This weekend we pooped

Saturday morning I woke up feeling quite a need to poop and pee but I was feeling naughty so I held it for now and woke up Sally in bed beside me.I asked her if she felt naughty and she told me that she had not pooped since Thursday morning and she was needing to poop right now,so she was in the mood for fun too.I ran through to mom’s room and she was just getting out of bed.I asked her if she needed to poop too and she confirmed that she was needing to do that pretty soon.Sally came through to us and we right away decided that we should dress quickly and go to the mall before it got busy as it does on a Saturday.We all three grabbed our full cut cotton panties and pulled them over our bum,making sure it was a god snug fit,and then we each chose a pair of slacks that were dark in color and put them on.We slipped on our minisocks and shoes that a warm shirt on top and we were ready to go out for fun.We took mom’s Buick as there is more room in her car for three of us and she always has a supply of plastic bags and towels in the car for pooping fun.As we drove the couple of miles to the Newgate Mall in Ogden we each had to clench our cheeks to prevent our poop and pee coming out too early.

We parked at the south end by Sears and walked through that store into the mall.We all kept clenching tight as we walked to the north end to look round Burlington store first wanting to poop and have a long walk back to the car to spread it in our panties.We got to the store and had a good look round at the clothing and bought a couple of items that we liked,so we each had a carrier bag that we could carry behind us if our poop shower too much.We were still holding everything inside us as we left there and went into the Quilted Bear shop which has lots of spicy smells to cover naughty girls as they get messy.There were not many servers at the counters and stalls in there so we found a quiet area and mom looked all round to be sure it was clear and then we saw a satisfied look appear on her face as she relaxed and we could see a bulge filling out the back of her slacks.I was surprised that she did not pee too.She looked at the items on display as Sally and I walked to another stall letting our cheeks loose as we walked.I felt that warm soft poop slowly slipping into my panties,coming out a little bit with each step and being soft enough to start to spread right away and not make a large bulge in my slacks.I could see Sally smiling too as she let her panties fill up right beside me and I saw that her slacks instead of going into her bum were now being pushed out from it with a nice rounded mound that looked so soft.

Now we were all pooped out we walked slowly out of the store into the mall and began our slow wander southward,pressing our pegs together as we walked and feeling that soft warm poop slipping inside our panties and making us so horny as it slipped over our pussy lips with each step as we would swing our hips to make it more fun.Just before we reached Sears again we decided to rest a moment on the seats just after the cinema,so we sat down gently and enjoyed the feeling as our soft poop was squirted further over the inside of our panties as we sat on it and moved our bum in the seat to get the full effect.We sat and savored the feeling for a few moments,still desperately holding our pee inside.Now we got up and walked smartly through Sears letting our carriers hang behind us until we got out the door to the parking area.Our car was still 100 yards away,but we were away from any people now so we carried our carriers beside us now and as we started to walk toward the car we all let our bladders free and flooded our panties and slacks.We each looked at the others as first our bums got a massive wet patch over them and then it began to show wet down our legs.By the time we reached the car we all looked really soaked but happy. We climber into the car on top of the plastic bags and towels that we had laid out when we parked there,and squirmed to push our mess as far as we could inside our slacks and panties.It felt marvelous and as mom drove us home Sally and I sat in the back seat fingering each other until we screamed out in pleasure as we orgasmed into the messy panties.Mom would have to wait until we got home for her turn as we would both finger her into pleasure.

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