The walk home

Got off the bus to walk the 2 blocks, to my house. I tried to rush but it
made my need to piss & shit more urgent, when I left work I was sure
I would make it home in time, but now my cock is rock hard and my
stomach just rumbled again, I let out a fart which I’m sure caused some
shit to stick to my crack. I stopped walking & leaned against a tree
as some piss spurted out, running down my leg. As I stood there I
realized I wasn’t going to make it, I pissed some more but that only
caused me to shit a little into my tight briefs, finally I decide I had no
choice but to just do it here, by the tree. More piss leaked out staining
the front of my pants & now some shit was oozing out of my asshole
crackling & farting mixed, still trying to hold the worst back I couldn’t.
Suddenly my briefs were filling as my 3 day load of shit gushed out
of me as I tried to look normal, sticking my fingers into the back of my
pants & pulling them out I savored the glob of shit, bringing it to my
nose caused me to shit more while my cock shot cum into my briefs
to join with my shit & piss.

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