toilet boyfriends

when i was 8y/o i had a playmate of about the same age we used to play together all the time. we liked to strip naked and look at eachothers cocks and butts.he was circumsized and i wasnt we liked looking at eachothers cocks because they were so diffrent.i would pull my skin back to show him my little cock head. we would watch eachother play with our cocks. we soon started to piss together we liked to watch eachother pee.i liked his tight smooth butt.i wanted to see him squat and go shit. like boys we dared eachother lots of finnaly once when i was sleeping over his house we would take a bath before bed .we were naked in the tub when i had to go poop i couldnt hold it so i sat on the toilet naked and shit and pissed while he watched. i could see him rubbing his little cock so i wiped my butt and got back in the tub.his little cock was hard .after that nite we started pooping in front of eachother all the time.thats why i still love to watch men piss and shit

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  1. I can totally relate. When I went to junior school (grades 3 to 7) I used to go to my grandma’s for lunch as she lived near the school. Then, she started having an ex-neighbour’s boy to stay to lunch after they moved further away.

    I was nine years old and the other boy seven. The house only had an outhouse (outside toilet). I don’t know how it started, but each lunchtime after our meal, we would both to the outhouse and watch the shit coming out of each other’s arses. I still very much enjoy watching younger guys (under 40) to this day 🙂

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