Tia “little” accident

It was the first time in awhile that I had worn underwear because I normally wear diapers but anyway. I was laying in bed it was around 10 in the morning, I got up and walked to my bathroom to shower but I had other plans in mind. My tummy had started to growl causing me to hold my belly I let out a few farts only this telling me I was going to poop soon, I had totally forgotten that I didn’t have a diaper on because I’m so used to wearing them 24/7. Anyway I had squatted down and wiggled my butt getting into a good position to release my load. I farted once again grunting trying to push out my load, I pushed again my load gushing out filling my undies, it was to late when I had filled my panties. And That’s how you spend a Friday by yourself.

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