To Late

Monica’s drive to her apartment was an hour long. Monica, being a bit of an
air head at times, totally forgot about the enema she was given before she
departed for the night. After so many sexploits during the earlier evening
she was famished and spotted a taco drive through. She thought how wonderful
the three beef burrito’s tasted and then drank a medium soda.

After fifty five minutes the pressure of all the food and drink became almost
unbearable. Three minutes more Monica thought and I will be able to use the bif
at the apartment. Being close to five AM Monica got the last parking spot almost
a block from her apartment building. As Monica stepped out of her car, she could
feel a small trickle of pee run into her pantyhose and trickle down into her nylons
and down her legs into her suede block heel pumps. As Monica walked, she could feel
more pee starting to run down her legs and as she walked her suede heels began to
make a loud “squishing” sound. The faster the pace the louder the sound. Monica was
also leaving wet foot prints on the dry sidewalk. Monica knew she was about to have a
major pee blow out as she could not hold it back. The harder she tried to hold the pee
back the more she could feel liquid poo run into the bottom of her pantyhose. Worse
yet, even at that early hour, many people were leaving for work, she assumed. Monica
slowed her pace to allow all the residents to clear the entry area. Mercifully
the people finally left and Monica quickened her pace. She thought how hard it
was to walk fast in five inch tall block heels; Monica was determined not to have
a major blowout in front of her neighbors, or the apartment entry. The worse would
be in the commons area and then be stuck with a sky high cleaning bill from the
apartment management.

Monica quickened her pace as best she could. She could feel the pressure ready to
burst on both ends. She fumbled with her keys to unlock the apartment door, dropping
them to the floor. Kneeling down to retrieve them she could feel more pee run into her
pantyhose. Straightening up, she could feel even more pee and poo squeeze into her
pantyhose. Monica was straining so hard to hold her poo and pee in place she could
barely get the key in the lock. CLICK! the lock said, FINALLY!!! Monica thought and
opened the door. Monica took a few small steps inside and closed the door momentarily
dropping her guard…. then…….

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  1. Loved you story , I have pretty good idea how this turned out , if I was with you after an accident like this you would be soundly spanked then I would kneel in front of you , reach back to your panties , take a nice handful and cover your cock , and suck on it for you , then a nice shit kiss !

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