The two gay roommates next door

Chris had an exhausting week, and drove up to his apartment complex, ready to relax. He wore fashionable Levis jeans, 510, skinny black, which he loved, especially the tightness they gave around his crotch and balls. He was aware of how they attracted attention from both sexes! As he walked up to the garden apartment complex, he noticed on the 3rd, top floor, facing the parking lot, two guys who were talking and laughing, though quietly. Chris gave a half-hearted wave to them; they had just moved in a couple of weeks ago, and Chris hadn’t really met them yet.

He went inside the door to the hallway, picked up some mail, and walked up the three flights to his apartment, which looked out onto some nice woods at the back of the complex. He had just gotten to his door when the new neighbors opened their door, across the hall from Chris, and asked if he would like to join them for some beers on their balcony.

Well, Chris hadn’t really planned on doing anything definite this Friday night, so he said, sure, in a minute! He dashed inside, threw down his stuff from work,and thought, “Yes, I will finally meet these guys!”. He had only glimpsed them a bit while they were moving in, with some friends helping. All wore tight, worn jeans or cutoffs, all pretty hot looking. Chris wasn’t even sure who were the neighbors!

Chris thought about changing his jeans, and just decided to go over, as is, although he did change from a sport shirt to a short t-shirt, the kind that barely covers the belt loops, and shows what briefs he wears when he raises his arms, because they stick out above the levis. He also put on a small to medium Members Only light blue jacket, that itself was short, but might ward off some later chill, because the summer was moving toward autumn.

But, then, he didn’t want to stay all that late, either, since he was tired. He grabbed his crotch, something he did sometimes just out of habit, and remembered that he could use a pee, but figured he woild do it when he had some beer in him.

He went over and knocked lightly on the door. He heard someone say, “Come in!” and when he did, one guy was in the kitchen loking in the refrigerator and the other was by the balcony door. “welcome to iur new home!” said the balcony door guy. “i’m Mack, and Cal is getting you something to drink. Come out here on our balcony!”. Mac was clad in exceedingly tight faded jeans, very worn, very sexy, with dark sox and hiking boots. As Chris came over, he shook Mac’s hand, then as he walked past Mac to a chaise longue, Mac gave him a little tap on his 510 rear, whispering “Cute jeans!” just as Cal came over, holding three beers carefully, in cans. “Here,” said, as Chris noticed Cal’s eyes move over Chris’ tight jeans body, as Chris was doing the same to Cal, who wore light blue tight Levis, similar to Chris’s. Chris took the beer, and plopped down on the seat.

“It is so good to relax at the end of the day,” he said, as the three hit their cans together as Cal said “Welcome!” Pretty soon the three 20- or 30- somethings were laughing, eating chips and dip, and sharing similar stories. Cal got up twice more in about 25 minutes, as the beers flowed. Chris could feel a little tingling in his bladder, but nothing much.

At one point, Mac got up and went over toward Chris, saying, “That’s my car, and Cal’s is over there!” pointing out a couple of autos in the parking lot. Mac was really turned on to Chris, who noticed his mischievious smile and his groping his crotch while he talked. Then Cal came over, on the other side of Vhris as the three leaned on the railing, talking some more. Occasionally, Chris felt a hand feeling him out, which he thought was rather amusing. Both were very attractive, even more so in their tight pants and tight, somewhat short polos they wore.

Chris was feeling very aroused. Then he remembered the marijuana he had in his place. “You guys want a toke?” he asked casually, and they both nodded vigorously. Chris started to move toward the door when Mac said, “Can we come over? You have the balcony looking at the trees, don’t you?”. Chris didn’t think it would hurt; he kept his place pretty neat.

“Sure, but why don’t you grab your chairs,” Chris added, moving toward his place. He held open their door, then unlocked his door, and held it open. He went imto the kitchen to find his “stuff” as Mac and Cal carried their chaises to Chris’ balcony. “Wow, nice!” commented Mac, accepting a toke from Chris, who lit up a cigarette of marijuana. “Phew, this is good stuff, man!” he commented. Chris nodded in agreement. as he could feel the beer pouring into his bladder, more than he thought at first. Mac started another toke, then suggested Cal go get more of the chips and dip still on the other balcony. But Chris added, “I’ll help,” and they left Mac enjoying the marijuana as they fetched the food. Chris wasn’t really aware of his own groping his crotch but Cal noticed it. “I see you gotta go!” laughed, as Chris could feel his own face get a little red.

They brought the food back to Chris’ balcony, when Cal noticed that Mac’s crotch was rather damp! He was teying to point to Mac’s crotch and then to his as Chris had his back turned, setting down the dishes. Chris heard Cal whisper loudly to Mac, “Your crotch is wet!” at which point Chris turned around to see Mac sort of blow off Cal with a soft “Shut the fuck up, will ya!” just as pee started to really come out of his cock into his tight jeans! Mac had enough beers and marijuana that he no longer was aware that he was pissing his jeans on Chris’s balcony, not 10 minutes after coming over to his new friend’s place.

“Sorry,” muttered Cal, who turned to Chris, saying. “I think Mac has had too much to drink!”. Chris just stood there, looking at Mac piss himself, making a dark blue wet patch all over the front of his jeans, and worse, pee was dripping down to the cement floor of the balcony, but staying centered in a little, but growing, puddle. Chris was really turned on by what was going on, as Cal started grabbing his own crotch, and then saying, “Let me get some paper towels. You got any in your kitchen?”. Chris just nodded a bit saying as yes, as he could feel the marijuana getting into his own system, more than he himself had planned. “It is probably the beers,” he muttered to no one in particular, as he felt some wetness in his own jeans!

Chris came back onto the balcony saying, “Here are some towels,” handing some to Chris. Chris took them and crouched down, as did Cal, when Cal noticed pee coming out of Chris’s butt! “Chris, you’re wetting your own jeans!” he said in surprise, as Mac heard it and started laughing, and rubbing his own crotch. “Shit, yeah!” he said.

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