This is embarrassing!

I hesitate to tell this story because I felt really guilty after it happened.  I was walking back to my car, which was parked in a very large underground garage in Chicago, on Saturday.  It was freezing cold out and half way to the garage I knew I had to poop badly!   It was very late and there was no where to go — no cafes or McDonald’s around —  and I kept thinking what should I do.  I made it into the building and paid the ticket at the pay station.  The urge to go momentarily subsided so I figured I’d go to my car and start heading home.  But by the time I reached the car, I was only seconds away from a huge accident.   It was one of those split second kind of decisions.  I can let go in my pants in the car and have a huge mess (its a 1 hour drive back home), I can let go in my pants outside the car, or I can pull down my pants and go in the garage.   I took one last look around but these garages have no bathrooms and I knew they didn’t. The place was deserted.   I stepped in front of my car between the car and the wall of the garage, pulled my pants down and let go.    I was so ashamed at what I’d done!!!   I can’t imagine the cleaning crew discovering that mess.  I jumped in the car and drove away.   I felt so guilty all the way home!!!!

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  1. I would have let go in the car. also good to keep a couple spare diapers. saved me once. stopped put on a diaper and contained my mess for a 4 hour drive home plus I could get out and get gas etc with out showing that ishit my pants

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