Thoughts of a Megaturd Lover

(I was really horny a few nights ago and this popped into my head. Instead of a traditional story, this is told via a first-person stream of consciousness.)

I always admired the huge shits you took
they always made me cum
I often fantasized about making megaturds with you
then came the day three years ago
I saw the ad you posted on the scat fetish site we both used
it said you were looking for a willing “trainee” to take the biggest shits in the world with you
I couldn’t help but to apply
you told me dozens sought to be your apprentice
and somehow out of all the people who applied you chose me

You asked me if I was willing to take the biggest shits ever seen
and to have them be seen by shit lovers everywhere
I didn’t even need to say anything, the huge bulge in my pants said it all
Aroused solely by my wet dreams coming true

Before you can shit train me you had to stomach train me you said
subjecting me to daily binge feedings
everyday feeding me increasingly large amounts of food
forcing me to eat until I puke
I puked so many times those first few months
over time though my stomach was able to hold more and more food
I saw my belly grow bigger and bigger
and I didn’t puke anymore
and my stomach training was complete

Then came the shit training
before I starting training with you I would shit twice a day
with the food binges I was shitting seven times a day
sometimes eight or nine or even ten times a day
loose sloppy runny shits with lots of undigested food chunks
but you forced me to hold my shit
sometimes making me use a buttplug
sometimes giving me anti-diarrhea medicine
eventually I stopped shitting as much
and my shits got solid
my turds got thicker and firmer
eventually I was able to make one huge solid shit every day
and my bowel training was complete

Now we make megaturds together
and we both love it

Everyday you gorge me with food, feeding me until my stomach can’t take anymore
burgers and hot dogs, tacos and burritos, sandwiches and salads, pizza and pasta
five or six huge meals every day
each day you usually focus on a different food
yesterday you filled me up with cheeseburgers and corn
I forget how many pounds of food you made me eat
but that doesn’t matter to me
all I know is that the more I eat the bigger my shits are
and I love taking huge shits
and you love me taking huge shits

I watch you make your daily megaturd
four turds each over six inches wide
together nearly five feet long
you had six separate anal orgasms
the floor covered in your cum
I had an orgasm just watching you
of course you record everything
we have yet another video and more pictures to masturbate to
not to mention all the scat lovers out there still get to enjoy your work as well

I love cleaning up your megaturds
they’re so big no toilet can possibly handle them
you just put them in a big compost pit outside
and let nature do its work

Not long afterward a familiar sensation hits me
I have a urgent need to shit
I tell you right away as is my duty
You set everything up
A camera to record my massive defecation
so you and I can enjoy it again later
Your computer sits idly in the back of the room, ready to receive the video
so it can be put up for the world to see and enjoy as well

I assume the squatting position
I can feel the huge turds sitting inside my rectum
They push down on my prostate making me super horny
I haven’t even starting shitting yet
and my large cock is already rock hard and dripping precum

I feel a fart coming and I let it blow
Fart after fart, nonstop for nearly three minutes
The foulness circulates through the room
It turns us on even more

Finally the turd is ready to come out
I push and push
The tip of the megaturd comes out
I push some more
the turd gets wider and wider
Finally the thickest part of the shit comes out
It’s as thick as a two liter soda bottle
I moan in orgasmic bliss as each inch of the huge turd leaves my body
My cock drips like a faucet as the megaturd milks my prostate
the turd grows longer and longer with each push
I think it’s over a foot long now
the sexual pleasure and orgasmic pressure building with each push
the first turd leaves and I have a huge anal orgasm
my cock sprays its load of cum all over the floor

A second turd begins the process of leaving
it’s just as big and solid and firm as the first one
and it’s the same pleasurable experience all over again
and I cum again
then a third turd leaves my body
more anal pleasure
more orgasms
more cum
now there’s a huge pool of my sex juices on the floor under my cock

Finally it’s all out of me
I stand up and observe the work of fecal art I just created
three huge turds
each turd over five inches thick
all three turds combined are over four feet long
perfect consistency, thick and firm
not soft and mushy or hard and knobby
a beautiful solid shade of medium brown
close up I see some of the undigested remains of my meals
corn kernels, sesame seeds from the burger buns
shreds of lettuce and chunks of tomatoes, onions, and pickles
the massive size of my turds
their extra foul odor
and all the undigested food bits
keep me super horny
I masturbate in front of the turds I just made
I orgasm but nothing comes out of my cock
I was so thoroughly milked of my sexual juices by the turds I just made
there was literally no cum left in me

As big as those turds are
I always dream about doing bigger
I want to make a six inch thick turd
like you did the first time I saw your work online
or maybe I could ram my megaturds back up my gaping ass
and shit them back out again for maximum pleasure
like you’ve done so many times
or maybe if we’re feeling really perverted
we could eat our own shit
but those are fantasies for another day

You ask me if I enjoy the megaturds I just made
I say yes
I don’t need to ask you if you enjoyed it
because I know you did
I heard you masturbate as I shit
and your loud groaning orgasm right as I finished shitting

Now that today’s huge shit load is out
it’s time to start making tomorrow’s turds
you’ve ordered twenty extra-large pizzas for both of us
I can’t wait to eat
I can’t wait to fill my stomach again
I can’t wait to fill my bowels again
but most of all
I can’t wait to shit again
and I wouldn’t have it any other way


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  1. Gotta say to the writer Awesome job !!! hey if you are on this site you are here for a reason .. Love you all !!

  2. Great thoughts written in a great way. Beautiful and hot

  3. Wow, that’s so hot! I also get lots of anal orgasms everytime when I poop because it fucks my prostate really hard

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