Those stall-less toilets

Ever since I was a kid I always had dreams about taking a shit on a toilet with other guys all doing the same thing out in the open.  I always thought I was weird cause I actually hated dumping in public restrooms. When I was 21 I had a vivid dream about pushing out a huge load while seated across from some guy at a gym toilet. I awoke to find myself having a wet dream.

From then on I began to experiment with public washrooms. I would go into a stall take a seat and wait until the stall next door became occupied then I would start grunting and pushing and farting along with the other guy.

I died and went to toilet heaven the day I arrived in Southern California to do a contract job. Walking through a park on one of my days off I found a small remote washroom and went in to relieve the shits I had acquired from too much beer the night before. I walked in and found too small toilets, no doors and a waist high partition. Awesome I thought, undoing my belt and settling onto the seat with a loud wet fart. I wasn’t in there for more than 2 minutes when in walks a Catholic Priest. He looks around, gives me a nod and undoes his belt as he backs up to the bowl about 2 feet from me in clear view. He dropped his shorts to a reveal an ample backside and sat down. He looked straight ahead and didn’t make a sound. At this point my asshole had ceased, being a Catholic I wasn’t sure if you could shit in front of a clergy-man.  Then he turned to me “So what brings you to the park today?” he asks, I can see he has his hand between his legs as if trying to keep his penis from view. “Sight seeing”. “So what brings you into the washroom” he asked. Then I knew something was up. Waiting for a bolt of lightening to flew through the roof and strike us both dead, I bared down hard and blasted out a torrent of wet shit with a loud cracking fart. “Just taking a shit Father”. He laughed and said “Well your in the right place for it” he said pulling up his underwear and pants. He took one last look as he left. Clearly I was in a cruising zone. About a minute later this middle-aged guy comes in and I thought, “great another one” But this guy sat down and farted right away to tell me he meant business. I glanced over and he said “Hows it going?” and unashamedly grunted to signal he had started to work on his load. He farted a few more times, cleaned his ass about 2 feet from where I sat, standing up to do it and said “Have a good day” as he left.

Clearly there was more to be explored. My next stop was at a museum in the park. I found the men’s room and went in, sure enough there was a stall with a door and one without. I went into the stalled unit and waited. Two men – clearly ex-air force buddies from the conversation I over heard, came in. The one pushed on my door then looked at the open stall and said to his buddie who was at the urnial, “Reminds you of the Air Force doesn’t it?” his buddie laughed and said, “I saw enough of you then I don’t need anymore I will wait outside” The two laughed and I could see the guy settle beside me in the open stall and then he pushed and filled the bowl with a big relieved sigh. I wiped and exited the stall to catch a glimpse of the guy baring  down hard until a fart rang out. “Pardon me he said as I washed up three feet from him. “Never seen an open stall like this” I commented “Not much privacy” “Just like the army” he said as he began un rolling toilet paper and lifted his wide ass off the seat. I left before he wiped, afraid he might think I was after something other than this glimpse.

Moving onward I found a small washroom in the midst of a small Mexican village display in the park. I went into the concrete structure. It was dark and stank inside and after my eyes adjusted I saw four toilets in a corner and a wall of urinals around another corner. There were 2 toilets on either side facing each other. I immediately took one in the corner. It took about 2 minutes until a Mexican guy came in and sat across from me. He dropped his pants quickly, sat down (He had an immense penis) and farted out his wet mess.

To be continued

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