The Unfortunates’ Odyssey

The Unfortunates’ Odyssey

He had given me the stranger’s gift, just as he promised. I remembered when I spoke, and from his pitiless heart he made no answer, but sprang up and put forth his hands upon my comrades. Two of them at once he seized and dashed to the earth like puppies, and the brain flowed forth upon the ground and wetted the earth.

Then he cut them limb from limb and made ready his supper, and ate them as a mountain-nurtured lion, leaving naught — ate the entrails, and the flesh, and the marrowy bones. And we with wailing held up our hands to Zeus, beholding his cruel deeds ; and helplessness possessed our souls.

But when Polyphemus had filled his huge maw by eating human Meat and thereafter drinking pure milk, he lay down within the cave, stretched out among the sheep. And I formed a plan in my great heart to steal near him, and draw my sharp sword from beside my thigh and smite him in the breast, where the midriff holds the liver, feeling for the place with my hand. But a second thought checked me, for right there should we, too, have perished in utter ruin. For we should not have been able to thrust back with our hands from the high door the mighty stone which he had set there. So then, with wailing, we waited for the bright dawn.

In the morning we awakened when he seized two more men. These two he swallowed whole and alive. From inside his great belly we could hear their cries, moans, and pleas as his repulsive stomach expanded to receive them. His stomach walls contracted and up his gullet rumbled a deep belch of satisfaction.

My men and I were nothing more to him than the satisfactory feeling of a full stomach.

His enormous, thick penis hung over the plump, wrinkly skinned bag of his scrotum, and the squirming struggle of my men in his stomach sexually aroused him. His penis more than doubled in length, thickening as the smooth, perfectly shaped head stretched along his thigh until it reached halfway to his knee. Then the organ stiffened and the great head was lifted upward until it reached the level of his stomach. The organ was wrapped in huge veins, and it was clear he was sexually far more well-endowed than any of us.

The excited pulses from his beating heart made his penis throb, and the sulcous cantle rim around the head gently patted his belly, where directly inside through the thick muscle wall my men were struggling for their lives in the hot, repulsive, gooey slime inside his stomach.

With his thick hand, he began to masturbate. His fat fingers wrapped around his penis, but it was so thick, he could not enclose them around the hard, erect organ. He was sexually getting off from feeling the futile struggle of my men inside his stomach. We listened to their moans and pleas for help, broken up by deep gurgles and rumbles more ominous and terrifying than the roar of any lion. We knew these were the noises of digestion, and unlike a lion’s chewed meal, my men were whole and still alive, feeling the intense heat and repulsive slime as the stomach secreted acids and digestive enzymes to make them into his nourishment.

Precum oozed from the pee hole in the head of his penis, and trickled down over his fingers which spread the glistening, slippery goo over the dark, ruddy complexion of his erect penis.

He began to flex the powerful buttocks on which he sat with a rhythm we all knew well when sexually with a woman. His belly muscles tightened and stretched as the sexual tension in his body grew. His masturbation grew more intense, and his grip on his penis alternated from a tight squeeze to the most gentle grip, coaxing the great penis to give him intense physical pleasure.

When he reached the intense moment of climax, he gripped his great penis at the base and held it pointing straight up in the air, parallel to his belly. He leaned back and aimed the penis over his belly, and we watched as he ejaculated.

Huge, thick, pearly white streams of gooey semen erupted from the pee hole and broke into tumbling drops of goo that landed on and splattered his belly, all the way up to his chin.

His belly heaved with deep, rapid breaths, and his body glowed with a lustre of sweat from the intense physical energy it took for him to enjoy male sexual pleasure. The odor of sweat and musk from his semen was strong and powerful.

He wiped a blob off gooey cum from his belly onto his index finger and held it down for me to see. Then, knowing how repulsed as was I, for the last thing I wanted in my life was another man’s semen, he lurched his hand and wiped the gooey blob on my face. His cum tasted salty, and bitter on my tongue as I licked it from my lips. I wiped his thick semen from my eyes . When I opened my eye lids, the sting I anticipated didn’t occur, and his cum felt strangely good in my eyes.

But for my comrades in his belly, it was not so pleasant. His stomach walls secreted powerful, searing hot acids that tingled on their skin, and then deadened their nerves. Their flesh melted off the bone and dissolved into a soup that filled the pit of his stomach, bubbling and gurgling, making deep rumbles as bubbles of gas rubbed his stomach walls from the powerful contractions of digestion. For hours we listened to his great stomach work. Then his stomach made new noises as it pumped the human flesh soup into his intestines. Their skeletons remained in his stomach until they were nothing but a chalky paste. Back and forth across his great lower belly we heard the gassy, bubbling rumbles.

His penis lost its erection until once again in lay thick, soft and flaccid, d…d over the plump bag of his scrotum. Below that, in the deep cleft between his buttocks, a sickening sweet stink came from his anus. I shuddered to think about what my men would be, and how they would leave his body when he was finished with them.

The next day, he lifted me to his basin, and I stood watching with increasing helplessness and futility. He sat down on the other side. Then, deep in the cleft of his buttocks I heard a sickening crackle and I watched. His anus began to relax, and alternately tighten and puckered. I knew something was going on inside and about to happen. At last I would see my companions again, having completed their ordeal in passage through his body.

The lips of his anus swelled, and the whole floor of his crotch bulged from internal pressure. Somehow because we were men, I had this idea that God or someone would have protected my men inside his stomach. I felt a little sorry for them if they were packed up and embedded in his feces. But we could clean that muck off, and they could tell me what it was like for them. I was curious to know what his stomach was like.

Then with a sickening gasp and crackle, the lips of his anus opened, and for just a moment I could see light penetrating the dark hole, into his body. I squinted, trying to see something. A horrific stink spewed out from his gaping anus. Then I saw it. A nugget of solid, constipated feces appeared. It glistened, still inside the yawning rim. The pink walls of his rectum were briefly visible, and they bulged from some great internal pressure. The leading nugget of feces emerged from his body attached to an ever-thickening log of more nuggets and chunks of feces. Then his crotch floor bulged more and the rim of his anus expanded and pulled back into his body over a grotesque, repulsive log of feces, nuggets and chunks moulded to the size and shape of his rectum.

The turd emerged slowly, and the rim of his anus wiped one last film of glistening mucus over the sticky, yellowish brown muck. As the turd emerged, it was less constipated, Huge cracks appeared in the log and inside the fissures, the interior of the turd appeared ragged. I kept watching for my men.

The big turd slid down the bowl of the sink, leaving a smear where it touched the white porcelain. Then he grunted and pushed, squeezing out the solid log until it began to stretch and taper thinner. Then his anus pinched off the end of the turd and the whole thing slid down into the sink. The trailing end flopped over. His anus pinched shut and his defecation was done.

I looked at the stinking turd with disbelief. Somewhere in that putrid, stinking brown muck were the remains of my men. They weren’t protected by any kind of divine providence. It made no difference to his stomach they were men, and my friends. They were digested just as if they had been mutton, beef, or chicken.

Bits of yellowish white detritus speckled the relatively smooth surface of the turd, and were embedded and covered with a sticky mucus. Each one was a softened, rotted little lump of something his digestive system ravaged and passed on. Nowhere in the turd was there the slightest sign of my men.

His butt slid off the sink counter and he turned around, showing me his naked front. His fat penis was aimed ominously at me.

Then from his penis, a stream of clear yellow urine erupted and shot across the sink. The stream inside slightly stiffened his penis and the stream splattered on the rim just below my feet, and then began to pelt my feet. It felt warm and strangely soothing. The steamy warm stream moved up my legs as his penis stiffened, and it was hard for me to stand under the pelting force. I sat down and then felt the warm urine batter and pelt my face. It stung in my eyes, and the acrid, salty, unique and bland flavor told me it was useless for me to consume, for the same reason it was waste his body disposed of.

It was a ritual he showed me every day. One by one I watched my companions and friends, my men emerge from his yawning anus after he digested them. Every man emerged from his anus the same way. He promised I would be the last eaten, and I would see all my companions emerge from his anus before it was my time to end up in his stomach.

Finally, I was the last man left. Our ship sat empty where it was anchored, and I wondered what would become of it? I should have been worried about where I was going.

He effortlessly lifted me to his mouth, and I peered inside past his hard, misshapen teeth, at the flexing muscle of pink tongue, wet and ready to taste me. He stuffed me into his mouth; I took my last breath of clean, cool air and then felt the warm, wet humidity inside his mouth wrap around me like a blanket. It felt strangely good.

Then he wrapped his soft lips around my thighs and he began to roll me around with his tongue. I had seen the ritual dozens of times with my other men. Like them, I was to be swallowed whole, so that in my last moments of life, squirming in his great stomach, he could masturbate his huge, erect penis and enjoy orgasm and ejaculation of semen from the sensation of me filling his stomach with satisfaction.

“Here it goes” I said to myself as I felt the suck pull me into his throat. My feet zipped through his lips and the floor of his tongue rose and I slid into the esophagus which opened to receive me. Then head first I felt the smooth ripple of peristalsis push me down. All around me was wet and searing hot flesh to the touch.

I passed directly in front of his heart, and both heard and felt the powerful rhythm of his circadian heart beat. Before I could adjust and attempt to kick his heart, I was below it. I missed my slim opportunity to reverse my fate.

My head was pushed into a tight, puckered sphincter of muscle and momentarily I came to a stop. Then the sphincter relaxed and for the first time I smelled the stifling, putrid stench inside his stomach. My body was lubed with saliva and easily passed through the sphincter until I was completely inside his stomach.

I didn’t fall into a steaming hot pool of death like I imagined, but was squeezed by the stomach walls into a slime-coated pit, the huge organ relaxing and then contracting around me. I felt the organ squeeze me into the bottom and then wrap around my legs, folding them up until I lay in a fetal position, curled in the pit of his stomach. My head and shoulders were immersed in a froth of gassy bubbles partially filling the antrum, while my torso and legs were partially immersed in a gooey, warm slime.

It was intensely hot. The humid stench I breathed began to cloud my mind with a false sense of security, and I floated in a euphoria that made me think my situation wasn’t so bad. Even though I watched all my comrades be eaten and digested before me, and saw their repulsive remains in the huge logs of feces he defecated from his manly male anus, knowing that was my fate didn’t seem to trouble me.

None of us would ever leave his island, or his cave, unless he cleaned it and hurled the pile of feces that was once my crew into the sea.

I felt the reverberation from the head of his big penis smacking his belly, and I knew he was masturbating the huge penis with me in his stomach, just as he did with the rest of my men. I would have preferred to be sucking his big penis, giving him my throat to ejaculate into. Or better yet, my young and lovely wife to fuck and impregnate with his thick, gooey semen. I would have preferred these sexual activities than to be in his stomach, feeling the beginning of my digestion as the focus of his horny sexual fetish and pleasure.

I began to have an out-of-body experience. My spirit, or soul, or whatever you want to call the sentient awareness of self seemed to float among the gassy bubbles that filled his stomach along with me. I could look down into the pit and see the clear drops of stomach acid dripping on my skin, bubbling into a whitish foam as it began to dissolve my flesh. My skin detached and slipt off like a shed garment, exposing a mass of healthy pink, living muscle dissolving into soup. Everywhere my body was oozing blood that coagulated and clotted while his powerful enzymes broke it down into protein slime, dripping into the frothy, bubbly stomach soup. Before long my bones were exposed as my living flesh was stript off by the powerful chemical action, and the crushing mechanical squeeze from contractions of peristalsis that turned my dissolving body like a pig on a spat, rolling me in a bitter, putrid stew made from my own flesh.

After about five hours, his stomach shifted and the most powerful, rippling waves of peristalsis I could imagine began to roll from the esophagus, all the way down the fundus and up into the antrum, pushing a thick creamy soup of my dissolved meat, which the stomach squirted into his small intestines as if was a penis delivering a projectile ejaculation. Once every twenty or thirty seconds a contraction rolled down to squirt another stream of me into the oblivion in the coils of his small intestine, where I would disappear forever, absorbed directly into the service of his body.

His liver, gall bladder, and pancreas secreted powerful enzymes that muscular action of his intestines mixt with me after it was squirted through small ducts into the protein soup of dissolved human flesh. I was helpless and unable to resist. Then when my remains flowed around the bend of the duodenum, I entered a tubular labyrinth lined with millions upon millions of whitish, translucent, worm-like villi, covered in slime, probing into my flesh and sucking me into a maze of tubes entwined with his belly arteries.

The villi probed me and writhed like maggots in a carcass, sucking me up and passing along a sticky, mucky ooze he didn’t want. The villi wiggled and wreathed; a tube of the most repulsive, slime-coated worms beyond the horror of the most vivid imagination, as I could not resist being squeezed into it.

They probed me, each one sucking up some precious morsel of me, leaving behind only the bile and bilirubin-stained muck that would become his feces.

Just as the blood from his heart was pumped through his lungs to pick up oxygen, and then cycled back to the heart to deliver that oxygen everywhere in his body, his belly arteries picked up my proteins and fats from the network of lymph vessels stretching down into his legs, out into his muscular arms, and even into his soft, fat brain. A huge vestibule node in his crotch fed me to his testicles, which made me into sperm cells.

I had no idea how complex and intricate was his internal body functioning in concert with many different organs, and confusingly complex chemistries to render me in service and keep him alive and healthy. I was put to work with no choice but to serve, and no opportunity to rest.

I was separated from the chyle bubbling and swirling through his small intestines. What remained in his intestine would become the feces another unfortunate traveler might watch him defecate as a preparation and prelude to his consumption and digestion. That of me in his small intestine was marked for disposal from his body as feces, through his anus. That of me sucked into his lymph and bloodstream was marked for disposal from his body as urine, through his penis, once I was fully used up and useless to him.

My skeleton remained behind his the pit of his stomach, half immersed in a new pool of slime ready for the next victim. In the dank, hot humidity, my solid bones, now lifeless, hollow husks, crumbled into a wet, chalky grit that contractions of the stomach spat into the duodenum too. Bits and pieces of larger bone not completely dissolved sc…d the inside of his small intestine as roughage, cleaning it, removing dead cells, dead lining, and bacteria, all of which were almost immediately entombed in a coat of sticky mucus. The foul bacteria and my bone shards were not allowed to directly touch his very tender, healthy pink internal mucous membrane.

By the time I entered his colon, oozing through the ileocaecal valve as a bitter, yellowish brown, putrid slime of mucus, bacteria, and undigested, unabsorbed bits of cruelly softened bone husk, my passage through his digestive system slowed down to a crawl.

In his colon, I was subject to the cruelest of digestive processes as water in the foul, stinking semi-liquid was absorbed through the colon wall as if it was a sponge. Even the bacteria present weren’t allowed to pass on without yielding all their cargo of vitamins. Polyphemus’ digestive system rewarded them with the same entrapment and immersion in the thickening sludge of his yellowish brown feces, until they filled his colon wall to wall. Giant, slow contractions pushed the pasty sludge along mercilessly on a date with his anus.

I had no explanation why my spirit, or soul, or whatever you want to call that life sentient presence was still active. Only that it was. My body was gone, replaced with feces and I was dead. I was strangely comfortable in the warm, wet grip of his lower colon, waiting for the trigger of fecal accumulation to squeeze the big turd into his rectum for defecation. My remains were scattered all through the chunky, solid, stinking feces. Little bits of soft bone littered the turd like husks of corn kernels. All were immersed in gooey mucus, stained yellowish brown by secretions from his liver, gall bladder, and pancreas. My bone pieces were soft, rotten, and unrecognizable from the ordeal of digestion.

Then in the lowest coil of his colon, just above his rectum, my movement and progress stopped. For hours I lay there as little movements of the colon wall rolled me into dry nuggets and chunks of gooey, stick, stinking brown feces. Contractions of the bowel packed them together, twisting and crushing them into a log his body could more easily dispose of through defecation. Just as he swallowed me whole and alive, he would defecate me whole, lifeless and dead.

After many hours, where I almost drifted off to heaven, or hell, or whatever the place of spirit is called, I felt his colon contract to push me down into his rectum. It was a long passage, much thicker and larger than the esophagus that carried me whole from his mouth to his stomach. This tube pushed me from his colon to his anus.

The healthy, pink walls around me rippled with muscular contractions that pushed me toward the anus. Pressure from his guts and belly muscles above me pushed on his rectum, and as I was squeezed down into it, the floor of his crotch bulged outward from the pressure. Just as the lips of his mouth wrapped around me to suck my body inside and position it to be swallowed, the blunt, chunky, constipated end of the turd pushed into his anus from inside. The thick, firm lips held closed, keeping me inside his hot, wet, humid body, until the pressure was so great, it forced his anus to open.

Shafts of dim daylight inside his room penetrated the gape of his anus, and the beginning of my final journey into the cold, bright outside world was the sticky crackle of mucus-coated feces sliding over the expanding, healthy, flesh-pink wall of male rectum

I felt the firm rim of his anus wrap around me like a potter’s hands shaping a clay vessel. It wiped one last film of slippery mucus over me. The sensation of passing through the yawning rim of his anus was almost as sensual as if I had skin and nerves to feel. I knew all that had been digested. The pressure intensified as I was squeezed into the anus from inside, and then suddenly after I passed the gaping rim and emerged fully from his body, the pressure dropped to nothing. From close up, the smooth appearance of the turd log had a texture to it, like the icing of German chocolate cake. It was mottled in lighter and darker hues of yellowish brown gooey muck, with pits and craters where bubbles of trapped gas were torn open by the firm rim of the anus. Vile, bacteria-contaminated strands of cloudy, translucent and opaque yellowish mucus stretched across the fissures between constipated nuggets of brown feces. It was a sign of the horrible death I experienced- so horrible nobody would want to be close to me, or even touch me, lest they contract some awful sickness or disease.

As I emerged from his anus, my gaze was directed upward at the pump, wrinkly-skinned bag of his scrotum, and above it, the huge, thick, vein-wrapped penis. It rose from his scrotum as a vertical monument and reminder to me of what he still had and could enjoy, that I would never again know, except as ejaculate and urine while it lasted. His thick penis was rock-hard, hot like sun-baked iron, and wrapped in huge veins that gave it very masculine texture designed to sexually excite and stimulate the walls of a vagina into helpless chains of orgasms the woman could not control or resist. Since he had no pussy to fuck, his powerful hand masturbated from the sexual excitement from defecation. I thought about my wife, to whom I would never make love again, and looked at his big penis with great admiration and envy, because he would continue to get intense sexual pleasure from it.

I wondered how it felt to have such a penis? What would it be like to have your pick of women to fuck, and be limited only by the amount of cum your nuts could make? What would it be like to have some strange boy in a restroom beg to suck your penis after he glanced over to see you urinate?

If she had fucked him before me, she never would have become my wife. Not because he impregnated her first, but because his penis was so much larger than mine. In my life she was an independent mind that didn’t always agree, whom I had to coax and seduce into making love. But with him, she would have been so addicted to his penis she would be more submissive than a puppy, willing to drop everything no matter how important, just to feel his huge penis enter her vagina and deliver a pleasure from just a few strokes, that I could not deliver ever, no matter how hard I tried.

Men like him passed on their genes in their semen. Men like me ended up in the stomachs of men like him.

The temperature outside his body was much cooler than inside, and the hot turd cooled slowly from the outside in. I looked again at his big penis when it began to throb and shoot semen high up on his belly from the pleasurable contractions of ejaculation. Then as my spirit floated above the sink, and swirled around his belly and chest, among the tumbling blobs of cum-flack pelting and sticking to his warm, youthful skin, I looked at me- the knobby, chunky brown turd laying in the sink. Oh dear god what happened to me? Look at me now!

Egyptian Pharaohs would be remembered forever for the great Pyramids and statues their slaves carved. Greek Kings would be remembered for the palaces and temples they built overlooking the deep Aegean Sea. Socrates and Homer would be remembered for their intellectual writings and stories. Pythagoras and Euclid for their contributions to science and mathematics.

Me? I emerged from Polyphemus’ deep bubble butt as his turd. Who would remember me? My men and I were testimonies of the cruel path of fate that led into Polyphemus’ stomach.

As the turd cooled , I watched the acrid, deep yellow stream of urine emerge from his penis and pelt the sink-basin he used for a toilet. A froth of white bubbles and foam formed on the surface, and swirled around from the disturbance cause by his forceful piss stream. It seemed incredible how a young man like me could be swallowed, and then inside his body be turned into feces and urine, and leave it through his anus, and big penis as this bitter, salty, acrid yellow stream of urine. He held very still while he pissed, enjoying the sensation of the urine trickling through the tube in his penis, so much so that as he pissed, he became sexually excited once again. The virility of his youth was cause of my demise.

When he finished his piss, his body relieved from expulsion of the bitter, utterly repulsive waste, he looked down at me and asked,

“How do you like your stranger’s gift?’

He lifted the basin and carried me to the back of his cave, until he stood on the brink of a great, dark abyss. Then he quickly turned the basin upside down and violently hurled the contents into the pit. The urine broke into many connected droplets as it dispersed in the air, and the turd struck the wall of the pit and stuck for a few minutes. Then as it cooled and dried, it fell into the bottom, to join hundreds of other turds. Each one was a little different, and all made from exactly the same fecal material. How many were men unfortunate to land on his island and then spend the night in his stomach as his guest? I was in the land of the shit eaters.

The big turd lay on a pile of others, and my spirit, a putrid, sweet stink, dissipated and slowly floated up into oblivion. Not to heaven because I had been eaten and digested. Not to hell because I went through something worse. I faded away.

Except for this story, I would not be remembered, and then only by offspring sired by his huge penis, and passed down generation to generation who somehow carried the memory of a meal who found himself in Polyphemus’ stomach. Those individuals are the vorephiles who role play, and dream of being eaten, and digested alive, keeping alive the essence of who we were and what happened to us.

Remember young man! When you fart, the stink you smell is my spirit and trace, reminding you of what happens to those who spend the night with you, in your stomach. The cum you feel ejaculate from your erect penis and splatter on your warm belly, or into a close friend’s warm, wet mouth, or into a young, tight, slippery pussy still carries my trace. When you feel your swinging testicles gently spank her ass, while she squeezes your hard penis in her slippery, hot tube of female muscle, talk to me. I’m in your nutsack. Tell me when you’re about to cum. Tell me there is no force on earth or heaven that can prevent your big penis from delivering me into the hot, wet depths of pussy.

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  1. This is a great story. Thanks for putting this subject out there. There are more of us vorephiles out here than we let on. I really like your reference to the unfortunate man’s wife. I can’t imagine the humiliation of thinking about my own wife riding the penis of the man who just turned me into a turd. I hope you write some more. Thanks

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