The Wuskys (Furry)

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Kaji was grateful to spend some time on the family farm. The wolf-husky hybrid (wusky) had returned home from college to unwind from the daily tedium and stress from being immersed in studies. He didn’t see his mother, father and brother for several months, and was dying to see a few familiar faces. 
His brother, Russ, was younger than him by two years. Russ looked up to his older sibling: the rough n’ tough cowboy turned city boy. Russ admired the fact that Kaji always knew what he wanted, and never hesitated to reach for it by any  means necessary. Kaji completed his Masters in Civil Engineering, namely Structural Engineering. He loved to build things, and he always wanted to be part of the building process. Russ, on the other hand, was unsure about his major choice. At 24, Russ dabbled in Liberal Arts but he enjoyed Physics. He felt ashamed to be an college student, on the older side, who was indecisive about his future. 
Russ welcomed the family reunion distraction. Because of everyone’s busy lives and schedules, rarely did the family convene in one place for what Russ considered meaningful amount of time.
When he saw Kaji standing in the doorway in his trademark cowboy hat, white t-shirt, red bandana scarf and dusty blue jeans, Russ extended his arms and gave his older wusky brother a hug. Kaji patted Russ on the back and smiled with his eyes closed.
“Long time no see, my friend,” said Kaji.
Russ gently moved away from the embrace. “Indeed, indeed,” said Russ.
Their parents jogged to their front door to greet Kaji. Hugs and greetings were exchanged. With smiles all around, the father led Kaji and Russ to the living room of their farm house. Kaji sat down on the sofa, stretched his arms and yawned. Sitting across from him, his parents sat on their loveseat.
“How’s life the city treating you?” asked the father.
Kaji watched his younger brother pass in front of him and ultimately stand beside the couch with his arms folded. “Pretty good,” he calmly replied. “The job’s a grind, but it pays the bills. What can I say?”
“All work and no play, then?” asked his mother.
Kaji removed his cowboy hat, revealing his short blonde hair. He chuckled softly. “I’m still looking for ‘the one.'”
Russ glanced at his brother briefly. “You’re still gay, right?” he asked Kaji.
Kaji exhaled slowly. “I’m still your brother.” He didn’t answer directly. He shot a look at his father, who gave the wusky a disapproving scowl.
“As long as you’re happy, Kaji, we’re alright with it,” said his mother. “Isn’t that right, Randall?” She elbowed her husband’s side. 
“Right.” He rolled his eyes, but he was supportive of his oldest son. “How long do you think you’ll be staying with us?” he asked.
“Probably a couple of days. I’m taking a week off for vacation.”
“Well, if you’re going to stay here for a bit, you can help around with some chores.”
Grateful that his father changed the subject, Kaji chirped happily, “Sure thing!”
“You got your dad’s work ethic. That’s for sure,” his mother added. “Mind cleaning out the barn?”
Kaji nodded enthusiastically. “Sure. I’d love to.”
“After lunch, get your work clothes ‘n overalls on. They’re still in your bedroom,” his father told him. “And you, Russ, mind lending him a paw?”
“No problem.”   
After the family dined together for lunch, Russ and Kaji opened up the barn doors. The brothers had a lot of work to do from clearing out the antiquated farm equipment to moving several bales of hay outside of the barn. Their parents were planning to convert the two-story barn into a cozy bed and breakfast. Because of the economic recession and the recent, punishing drought — which took a severe toll on their corn crop — the family had to think of other ways to generate income. Kaji and Russ were supportive of their parents’ decision to get into the lodging business. Their mother had experience in the hotel managing business when she was in her 20s and their father had grown tired of farming. Russ knew a lot of work had to be done to get things up and running, but with Kaji by his side, the younger wusky was confident that they could make good progress for next couple of days.
Kaji didn’t get into his overalls. He chose to stick to the clothes he was wearing. He told Russ that he “didn’t foresee doing much today,” so they spent time assessing the barn. In his overalls, Russ wandered around and reminisced about old times. 
Right before Russ reminded him about the times they spent, chasing each other around the barn when they were young pups, Kaji pulled up his jeans and looked around nervously. When he pulled his jeans up, a rustling plastic sound could be heard. He took a few steps away from Russ when he heard the sound. Kaji sighed and looked around the barn. He was hiding an embarrassing secret that he kept from his brother. The need to preserve his secret had grown astronomically since he arrived at his family’s farmhouse. He feared that exposing his extremely personal secret would threaten the fabric of his relationship with his family. They already knew that he was gay — which was, at one time, a very contentious issue that almost resulted in him being disowned by his homophobic parents. Behind the cool demeanor was a deeply insecure wusky. He didn’t want his brother to find out about his personal shame, even though he trusted his brother to keep a secret. However, Russ was fairly conservative and had a moral compass that was similar to his parents.
“Maybe we should get some work done today so we can say that we did, y’know,” Russ suggested.
Kaji crossed his arms. “We don’t have to,” he said stubbornly.
“You’ve never been one to hesitate. That’s unlike you.”
Clearly, Kaji was procrastinating. He knew he should be making a dent, at least, in clearing out the barn, yet his insecurity was dictating his every move. There was, indeed, a stark difference between the Kaji that his brother grew up with and the Kaji who stood before Russ, trembling ever so slightly that it made Russ suspicious. To Russ, it defied logic for Kaji to be so willing to help earlier yet show great reluctance to following through. 
Kaji wore diapers. Given his penchant for masculinity, it didn’t seem like a just and sensible choice to make for himself. Two years after moving out of his parents’ house to live in a college dormitory, Kaji had a relationship with another male who had a very peculiar variety of sexual tastes. One of them was diapers. Kaji didn’t realize he was into diapers until they had sex one night. The wusky felt very “naughty” yet energized when he wore them. His sexual desire to wear and use diapers was irrefutable, especially combined with dressing up in panties, some stockings and a nice little skirt. If there’s one thing that Kaji liked doing, it’s hanging out in his cowboy hat and diapers — and not having to worry about the consequences. Compared to the modest, no-frills lifestyle that his family always lived by, Kaji chose a very different path. He underestimated how awkward it would be to be diapered around his family until he was alone with Russ in the barn.
“C’mon, Kaji,” Russ goaded him on. “Let’s get it over with.”
Kaji sighed heavily. “Fine, fine,” he muttered.
A few minutes earlier, Kaji wet his diaper. It wasn’t an egregious problem since the diaper Kaji wore was thick and could withstand a wetting or two. However, he felt the need to mess his diaper. His stomach had been bothering him mostly because of nerves. If he allowed himself to mess, the smell would surely reach his brother’s nostrils — and he would have a lot of explaining to do. Kaji believed his best option would be to distracting himself with work, and get his mind out of his stomach — though it was difficult when it came to consuming large barbecue pork sandwiches and creamed corn for lunch.
Kaji helped Russ move some rusty farm equipment outside. He stopped overthinking his situation and focused instead on cleaning up the barn. The wusky looked handsome when he worked. He had good muscle tone, exercised often, and his short-haired, white fur looked glossy under the sun. Russ looked at his older brother and grinned. They were making progress and both felt proud of what they accomplished in just a few hours. Russ was looking forward to finishing up early and having enough time to sit under one of the apple trees his family had and relax while watching the sun go down. Kaji had other plans. He wanted to finish up so he could change out of his wet diaper and drive around his hometown for the evening. He wanted to check up on some old friends and places he used to frequent.
While he was disassembling an old tractor in the barn, Kaji yawned and rubbed his right shoulder. His body was aching and he wanted to take a break. Russ saw his brother looking drowsy. The younger wusky called out to Kaji from behind the tractor. “You okay over there?” asked Russ.
Kaji yawned again. “Yeah. Mind if we take a few minutes to catch our breath?”
When he came around to check on Kaji’s work, Russ was suddenly shocked to see his brother in his current condition. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” muttered Russ.
Confused, Kaji looked around. “What?”
“Your pants! Pants! You peed your pants!”
Kaji looked down at his crotch. Sure enough, a large wet spot appeared on his jeans. Urine had trickled down his right pantsleg and it created a small puddle right by his footpaw. “Shit!”
“I asked if you were okay!” said a peeved Russ.
“Y-yes. Everything’s fine. I guess I didn’t notice that I –“
Russ covered his face with his paw. He was embarrassed for his brother. “Well, that’s new,” Russ commented.
“Forget you saw anything,” said Kaji tersely.
Russ exhaled. “How can I ‘forget’? Dude, you just wet yourself! You need diapers or something,” he teased Kaji.
“I’m wearing one,” Kaji lipped to Russ.
Russ’ eyes widened. “No way. You? In diapers? Huh. Say it ain’t so!”
In a moment that seemed to last for infinity, Kaji unbuckled his belt, unzipped his fly and pulled down his jeans to show Russ the diaper he was wearing. Kaji wore an adult disposable diaper, but with a noticeably pink trim. The diaper was definitely wet as evidenced by the dark yellow blotch located right in the center. The color-changing wetness indicators showed that the diaper was completely soaked (the two yellow strips were now blue and faded). The diaper was more poofy than usual. In fact, it also showed that Kaji was rather aroused. A dark outline of his member appeared facing up toward his stomach. It was obvious that he was turned on from the humiliation. Sure, he was embarrassed, but he was outrageously turned on. He blushed as he made eye contact with his startled, young brother.
“Holy cow!” Russ exclaimed.
Kaji lowered his ears. “Don’t tell mom and dad, okay?”
Russ shrugged in exasperation. “What can I say? I — uh… No, I can’t say anything except ask why.”
Seizing an opportunity to counter Russ, Kaji calmly asked his brother, “How come you’re still starin’ at it?”
Russ tried looking away from Kaji’s diaper, but couldn’t. “I-It’s weird, that’s all.”
“You don’t seem to be running to the hills, though.”
Russ swallowed nervously. “How do you expect me to react to…”
The younger wusky approached Kaji. Russ smelled Kaji’s musky piss. He sensed that Kaji had got himself into that embarrassing situation. It was like Kaji had planned this all along. He looked at his brother, who was smiling a little. Russ’ heart was beating quickly once he considered the implications. Oddly enough, Russ wasn’t deterred by his brother. There was something very inviting about the whole thing; something very wrong, very peculiar but somehow so right. Russ was surprised at himself for his acute lack of tact. He wanted to feel sorry for Kaji, but his curiosity was taking over. The first thing he wanted to do was to touch Kaji’s diaper — feel how soft, how thick and how wet it is. Russ slowly extended his paw toward Kaji’s diaper.
“What are you doing?” asked Kaji coyly.
“Just… shut up for a second,” said Russ. He rubbed Kaji’s diaperfront. He pressed down on it with his paw. It felt squishy, warm and damp. He rubbed Kaji’s diaper in a circular motion, just to hear it crinkle. Kaji blushed even more. Resigning himself to the strange sensation that he was feeling with his paw, Russ curled his fingers around his brother’s eager shaft. Russ started panting softly once he felt how hard his brother was. He refused to question his instincts. He knew Kaji didn’t mind. The older wusky allowed Russ to quietly explore his diaper. Russ patted Kaji’s diaper and took a few steps back. At that moment, Russ knew that he was already in too deep. His repressed sexual instincts were now consuming his conscience. To Russ, feeling his brother’s wet diaper got him hot under the collar.
“Don’t tell mom and dad,” said Russ, echoing what Kaji said earlier.
Kaji gestured sealing his lips shut.
“This is wrong,” Russ whispered to Kaji.
“They don’t have to know, do they?”
Feeling numb, Russ sat on a bale of hay and rubbed his brown hair. The younger wusky looked down at the ground as his mind swirled with perverse thoughts. He blinked a few times, hoping he’d snap out of his trance — but there was no mistaking it. He liked the idea of wearing diapers, even the idea of seeing his own brother in them. He thought Kaji looked “sexy.” He tried fishing for another word. Sensing that the tides have turned, Kaji walked comfortably around the barn in his padding. He stretched his arms and casually folded them behind his head, occasionally flashing a pose for Russ, who sat quietly and tried not to make direct eye contact. Every time his eyes focused on his brother, Russ felt that he was making an implicit admission that he wanted have some fun with Kaji.
While he continued to look down at the ground, Russ asked his brother, “What does it feel like to wear diapers?”
“You feel like a big baby, especially when you ‘use’ your diaper,” said Kaji with a playful wink. “But, y’know, it’s what you make of it. You should try one on and see for yourself.”
“Got any on ya, Kaji?”
“Yeah. I have a bag in my truck.”
Kaji put his pants back on briefly, headed outside of the barn and jogged to his truck. He went through the messy backseat of his truck and found a bag of adult diapers, which was in plain sight. He took two diapers — one for Russ and another for himself — and dashed back to the barn, hoping his parents weren’t watching him. Fortunately, nobody else was around. Once he came back into the barn, he shut the doors, turned off the lights except for one that was located in a far corner. Huddled under the light with Russ, Kaji waved the folded diapers before his brother’s muzzle.
Russ flashed a smile. “You devil-dog!” he told Kaji.
Kaji chuckled. “Guilty as charged.”
“This is weird, man. But I like it,” Russ confessed.
“That makes two of us, and — uh…” Kaji paused and looked sheepishly at Russ. “I have to poop.”
“What a revelation,” said Russ sarcastically. “Oh wait, you’re serious…”
Kaji nodded.
The diaper-savvy wusky gave his brother a show. Kaji pulled down his jeans, bent his knees a little, pushed the back of his diaper up so the inside of his padding barely touched the tailhole. He rubbed his wet diaper from back to front a few times, making sure that it stayed snug around his waist. He turned his attention to the front of his diaper where he was sporting an erection that was getting harder by the minute. He let the crinkling noise resonate for Russ. Suddenly, there was a muffled pop and fizzling noise followed by a sudden droop in tbe back of Kaji’s diaper. It felt refreshing. Kaji had been holding it in since they started working on clearing out the barn. Watching Kaji load up the seat of his diaper forced Russ to reflect on his personal preferences. He liked how shameless Kaji was. In fact, Russ felt envigorated by the shamelessness. He wanted to harness the adrenaline and push the envelope as far as he could.
Lost in a sea of conflicting emotions, Russ forced himself on Kaji and forcefully rubbed the back of his brother’s diaper — just to feel that lumpy, smelly, solid mess. “Oh, what a baby!” thought Russ. “A big baby!” Kaji was taken by surprise, but he couldn’t deny his delight. The escalation of physical activity from Russ all but confirmed a deep, profound incestuous bond. Russ struggled with his thoughts at first — and thought it was important to retain some sense of dignity — but his hormones were firing up his loins. He felt assertive for the first time in years; a strong desire to take control and do what he wants to do. Kaji enjoyed his brother’s assertiveness, which evolved from his youthful naivete. Kaji dared his younger brother to prove himself. He challenged Russ. Little did he know, Russ was ready — and he was ready more than ever. Was Russ ready to risk tampering with the standards of moral decency?
By slowly removing Kaji’s shirt, Russ knew what he was getting himself into. The temptation was too strong. Kaji growled lustfully and bumped noses with his brother. Russ felt his cock throbbing with desire as he wrapped his paws around the older wusky’s diaper — it was so thick and soggy. Kaji smiled, chuckled a little as he watched his brother take the initiative. It saved him the work, he thought. The least Kaji could do is remove his diaper — and he did. Very slowly. He groped himself suggestively a few times while slowly undoing the tapes of his diaper. 
Kaji couldn’t honestly say he was expecting this, but he was fine with it. Once he told his brother that he was wearing a diaper, he felt sexually empowered by his confession. He felt that his seemingly awkward admission gave him enough power to flaunt it — but when Russ started gravitating toward his wet undergarment, he knew that something was going to happen. And he let the scene unfold, whether or not the intimacy was initiated by his own sibling. For Kaji, wearing diapers always kept him in a state of arousal. All it took was for someone to take advantage of his situation and make the best of it.
The moment Kaji removed his diaper and cleaned his messy rear with it, Russ moved in. The younger wusky took off his overalls and scrambled to take off his boxer-briefs. Russ wanted to take advantage of the situation as quickly as possible. Given the circumstances, Russ was looking for a rough, quick but fun fuck. Without saying anything, Kaji bent over, lifted his tail and leaned over a large tractor tire. Russ stroked his shaft, which slowly poked from his sheath and curled happily aound his stroking paw. He felt a lot of sexual tension that desperately needed some relief. All he could think about was how “dirty” Kaji was; how naughty it was for Kaji to soil his diaper. Russ’ sexualized thoughts warmed up his sweaty, oily body. Russ stroked his member until it was nice, hard and completely stiff. He took a step forward and quietly pushed his cock inside his brother’s conveniently tight tailhole. Kaji grunted softly.
“Are you going to fuck me for being a bad, lil’ cowboy?” asked Kaji playfully.
Russ grabbed both sides of Kaji’s waist and got himself into position. “I’m going to ride you like a dirty-diapered queer?”
“I didn’t know you had that in you,” said Kaji, referring to Russ’ dirty talk.
“Look who’s talking,” Russ snapped back. He started humping the older wusky. Once he found a stable rhythm, Russ picked up the pace. He kept thinking about Kaji in diapers and revisited the moment when his brother messed himself. The thought that crossed Russ’ mind was, “Oh, he didn’t just shit himself, did he?” The fact that Kaji did so brazenly was something he couldn’t believe. Then he recalled the scene from earlier when piss from Kaji’s leaky diaper ran down his pantsleg. Russ imagined how good it must’ve felt to fully unload into the diaper while getting warmer by the second; feeling the cock getting harder and harder while taking in the scent of musky piss. Calculating the risk was even more exciting: from wetting and nobody knowing to leaking and everyone seeing it. Every time a seductive memory or thought crossed his mind, Russ pounded Kaji harder. He rammed Kaji harder and harder.
“Dirty fuckin’ pig,” barked Russ.
Kaji was panting. He was fucked mercilessly. Who would’ve thought that his own brother would share the same sexual interests as him? In fact, Kaji was surprised at how quickly Russ aggressed on him. Clearly, Russ had some distinct kinks of his own. He always assumed that Russ was a ladies’ man, but the way he was riding Kaji, it appeared that appearances were deceiving. He didn’t dwell too much on his brother because he was caught in a moment of rough pleasure: having a large, throbbing dick rocking back and forth inside him was a very aggressive reminder of how “naughty” he was. Overcome with sexual ecstacy, Kaji’s cock started throbbing. He couldn’t control it. His heartbeat increased. His body temperature rose quickly. He panted heavily — then there were three drawn-out throbs before he pumped out several thick, heavy streams of cum onto the hay-covered ground. With his eyes rolled back, the older wusky moaned.
Russ climaxed shortly after that. Before he filled his brother’s rump with plentiful seed, Russ imagined himself wearing diapers; feeling the thickness and softness between his legs. He imagined groping his diapered crotch just to feel his dick from the outside. Oh, the crinkling! Then he thought about the fact that he could use his diaper whenever he wanted to, and nobody could stop him. Nobody had to know, but if they did, he would savor the moment; he would relish in the humiliation, the embarrassment, the shame. Russ experienced a very hard orgasm. It nearly brought him to his knees. He was sweating so profusely that some of it got into his eyes and blinded him with its salty burn. Despite barely able to see in front of him, Russ felt like a large weight was lifted off his shoulders. He felt the sexual tension quickly disappearing into the past, and it was all thanks to Kaji. He was able to think clearly, relax and regain his composure.
“Remember, this never happened. If anyone asks, no, it didn’t happen,” Russ told Kaji sternly.
Kaji nodded while he put his clothes back on. “Fine by me. And — oh, hey. You’re pretty good.”
Naked, Russ collapsed onto the ground. Still panting, Russ spread his arms and legs wide. He looked up at the barn ceiling and sniffled from the hay surrounding his muzzle. “Thanks,” said Russ breathlessly. “I’m sure you have a spare diaper somewhere, right?”
Minutes later, Kaji returned from his truck to fetch a diaper for Russ. The older wusky was full of glee. “Oh boy! We can be diapered together!” thought Kaji as he jogged back to the barn with a diaper in hand. It was mid-afternoon, and the boys were clearly tired. Nonetheless, Kaji took his time diapering his younger brother. Russ felt the diaper being placed on him. He was impressed by how soft the diaper was from the inside. The moment the diaper grazed his groin, Russ thought of himself as a “big baby.” Russ groped his diaper the moment the front of it was pulled over his sheath. 
“You like it?” asked Kaji.
“It’s different, but yeah,” replied Russ.
“Did you know that when we were pups — like really little — mom would have me diaper you. Well, I didn’t do a good job at it at the time, but even then I knew it was fun,” Kaji said with a chuckle.
“You remember that far back?”
“Once I started wearing again, it came back to me — the memories. I also… kinda remember you enjoying it too.”
“We’re weird,” said Russ with a content sigh.
Kaji shrugged. “That’s what makes us special, right?” Kaji let Russ know he was done diapering him when he swatted his brother’s diapered backside. “You’re good to go.”
Russ put his overalls on. The diaper felt bulky and thick around his waist. He hoped his parents wouldn’t notice. The diaper bulge was an unusual sight, though. Russ made sure to be discreet about it.
They returned back to their parents’ farm house for some dinner. After several hours of clearing out the barn, Kaji and Russ were starving and exhausted. After getting food into their bellies, the brothers went up the stairs to their rooms. When they passed their bathroom upstairs, they briefly looked inside and looked at the toilet for a few seconds before chuckling and blushing. 
Russ entered Kaji’s bedroom and sat on his bed with a muffled crinkle. Kaji closed the door behind him, turned off the light and sat down beside Russ. Russ thanked Kaji for “getting some work done” inside the barn. Kaji winked at him playfully in response. Kaji looked at Russ, who flashed a wide pearly white smile. It was a very heart-warming smile; a smile that told Kaji he felt very comfortable in his new diaper. Russ was grateful for the opportunity to explore his sexuality. He realized that by taking charge, it was rewarding. He followed his instincts and from there, he had a very enjoyable day. Russ was still unsure about what he was going to do with himself for the days that followed, but he figured that opportunities would come to him if he sought or discovered them. His newly discovered sexual fetish was symbolic of his desire to free himself from the tedium and jump into the unknown.
One thing Russ knew for sure is that he wanted to spend some more time with Kaji… for, you know, “old time’s sake.”

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