The time I was forced to poop myself

I was my friends house about three or four years ago for the day. I arrived around 11 am and was to be picked up at about 6pm by my mum. My friend Lewis and I were on playing on his Xbox almost as soon as I arrived. We must of played it for about three hours before his mum Rhona came into Lewis’s room and instructed us to turn it off. She told us not to play it again or we’ll be punished. I asked Lewis what we should do now he said let’s just turn it back on but what about the punishment I said. Lewis claimed it would be something like getting no dessert after dinner so I agreed to continue to play. Rhona was standing outside the door listening and walked straight back into Lewis’s room. She pulled the plug out at asked both of us to go into the spare room to be punished Lewis had a worried look about him as it was a long time since he had been punished in that particular room. Lewis directed me to the room and opened the door to reveal a wall filled with different sized paddles for getting spanked and I the middle was a spanking mount were the person being spanked would be lock into place. Rhona came back and lock the door behind her, she said she is sick of us not listening to her like little kids and little kids who misbehave get spanked. I asked if I could use the toilet but Rhona asked what I needed to do I said poop so she decided that as little kids get spqnked I can just poop myself like a little kid whilst Lewis and her watched. TBC

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