Toilet Fox Reporting for Duty!

Hello! This’ll be a little introductory post about me and my experiences with watersports and scat. :9 Also, I plan to use this blog to document my messy experiences when they happen.

The earliest I can remember being into piss and shit is a dream I had when I was young. I dreamt that I was wearing a space suit but before I could put it on someone else had used it as a toilet. In the dream, I put it on and just revelled in the squishy, filthy sensations. The shit and piss squelching around my body as I moved. Ever since then I’ve been into being filthy!

I’m not a full toilet yet, and I’ve only eaten and drank of my own excretions, but I do enjoy it. I have little to no problem drinking piss, and can drink a full glass quite easily at this point. Eating shit is a bit of a different story, as I’ve only done it a few times. The most memorable time I ate shit was a few months back when I filled my diaper and then ate the contents. I still have a gag reflex when it comes to shit, and I’m working to get past that. However, I have no problem fingering my butt and digging around in there for some small treats which I will then suck off my finger.

Another thing I’d like to try is adding shit and piss to meals. The thought of cooking with shit and piss is a huge turn on for me though I haven’t tried it yet. Someday I’m sure I will! :9

I think that about does it for this post! As I said, I’ll be updating this blog as I have new scat and watersports experiences. Thanks for reading! xD

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  1. I too love eating shit, I haven’t done it in large amounts, just similar to what you have done. Regarding mixing it with food I tried it on ginger biscuits, it was delicious.

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