Three big Os for Nicole

Three Big “O”S For Nicole
By: Me
Written on July 22nd, 2013
Last night I found I could not sleep.I was worried that I would sleep too late in the morning and miss my date to chat on facebook with Nicole as she embarked on her third experience of pooping in her panties.I got up at 5am and got on the computer to find that she was there waiting for me.Nicole pooped her panties for the first time just eight days ago and loved it so much she wants to keep on doing it now.She had just got off work and got into her car to drive home when I arrived on the scene.I had instructed her not to pee after midnight and not to poop since her last poop on Thursday,again in her panties.Now let me tell you friends,Nicole is not a MILF,she is a red hot super MILF.It will be her 40th birthday on the 27th and she is gorgeous.On with the story.

Nicole was getting pretty desperate to pee and to poop by the time I joined her online.She had just finished her night shift driving her police cruiser round the streets of Birmingham,Alabama,and since midnight struggling to hold in her pee and four days worth of poop which was threatening to come out any minute.As instructed by me,she had brought with her to work her own clothes to change into after work and a plastic sheet and a towel to put on her car seat to drive home.Nicole started driving away from her precinct and after a short distance she stopped in a quiet place by the side of the street where nobody was in sight and when told by her faithful facebook friend(me) she relaxed and allowed her bladder to trickle some hot pee into her panties,then the trickle became a flood and she found to her delight that she was sitting in s puddle of lovely hot pee which had her ass soaked an the wetness was spreading all over her jeans as she sat.After enjoying the warm feeling for a minutes she was allowed to ease herself up of her seat and begin to push to get her soft poop started to move.She had not taken any laxatives this time but her poop was still nice and soft as it slowly began to creep out and touch her panties under her wet jeans.

“My poop is coming”,she typed to her friend Debbie,”and it is feeling nice and soft”.Nicole was lifting herself up off her seat by pushing with her hands on the seat.She was allowed to push the whole big load out completely filling her cotton panties with a huge soft lump collected just to the rear of her tingling pu$$y.Now she followed her instructions and sat down,rear end first which had the effect of pushing her lump of soft poop forward quickly and gently covering her moist pu$$y on its way to covering the lower part of her tight belly.Oh that feels so good she typed,her whole body now tingling,as she began to squirm in her seat spreading the hot poop as much as she could without using her hands.Now she was instructed to drive home before she was allowed to use her hands,although she pleaded to be allowed to finger her pu$$y which she so wanted to feel now.She pleaded to get her fingers on her girly bit but her loving and kindly controller(not the fat one from Thomas the Tank Engine) refused telling her to drive safely home and not be distracted by the baby cat between her legs.

It seemed an eternity but at last she arrived home and typed to Debbie that she was now driving into her garage.Getting out of her car she sat on the hard wooden chair that she had earlier placed there waiting for her poop covered ass to come home.Now she was able to really get some squirming and wriggling going and spread the soft poop which she made even softer by again peeing into it as she wriggled.Now with permission granted she dived into her panties with her hand and scooped some soft poop to spread over her boobs and belly as she rose to the heights of passion with her first orgasm of the morning,with her little cat as yet untouched by hand or fingers.She told Debbie of her first great high spot and was told to keep enjoying it all by now getting into her pu$$y and going wild with her fingers, and being so good at taking orders she very soon began to shudder once more as her second orgasm burst forth.As Debbie was informed of her progress through her second one Nicole was told that she had to keep going and imagine that Debbie was right there with her,cupping her tits and pinching her hard nipples while Nicole worked hard rubbing her hard clit with all her might.With that thought in her mind she rubbed so fast and hard on that little button that within the next five minutes she had successfully had her third orgasm as she went wild sitting on her chair then jumping up as spasms of hot delight rushed through her whole body.

Now almost totally drained of energy from three mind blowing orgasms the lovely Nicole sat on the chair panting hard,wishing that Debbie was indeed with her so they could continue this wild morning in the shower and then in bed.Meanwhile many miles away in Utah Debbie was herself feeling pretty damp in her nether regions as she followed to progress of her adorable sexy Nicole,also wishing that she could be there in that garage,then the shower to be followed by bed,all with her darling Nicole.As both recovered from the so passionate session they chatted online,neither wanting to say the last goodbye and cut off from the other,and both feeling their hearts thumping hard and fast.Finally Debbie,now in tears of joy for her darling,forced herself to hit that key and let Nicole go for her shower and rest from her labors,both occupational and sexual.Sleep well my sweet princess.

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