There were two women their names were Tanya and Victoria and they were on a long road trip they were wearing Short Dresses with black knickers and Tights. Before setting off Tanya needed to use the Toilet. Tanya was bursting for a really great Pee and Dump. Victoria was getting herself ready when Tanya came into the Bathroom, Tanya said to Victoria I really have to go for a great big Pee and a dump. With that Tanya lifted up her dress and dropped her tights and knickers and sat down on the toilet. Tanya had not been on the toilet long when all of a sudden she started pissing and farting oh boy she said to Victoria I am really enjoying having this nice long piss and fart . After she had finished her piss she let out a really big fart and realised 8 big Poos.
Tanya now had finished her pissing and farting and pooing and was ripping off some toilet paper to clean her anus and peehole. She then pulled up her knickers and Tights and lowered her dress. She looked at what she had produced and said to Victoria look and my nice big Poo.
Victoria said to Tanya wow you really did need to have a really big dump? Yes said Tanya I haven’t had a big dump like that for ages. Tanya then flushed the toilet. It was now Victoria’s turn to use the toilet, Lifting her dress and dropping her tight and knickers she sat down on the toilet to take her turn having a great long Pee and Poo. Victoria was on the toilet peeing like a horse when she let out a big long fart and 6 big Poos wow she said to Tanya, I really needed to Pee and Poo. By now Victoria had finished her pee and poo and ripped off some toilet paper to wipe her anus and Peehole. She then pulled up her knickers and Tights and lowered her dress and again like Tanya looked at what she had Produced. Wow said Tanya you really did need to have a dump. Yes Victoria said and then flushed the toilet.
Now they had both finished they got their camping gear together and packed it in the car.
They had not decided yet where to go camping , but they had all day to decide.

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