Time to go

Only a simple constipation story :

It was late at night, he woke up from stomach upset, ran over his partner trying not to wake him up and went to the bathroom.
He looked at his pale gut like the moon, usually it was flat, but today it was swollen in its lowest part, it almost seemed pregnant.
How much time had passed?
He looked at his phone, 5 days since the last time he ‘go’. Felt the pressure in his inside full, felt the hard trunk brushing the door and stomach cramps that indicated it was time.
He sat on the toilet and began pushing with all his might, but nothing came out, however with a couple of gases the discomfort ceased and he gave up and went back to bed.
The next morning he got up with a feeling of maximum urgency, his stomach was roaring loudly but his partner was showering.
The force of 5 days without evacuating was pressing his ass, slow but without pause. Her ass was opening and there was nothing he could do to avoid it, his ‘pregnancy’ had come to an end.
He knocked on the door, they had enough confidence to do so and although he did not want to be seen in that situation the urgency was much more. Entered the bathroom with his pants halfway down and sat down as quickly as he could. “Are you okay honey?” His boy leaned out behind the curtains to make sure everything was fine. “Yes, only … The time has come.” He blushed, at the effort and the situation. Her boyfriend was a very good boy, he had always helped him and was aware of his problems. The boy came out of the shower and put on his robe. The trunk was beginning to come out slowly, it was so hard that it felt like it hurt her anus. A few drops fell and the moaned of pain. “Are you sure you’re okay?” The boy was worried, stroking his head trying to comfort him.
“Yes, it was better than inside” once the entire plug was all the contents of his guts came out totally giving a necessary relief for his body. He has a few seconds of totally necessary relief before his boyfriend asked “Come on?” He could see his partner’s bonner appear in his robe. He wanted to ‘play’

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