To My Understanding They are Shutting Down poo Pee Life.
Come and join me, you do not need to poop on plushies (stuffed toys) to join.

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  1. I have no idea about the rest of the network. But if you are looking for someplace else to go, you could always come over to PooPeePlushie.

    I’ll welcome anyone from here who wants to come to my site. 😉

  2. Well, that’s disappointing to hear, I wonder if there are any other panty/pants pooping fetish social sites. (The plushy thing just isn’t my cup of tea)

  3. You don’t have to like pooping on plushies. I am welcome to any kind of pooping. It is just an encouraged thing on my site to do so on a stuffed toy. But it’s not against the rules to post just scat in pants or something else.

    In other words, I have others who are not into plushies either, who have joined.

  4. No-one has announced any shut-down of
    While it is apparant that Alexa is not around right now, and some site functions have not been available, the site is very much still here and until we’re told otherwise it’s not shutting down. I’m happy that alternative sites are available, I myself have started a new forum for male pants poopers, but lets not abandon ship just yet ?

  5. I checked out your site, less than 3% women…it’s enough of a cock fest here! ?

  6. @Calamity Yeah I know. I am not in control of who signs up, I did not ask for it to be mostly guys. That is just the way things worked out.

  7. @FievelJ. It’s mostly men because @zukboy trolls and harasses legit females off this site after he gets off to their videos and then happens to notice their hands or some other irrelevant thing no one cares to notice is not feminine enough to his liking, so he accuses us of being men, despite the impossible denial of even hiding a cock or balls with how the video is shot. It’s incredibly homophobic, and yet he wonders why he can’t find females. Sounds like he doesn’t even like this fetish anymore and wants to drag everyone down with him.

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