Time changes things.

Isn’t it strange how time seems to move thing around in your head? I remember the first time I shat myself on purpose I was about 13. I didn’t do it again for many years. Now, even more years on, I’ve got to like it so much, I’m messing myself in a tight-fitting nappy/diaper almost every day, it feels so nice… And that’s another thing — there’s nothing feels quite like a big, soft load of poo against your bum, especially if you sit in it and squish it about a bit, gives me a hard-on every time and I love it. The only down side is not having a friend around here in Leeds England to enjoy it with. Fredllfixit. p.s. yes I have one on now, and yes it is!

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  1. Hi there!

    I agree with u! I can remember when I started to meet dl’s and ab’s. One of them went home and asked me to drink a lot so that he would be sure that I wet my Tena. I proceeded and I wet my diap really fully! As he asked if I used to mess my diaps too, I replied: no, no, I find it is disgusting! And I started making up my mind about doing it! A few months later, I both wet and messed my diaps on occasions. Now, I have wet and messed my diaps everyday for a few years and it feels so comfy and nice! My last Daddy forced me to use them very fully and he helped me by inserting suppositories too. Even if I’m not diaper dependent, I have to admit that I can’t imagine leaving my diaps in favor of big boys undies! Daddy taught me to accept getting diapered 24/7 and to use them really fully: toilets are off limits to me! And I love it so much! The lonely point is that almost everytime I get changed, I have a powerful hard-on which needs to get softened and from time to time, Daddy refused to do that for me; pretending I wasn’t old enough to enjoy his special care on my lil weewee! Without any care, he made my hard-on in my diap and snapped the tapes of my diap very snug to excite me even more! After that he spanked me on my diap, and finally left me on my bed, so that I could “fuck” my mattress and relax in my diap! Time helps so much: u r right!

  2. I love to shit my pants. For every reason you mention. I bnegan at an easly age with wetting my pants. It began to be a great habit at puberty. One day I ended up shitting them and really liked it and got a first instant hard on. Been lving it all the more. which guys did not hate it so much or think we are freaks. I have wanted a shtter lover all muy life.

  3. I live near Leeds and would love to meet up with you for a bit of real messy fun. I wear school uniform over my briefs and like to get some of the shit in the white lining of the grey shorts.

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