Thinking about a Pants Poo Novel

This is something I suggested on another site. It is largely cut and paste from the original post, but I’ve edited the idea with new thoughts, and also some contributing memories that I forgot to mention when I first posted it.
I’ve been harbouring this idea for a little while now. When I was in my early 20s, I wrote a short poo accident-related story about a friend’s weirdo wife. I found a copy of it earlier this year, and my phone has an app on it that reads text files out aloud. So I occasionally have it read me this story. I know the story inside and out, but it still gives me a stiffy when I listen to it. I’ve added more to the story since then, but I’ve considered expanding this into a much longer and more graphic story.

There are a few things I need to crop out from the beginning. There are some characters that need to be renamed or removed, as they either use real people’s names, or their significance in the story is a personal reference that only makes sense to me. I need to highlight the context of the protagonist’s story more completely and also better introduce the relationship with other characters. That said, I’d like to bounce some creative ideas off you guys. This is a summary of the story thus far:

• The story is a second-person narrative. By that, I mean the narrator is talking to (and about) you. You are the protagonist in this story, with a few other characters I’ve laid foundations for thus far.
• The protagonist is a 35-year-old social reject, it’s plausible that he could be a high-functioning autistic or something similar. He’s very smart, and quite a friendly guy. He actually gets along quite well with colleagues, but gets overwhelmed after a while. The only people that don’t fluster him are other social reject types. He knows they aren’t in a position to be judgemental of his “Quirks”. He’s been pooing his pants on purpose for more than 20 years, but he has managed to keep it a secret. He’s also still a virgin, so much so that he’s never even had a proper make-out with a woman before…. he’s never even felt a woman’s tits or ass before. This is highlighted by the narrative use of juvenile (and borderline infantile) terms and methods of description; especially with sexual terminology. As I said, I wrote this as a self-projection in my very early 20s (I may have even been only 19). So the core of this story was written by a very young adult virgin who spent most of his time pooing in his undies and humping his pillows.
• The main supporting character is a 42-year-old divorcee (I’ll call her Beck). She was married to one of the protagonists old friends from years ago. She’s a wierdo, reject. Short, chubby and looks about 55. She’s pretty nice to everyone, but gets a little annoying after a while. When they were friends years ago, the protagonist used to see poo-stained knickers in her bathroom all the time. He could never figure out if she was pooing herself on purpose or simply had a lot of accidents. She had moved out to the countryside with her husband a few years back, but they have since divorced and she has now moved back into town.
• Beck’s current neighbour Danielle. Danielle is a chubby, ugly, feral welfare bludger. She always stinks. The protagonist would often see her waiting at a nearby bus stop, and decide to catch the same bus. Being a pants pooper, he would actually enjoy Danielle stinking out the bus. Sometimes it was BO, as if she hadn’t showered in a week, other times you would swear that she’d shit her pants. Even though she ALWAYS stinks, if you asked every low-life waiting in line at the welfare Office, you’d find it hard to find one that hasn’t had sex with Danielle a few times. She’s also had a heap of kids that have all been taken by Child Services and put into other homes.
• Pauline and Tess are the antagonists. They’re both fat bitches in their early 30s. They’re also welfare bludgers, but they have an annoying sense of undeserved self-righteousness. They once tried to frame a mutual friend of the protagonists as a sexual predator, merely because he pointed out something stupid one of them had said. The protagonist vehemently dislikes them, to the point where he’s had recurring fantasies in which he has some kind of telepathic power that can make them poo their pants whenever he wants. He dreams of them humiliating themselves by having enormous poo accidents in public places.

The story contains poo desperation and poo accidents.
It also contains purposeful pooing in pants, including some hyper-messing… and eventually a little scat.
It features different characters having different attitudes toward pooing their pants.
It also features some nods to other fetishes I like. Breast and Butt expansion, but that part needs some re-writing (as the Breast and Butt expansion takes place, the growing sizes are compared to the breast/butt sizes of large breast/butt women that lived in my local area. These would make no sense to anyone else) .
There’s also some belly inflation/pregnancy, or “poognancy”, as female characters become extremely pregnant with poo.

I’m not exactly sure which direction I should go. The cool thing is, if I keep writing it in the same style as the short story, I can almost just “mail-merge rewrite” the story to make the protagonist gay or bi. I actually like how immature the narrative is at the moment, due to the original story coming from my extremely early adulthood. I mean… he refers to his penis as his “diddle” and an erection as a “stiffy”. I think it highlights the naiveté of the protagonist, I’d like to keep it going that way.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Would love to see a story like this. I would say start posting it online (here and on WetSet) and ask for user feedback.
    If it goes well, you could keep writing, charge for additional chapters using a system like Patreon, etc.

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