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A bit of yesterday to start with. No poop but two wettings. I was getting ready to go out to sample The Den (ex The Old Castle Green), which claims to be Bristol’s only fettish bar, when a long developing need to have a leak got to the stage where I was hopping from foot to foot. As I was still in my work gear and had not showered yet I decided to wet. A good long pee, the pouch of my breifs filled up with piss under my balls which was followed by a warm wet feeling down both legs. That got me horny for the rest of the evening.

Having wasted two pees in the urinal I left The Den rather later than intended , piss action does not seem to be one of the fettishes on offer! I chose to walk home the long way as it is my preferred route for wetting myself, the only snag was I had no particular need for a pee. The first section of the route is along main roads so is too busy for me to have courage to piss my trousers, but once I have crossed the dual carriageway things become much quieter. I had not long crossed the dual carriageway and I knew a pee was in the offing. I turned into a side road and soon let out a sqirt into my pants followed by a couple more, I felt the pee trickle through my bubes and a warm patch develop in my crotch. This quickly cooled as I walked.

I was wearing my black Levis as these don’t show the wet patch too much in the street light, however on looking down the wet patch was fairly obvious – the jeans have faded a bit. The beer it seemed had blunted my inhibitions, I let out a much longer stream, I felt the warmth get to my knees. I continued walking feeling the cold wet jeans clinging to my thighs.

My route goes through a little park where I normally sit on a seat and let go. The piss normally runs through the seat of my trousers and puddles under the seat thus avoiding filling up my shoes. This time I carried on walking, I let go another stream for several seconds. I looked down and my jeans were glistening in the street light obvious for any one to see. The wetness was down to my calves by this stage.

When I only had one street block to go I decided to drain out. I could feel the pee dripping down my legs and a wet patch developing in my right shoe – I just love that feeling. My trousers were glistening in the street lights again.

Today a simple pants messing. A good large load starting with soft poo on the fist push followed by wet on the second and third expulsions. My boxer briefs could not contain it all and the runny stuff dribbled down the back of my left leg. Another favourite. Sorry to have gone on at such legnth.

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  1. mate you go as long as you want. i sometimes piss myself while driving the truck.

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