Tokyo Train Station. By Cade.

Tokyo Train Station

Here’s a toilet scene I did in Tokyo. I wrote this last year, some time after the event itself… one of those times when you feel really trashy and very raunchy. One of the times you feel you want to stretch a limit and revel in it, when you’ve gone over the limit you want to glory in the fact.

This summer, feeling really horny I went into a station toilet, famous for being a gay cruising toilet. There are the usual urinals and four or five stalls. In Japan many of the toilets, especially public ones are porcelain squat toilets, where you squat over a porcelain oval inserted into the floor. The toilet has a flush system as normal, but there is no actual water sitting on the porcelain oval. Well, I’d been jerking my dick at the urinal, but no one interesting had come in, then a tallish young guy in torn jeans and a sweatshirt came in. I turned around and looked. He had cropped black hair, angular features and was carrying a tennis racket. He looked sweaty, his shirt was open and his high top sneakers were unlaced. He didn’t look at me but walked straight into a stall and closed the door. I could hear him unbuckle his pants, then he grunted once or twice. This got me real steaming horny. I left the urinal and went over to the door of his stall. I peered in through the crack in the door and could just make him out sitting there crapping, one arm around his knees the other holding his dick. I was dripping with pre-cum and could feel the steady beat of my heart with the excitement. I stood back from the door, heard him fart, heard the toilet paper roll unwind and heard the sound of this sweaty young guy wiping his ass. I turned away as I heard him move to open the door. He came out quickly, went to the sink and then left. I realized he hadn’t flushed. There was no one around so I went into the stall and closed the door. The stall stank of his shit and as I looked down, there on the porcelain was a mound of his brown dump, paper to one side. Three of four solid looking turds lay on top of each other in a brown heap. My dick just leapt and I felt this great exciting thump in my legs. In a second I dropped my jeans, pushed down my jockeys and knelt down close to the shitload. I leaned forward, put my nose close to the shit

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