Todays activity

Having been in London for a week I had not had a chance for any dirty play so I was feeling in need. I knew that todays poop would be soft, good for use in a nice pants pooping. I was aware that I was full fairly early on but held it back whilst doing some household chores before heading around the corner for some decorating.

I was painting a high ceiling which involved alot of going up and down ladders and it was not long before I had a serious urge. I tried to hold back but despite this some soft poop escaped, a little time later some more came out. For a while I could feel it working its way down my arse crack and then I became oblivious to it as all urges disapeared. I carried on decorating.

When I needed a pee I went to the toilet but held back the last dribble and let that into my undies. It resulted in a nice damp patch in the front of my trousers. By the time I returned home for lunch this had dried but an inspection of my undies revealed a big skid mark – so horny.

Not long after lunch the need to poop returned. I clenched but it leaked again, the urge got stronger and stronger and I eventually had to capitulate and flooded my white Calvin Klien boxers with soft poop. There was plenty and before I had finished I could feel it oozing down my left leg. I walked around a bit and as I did so I could feel it working around my butt and down my leg, it almost made it to the back of my knee before I set about cleaning up. Not easy in a house with no working bathroom!

I have posted a few pictures of the event for your delectation.

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