tired megan

megan got home at roughly 1am, she had been out at her friends party since 5pm and she hadn’t used the toilet all day, now she was too tired to do anything. she took off her jeans and top so she was now just wearing cute white cotton panties (with a bow at the front) and got into bed and fell asleep.


a few hours later megan woke up in desparate need for a poo but she was still too tired to go to the toilet so she rolled onto her side and started to push the poop out. megans panties were almost completely full when she rolled back onto her back squashing the poop as she fell back to sleep.


an hour later megan semi awoke needing a pee, she keept her eyes shut and let her pee trickle into her panties”mmm that feels nice”thought megan as she fourced more pee out so there was now a stream gushing out of her panties.but hold on megan could  feel it trickling onto her tits and splashing on her face. megan opened her eyes to see her boyfriend holding up her legs examining the mess she had made in her panties.

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  1. Cute story 🙂 Was "Megan" really you? Hehe, j/k, but I know you’d do the same thing, and so would I.

  2. Great story line, but please, make them longer and more detailed. They will be even better then! ;D

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