The Tune Up

This morning I went to the local garage to get the oil changed in my car.  I had never been to this place before and didn’t know what to expect.  I had the first appointment of the day and when I walked in, I was greeted by Bryan, a tall, thin blonde haired guy, late 20s, with big hands.  He shook my hand and I just could not get over how massive and powerful his hands were. 

I was the only person there and he took my keys and gave them to the mechanic in the back garage to get started on my vehicle.  I went and had a seat in the waiting area and watched tv.  Bryan walked by and went into the bathroom and closed the door.  I really didn’t pay much attention to him until I started to hear loud farts coming from the bathroom.  The sound started to get my bowels moving as well as my dick.  About 2 minutes later, Bryan emerged from the bathroom with a nice smile on his face.  I thought it strange that I never heard a toilet flush.  I sat there with my bowels really starting to move and the urge to take a dump getting stronger and stronger. 

I decided to take care of my bowels and walked into the bathroom.  This was just a single room bathroom with a toilet and sink.  I went over to the toilet and WOW, what a surprise.  Bryan had left the most magnificent log in the toilet.  It was hard to believe that something so large could come out of an asshole.  It was so long that it was on the side of the porcelain, out of the water and went all the way down as far as you could see.  I stood there looking in amazement and worship at this beauty!!!

I had never experienced anything like this.  As an adult, I have always wanted to walk in and find a nice turd in the toilet but with all the automatic toilets now, it never happens.  I was in awe!  I just stood there, getting hard, not knowing what to do.   I wanted to touch it!  I got on my knees and got closer to the bowl and suddenly I heard a voice say “Touch it”!  I quick turned around and there stood Bryan!!!  I didn’t know what to do.  I was shocked and ashamed at being caught! 

Then Bryan came in closer and closed the door.  He came over and told me to go ahead and touch it.  He assured me that it was ok so I reached in and touched it!  I had NEVER done anything like this before.  I had only touched my own turd in the bowl once before, and only about a month before this.  It was GREAT!!!    The log was perfect!!!   It was very FIRM and had a lot of texture to tit!!!  I started to run my fingers along the sides of it and feel it.  It sent waves through my body and my dick got rock hard.  I noticed that Bryan was also getting aroused as he started to get his dick out of his work pants!!! 

Suddenly, a bell went off from the waiting area and Bryan quick put his dick back in his pants and left the bathroom.  DAMN IT!!!  It was a customer coming in to get their vehicle serviced.  Just my luck!!!   I couldn’t believe what was about to happen!!!  I waited a few minutes and heard Bryan talking with the other person and then I heard the bell ring again and another voice.  DAMN IT!!!  More people!!!

I was not going to let this end this way.  This log was way to perfect to let go.  I picked it out of the toilet and being so massive, it broke in half.  It was still large, even broken in half.  I put it up to my asshole and ran it back and forth over my hole!!!  I started oozing precum.  I moved it under my balls.  I moved it under my dick and to the tip with the precum.  How gorgeous!!  I wanted to fuck my ass with this log.  I moved it back to my hole and started to push it in.  It was not firm enough but it did go in a little bit.  I was on the brink and decided to let go of my own log. 

I let out a low moan and pushed out my own beauty.  It was not as firm or large and was darker brown but looked great beside Bryan’s beauty.  I instantly shot a load, landing in my pants that were now down around my ankles and on the floor in front of me.  WOW!!!  I could not believe what had just happened.

I sat there for a few minutes, letting it all sink in.  I decided not to clean up.  I didn’t wipe my ass from my own shit or Bryans.  His log was very firm and didn’t make much of a mess but just a little brown on my dick.  The smell was intoxicating and not pungent or foul.  I really wanted to take his log home with me but did not know how to get it home.  I just decided to let everything where it was.  The 2 buddy turds were in the bowl, side by side, cum splattered on the floor.

I washed my hands and left the bathroom.  By now, there were 4 people out in the lounge area.  Bryan noticed that I had come out of the bathroom and smiled and motioned me over to the counter.  He handed me the keys and said everything was ready to go.  I signed my paper and wrote my phone number under my name  and gave it back to him.  He smiled back at me in a devilish way and told me he hoped to see me again.  I will keep you posted.

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