This is Fiction, but I Wish it Wasn't ;)

*So I have posted this on the experience project….and I am still very nervous about sharing it with other people. I thought that you guys would like it on here, but please be kind with the comments…I’m VERY shy about this stuff lol, unless you know me personally. So here it goes, if you guys like it I’ll write me :)*

Ryan had to know I didn’t feel good. I could barely make it through supper and he was already dragging me to our next stop. It sucked when we made evening plans like this. Not only did I have to make it through dinner, but I was also expected to get through a movie. 

Okay, so maybe expected wasn’t the best word for it…more or less wished upon. Ryan worked a lot, so moments where we could have a date night was rare. He wanted to enjoy it and treat me to the best. I appreciated it, but right now the best for me was to lay down in bed.

My stomach was so unsettled. It kept gurgling and I knew for a fact that any minute I would have diarrhea. The only thing I didn’t know was if I would be able to make it to a toilet in time.

“Ready to go babe?” he asked, gently taking my hand.

“Hun?” I asked, coming back to reality. “Oh…yeah…let’s go.”

I stood, adjusting my sweater and following Ryan to his car. It was a cool fall night and I shivered slightly, instantly regretting the trembling and how it affected my belly. I had to clench hard immediately, as I felt a semi solid amount of poop begin to slide down to my tight opening.

I closed my eyes, resisting the urge to touch myself and climbed into the passenger side of the car. I refused to become horny…not while Ryan and I were on our way to see a movie.

I was extremely grateful that I got to sit. As the seat prevented any poo from coming out into the seat of my white cotton panties, but dreaded when I would have to stand back up again. I just hoped that I would have better control when we arrived.

“Have you been feeling okay, baby?” Ryan asked, his hand gently taking my own.

“Yeah…why do you ask?”

“I dunno, you just look a little distracted.”

Oh, he had no idea! I was trying my best NOT shit myself! I didn’t want to take the chance of thinking about anything else! But…there was something that turned me on about hiding this from Ryan. It made me feel almost naughty.

“I’m fine sexy.” I said gently.

He grinned at me, his beautiful smile causing me to smile in turn. Gently he reached over and pulled his hand through my silky red hair. I loved when Ryan touched me, he was always so gentle and tender every time.

Taking his hand once more, I squeezed his fingers as we pulled up to the theater. It looked fairly crowded and Ryan parked fairly close to the doors. He got out of the car, but I had to wait a moment and clench my butt hard. My stomach gurgled in protest and I sighed softly.

It was going to come…one way or another, but I was not willing to admit defeat just yet. Through sheer will power, I got out of the car and followed Ryan into the movie theater. 

The moment we were inside the smell of warm buttery popcorn wafted to me. It made my stomach clench with my bottom. I turned to Ryan who was in line to get our tickets and glanced over at the bathroom. It wasn’t too far…really just a hop and dash away. However…something kept me from wanting to use the toilet.

I felt extremely horny…like I had my own little naughty secret. Like I was a little girl again trying to hide that I was going to poop myself instead of use the potty. It thrilled me to no end and I started to lust after the feeling. The warm, mushy, poo that would fill my panties and cradle my bum. It almost sent chills up my spine.

“Theater six, sir.” the young woman said, causing me to leave my fantasy behind…but only briefly.

Ryan and I walked into the theater and he began making his way to the snack bar. I don’t think I would be able to stand in line without filling my panties, so I decided to take my ticket and find us seats.

My husband could eat like a mule, whereas I didn’t eat much. I had a fairly slender frame, but was curvy and proudly sported a D cup bra under my dress shirt. Ryan said I needed to eat more fiber, mostly because I got constipated something terrible and wouldn’t be able to poop for one to two weeks at a time. I told him I didn’t mind so much, toilets and public restrooms grossed me out anyway.

Going into the cool theater, I smiled at the semi-full room. I took my seat in the fat back center and sat my purse beside me so that Ryan would have his seat reserved. As I sat there, I cautiously looked around. No one seemed to be paying attention to me and were fairly involved in conversations of varying topics.

Gingerly, since I was wearing a skirt, I slipped my hand up and touched my center. It was very wet, and I closed my eyes briefly. There was something about this entire thing that just had me feeling so creamy and bad. I stroked myself lightly before taking my hand back as Ryan came up the theater steps to sit with me.

“I hate those assholes,” he grumbled. “They gave me such a hard time just because I wanted extra butter on my popcorn.”

I chuckled and took a small piece. I wasn’t hungry, but I knew this would just make holding the poo in even more difficult. I took a large gulp of the Dr. Pepper Ryan had bought and rested my head against his shoulder as the movie began.

It wasn’t a very interesting movie to me, at least not as interesting as my bowels were at the moment. Every now and then I would relax my sphincter and let the poo slide down towards the fabric of my panties, but just as it was about to touch cotton, I would clench and force it back up. It was almost like a little game.

“Baby,” Ryan whispered. “Do you need the toilet?”

“Why do you ask?” I whispered.

“Because you keep squirming in your seat.”

I felt my cheeks redden slightly, “You know I hate public toilets, Ry.”

“I know, but if you have to shit you should go,” he whispered. “It’s not good for you to hold it like that.”

I frowned slightly and shrugged. I wasn’t going to use the toilet, I wanted to see this through. And find out if Ryan got turned on by it as well.

“Bridget,” he sighed. “You are going to have an accident if you don’t go to the toilet.”

“I will not.” I said stubbornly.

I glanced at Ryan and saw that he was smirking at me slightly. Almost like he enjoyed seeing me fight. Squirming a bit more in my seat, I tried to ignore him and focus on my stomach.

The movie was pretty fast paced, and I noticed that there were only ten minutes left before it would be over. I decided that now would be the time I had my “accident”. Ryan was holding my hand and I squeezed his fingers slightly as I relaxed my sphincter.

I could feel the poo slowly slide down. It was very warm, but it seemed to have become a bit firmer then I had expected. Closing my eyes, I gave a gently push and felt the warm poo meet my panties.

It didn’t have much of a smell, but mine hardly ever did, and I pushed again and felt it smear against my bum. It was so warm and gooey, I thought I would almost orgasm. I had plenty more to force out, but because of how I was sitting I couldn’t do anything about it.

I opened my eyes and felt my cheeks flush when I realized Ryan had been watching me the entire time. 

“You just pooped, didn’t you?” he asked.

“Um…a little…” I said softly. “I still have more.”

He smiled gently at me and moved his warm hand inside my skirt. He brought his finger to the center of my panties and ran his fingers on the outside of my knickers. The fabric was fairly wet already from my dripping pussy.

“You are so naughty,” he breathed. “I think you should finish right here in the theater.”

I smiled and felt my heart quicken with excitement. Ryan was actually encouraging  me! This was great! Kissing him briefly, my tongue lightly caressed his lips. I lifted my bum slightly from the seat.

My eyes widened in surprise as Ryan placed his hand under me and cupped my butt. I shivered and pushed against his hand, feeling a large glob of poop emerge. It was warm and very mushy. I glanced down and watched my panties jet outward slightly. The poo was being held very well, and I was surprised it didn’t try and leak out the leg holes.

“My bad girl,” I heard Ryan whisper. “You need cleaned up as soon as we get home.”

I smiled and grunted a bit as a more solid piece of poop nestled into the seat of my panties. Ryan gently patted the mess, and pressed some of it into my bum.

“Ooh…” I moaned softly.

“Well, I think you can sit down now.” he whispered in my ear. “Before these theater folk notice.”

Taking my seat gingerly I gasped softly. The poo wrapped around my butt and felt so warm and wonderful. I brought Ryan’s hand to my pussy and smiled as he gently rubbed it with his fingers.

I closed my eyes, panting and arching my back as Ryan moved his hand expertly. I was so close…so close… finally…I came and Ryan pressed his lips to mine in order to muffle the moan that escaped. He chuckled and held my cheek in his clean hand.

“All better beautiful?” he asked me. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you when we get home.”

I smiled and saw that the movie had ended. Standing carefully, my legs were trembling a bit, Ryan and I decided to sneak out the emergency exit of the theater and go straight to the car.

He stopped me before I got inside and draped an old towel over the seats. I didn’t mind though, Ryan had a very nice car and I knew he would want to keep it intact. 

I sat down and wiggled my butt a bit to readjust the poop so it would smear further.  All the whole Ryan drove us home, stopping at a CVS to pick up something on the way. He carried me into the house, his hand touching my mess every now and again and then he sat me down.

“Lay on the floor, Bri,” he whispered.

I did so, and my eyes widened as Ryan pulled out a blue package from the CVS bag. They were adult diapers. He was going to diaper me! 

“Naughty girls that can’t use the potty, have to wear these.” he scolded. “And you were a very naughty girl. I don’t think you are ready to use the toilet anymore. So now you will go in these.”

He smiled at me and I smiled back, nodding obediently. Carefully, he removed my soiled panties and through them into the plastic CVS bag. 

I was so turned on by all of this I began to touch myself again, closing my eyes as I rubbed hard in hopes of orgasming once more. I felt Ryan clean my bum with some cold wipes and he gingerly took my hand from me and began wiping down my pussy.

I moaned as he continued and felt my body shudder violently as I orgasmed again and Ryan sealed up my new diaper.

“You look so fucking adorable,” he chuckled. “I have to admit, I always wanted to diaper you.”

I smiled weakly up at him, orgasming twice making me very sleepy and ready for bed. He kissed my nose gently and pulled me up into his arms. I curled up into him as he carried me into our room and tucked me into bed. It felt so good to be taken care of this way.

A minute later, Ryan slipped into bed beside me and gently wrapped me up in his arms. His hand would run down my back and I could hear the faint rustling of my nappy as he touched it and gently squeezed it in his hands.

“I love you, Bri.” he whispered into my hair.

And I fell asleep with a smile on my face after whispering, “I love you too.”

*I hope you guys like my first story. I even write these with my one really close friend. So if anyone is interested in writing one with me or doing a chat thread, private message me :)*

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  1. Nice story, sweetly told and sexy too. Thank you for sharing your fantasy. Maybe some sequels to this would be in order, where you gradually become more open with your boyfriend about your planning to shit your pants on purpose and he encourages you more openly to do it. I share several turn-ons with this scenario. I’d love to read a scene where you let him know you need to go potty and he suggest you should go in your panties, so you do! But of course you should give rein to your own fantasies and turn-ons. Thank you again! Alex

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