The time I was forced to poop my pants part two

Rhona instructed bothot us to strip down to our pants. I was then told to position myself onto the spanking platform. It was set at a ninety degree angle, there were cuffs I had to insert my wrists and ankles into and also a hole cut with leather padding where my head would sit. Rhona fasted the cuffs and told me to poop. I started to push out a large hard log of poop which created a massive bulge in my pants rhona walked across to me and placed her hand on my poop to feel it. I like the fact that I had somebody feel my poop that was sitting in my pants. Rhonda then went to get a couple of paddles. One was a wooden one with small spikes sticking out and another was just a flat leather one. Rhona told me I would be reviving 25 seats with each before swapping with Lewis. I felt the paddle tsp my pants before it was pulled back and smacked against my butt squashing my poop slightly into my butt. Each swat got harder and squashed my poop more and more. Finally after 50 swats I was resleased and told to stand in the corner whilst Lewis got his spankings. He didn’t have any poop in his pants but still got the same 50 swats. After what felt like ages standing in the corner with my pooped pants on rhona said that as a punishment for pooping my pants I will be kept in them all day and whenever I needed to poop I had to go in my pants but had access to pee in Lewis’s old kids potty whilst rhona supervised. Please comment if you want to hear what happen when I next had to poop in my already pooped pants. TBC ?

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