Todays activity

Woke up feeling full today. As I was feeling dirty I decided to hold on and see what happened. Bit of an urge during breakfast, went to the tip – nothing, big shop in Tesco nothing! When was this load going to come? Another urge whilst unpacking the shopping – good I thought will let loose in my pants and be able to clean up before starting work on the house round the corner. Then nothing. Had lunch and got changed.

Started my DIY activities and after a while produced a good series of smelly farts and a strong urge. I could feel the tip of a firm turd poke out of my hole and then it stoped. I carried on my DIY activites feeling the turd between my cheeks as I walked around, how horny was that? It felt really firm and showed no inclination to come out! As things were so firm I decided it would be safe enough to let go without too much damage to my underpants. I would pop the results down the loo and cary on working with minimal stains. Some time later whilst I was fitting some hinges to a door I decided to give a bit of a push, the log stuck in my arse moved. I pushed harder, it moved a bit more – boy it was a hard one!

A big push and all hell broke loose in my underwear, the firm log gave way to a woosh of soft goo. I finished hanging the door. I had really stunk up the room so I decided to get rid of the mess down the loo. When I pulled my pants back up it still felt really messy up there so I could not resist a look see in a mirror. When I saw the state of my arse I decided to take a picture which I have posted for your delectation!

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  1. love to DIY in nappies, saves having to stop and use toilet

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