waiting for the shower that would wash his dirty bottom. He stated to feel a warm stream against his buttocks, but hang on, the shower was not running. That meant Harry was weeing on his bottom. He felt his buttocks being spread and the hot wee against his poohole, hang on what did Harry do now? He had entered him and he felt himself fill up with warm wee. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. He started playing with himself.
What was that! A noise!
Both boys turned simultaneously and to their shock were staring at three faces.
Well said Peter, let me make the introductions. Ewan, Dylan these boys are Tom and his cousin Harry………………………………..

Read what happens in the next episode soon.

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  1. I don’t usually read the long stories, but I couldn’t stop till the end … and I’m anxious to continue. I’m thankful for the intermission though … I need to clean-up and put my own diaper on before I read any more …

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