Toilet cleaner

I am a bit of an exhibitionist and don’t mind letting people know I have done it in my pants.

I am quite familiar with the public toilets in the nearby towns, and one in particular is very good. It’s a larger public toilet but typically 1970’s..
I has been saving this up for a couple of days, and put on some nice light blue pants and shorts that were a size to small. I arrived at these toilets which were at one end of a large car park. I acted out my favourite exhibition, I pretended to be unwell, and several people asked me if I was ok. After about 20 mins. I saw an older lady of about 60 walking toward me, I instantly messed myself, and put on that not we’ll look. She came to me and asked if I was ok, and if said ‘don’t feel well, I have messed myself’  she said she would walk me to the toilets, and half way across the car park I had to stop and told her I needed to go again. I did a second load in my pants. As we approached the toilets she spotted a toilet cleaner. And said she would ask for some help. Thing was the toilet cleaner was female! The cleaner came over to me and said she had the key to the disabled toilet and to go in there and wait and that she would be back. After about 5 mins she came back with some pants and shorts. She told me they were form the lost and found box.
I asked for some help and she pulled my shorts down and began to take my pants down. She just bent me over and wiped my bottom and legs. She did notice my erection but did not offer any other service! I thanked her for helping me, and said I bet this does not happen very often. Surprisingly she said it is not uncommon.  She had a 35 year old woman mess herself because she had locked the toilets to early, she had seen a man washing out his pants, and found a few abandoned pants with evidence of accidents.

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