Yesterday I did a monster shit in my pants and I uploaded 3 new pics of the bulge it made in my pants. I looked at it before I sat down and it was three long ones. The turds were laying like on top of each in a big heap. It was so much fun pushing it out. Feeling it buckle and bulge out my pants. I chose one for my icon. I’m very proud of what I accomplished. Just like when I was 12 and 13 years old and I would come home from school and totally fill my pants up with long shit like this and be so proud of what I did. Just like then I masturbated after I sat down in it and squished the shit all over my behind and stained my underpants. While I was pushing it out I was staring at pics of pretty girls with soft hands…mommy hands…changer hands…eeew, getting changed …getting touched by a pretty girl.

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  1. Two words: MAKE VIDEOS

    You have some incredible pictures uploaded and it would be wonderful to see a video of you shitting your pants just as you describe. Really hot blog, by the way,

    Please? Would love to watch you shit your pants!

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