The travel of the road trip

                                     The travel of the road trip

So this is my first story sorry if some doesn’t make since . and tell me if u want me to make other story . here I go J

 So one day these to couples name nick and his girlfriend name Ashley  . they had a plan to go on a trip to there camp . for the weekend so they already packed for that day . they had thing kinda had a fetish like pooping themselves but they don’t do it that much at all once kinda slowed down a bit . it was morning of the next gonna get on the road  to head to there camp to hit the road pretty much don’t want be there at night time . so nick ask her she wanted to go get something It at a fast food restaurant for breakfast . Ashley yes sure nick im hungry anyways  . so they were way to the restaurant  . they sat down  to wait  for there food  they had some runny eags and bacon and much more they were just enjoying the food they were hungry . so they got down  started to get in the car hit the road . the different way then other times they took the back road so has no toilets to stop at all . they cant really get out of the car because there snakes all around . nick had a weird feeling  . I don’t really feel really good  something in that food  . Ashley I know me to something is in the food I don’t feel good eather . I have to go shit anytime . me to said nick  u know remember the time we didn’t care in the world  if we poop are selfs at all might have to do that make as feel better Ashley I know nick I might do it any moment . Ashley puts her bum up of the seat nick im gonna shit myself in moment here it comes  its hard not the soft I might have to grunt  make it come out grunt grunt the sounds nick is getting right happy about it  . nick says im gonna shit myself to  make myself feel better this is not gonna help if I hold it in all the time . im shitting Ashley its comeing  out its touching my undies  its more soft then I like the feeling . thow  I think I have more room for more of shit just cant stop comeing . .. I think im finish im good . nick says think we should do this much more just like at home or so it makes me feel good . does it make u feel good Ashley yes it does we should .. next time at home . The end . comment down below what the other story should be or so or something different of group of there friends doing it with them to . J

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  1. The story was good/ok. Your English is bad but I understood the story. I feel the same way, it does feel good when I shit my pants too. I wish I had someone to do it with.

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