the time i pooped my pants for fun

so this is my first time telling this story to anyone

so I was bored one day and I really had to take a dump. I was home alone . I had not pooped my pants for a while. so I go to the bathroom and get into junky underwear and let nature take its course. after a while I have the urge to let it out and I squat and get into position. I hear a crackle and feel a huge turd coming out of my butthole it barely fits into my undies! but I still have the urge to poop so I let loose another turd. I had to pull my underwear waistband away rom my back to be able to fit the two new turds coming out. I could feel the weight of the poop pulling down my underwear.

it was the best feeling ever!!!

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  1. Hi John,
    I do it at least once a week if not more. I shit my pants to the fullest approx every other day and I use my speedo swim trunks that fit tight around my ass. As I fill them the poop flattens out against my ass, then goes onto my dick and balls finally filling my leg openings. My trunks are full and the neat thing about these is, I can walk around for hours without any poop leaking out. Sometimes, depending how moist it is, it may have some bleed thru outside my trunks ass, causing brown-out! Of course, if you sit, slide around, or do rapid movements ( like running), it may work it’s way out. I’ve been able to shit twice in these in one session one on top of the other but that does cause poop “over run”. And you are right: after 50 years of pants pooping, every one is better than the previous one. I hate the clean-up so I generally go swimming in my little known secluded lake to shit them and that makes clean-up much easier and no mess. I like to float on my back, spread my legs as far apart as I can, then shit my pants until they are full. Then I bring my legs in close to each other and the poop compresses onto my ass, my dick and my balls. Oh, what a beautiful feeling ! Then I top it off by a good masturbation, squirting cum all over the inside of my trunks….. A feeling that I haven’t been able to equal – even when fucking a cunt!

  2. imagine some one behind you massaging your ass as you poop, and a big hard cock rubbing up behind you at the same time now that would make me cum all over myself. loved the story sweetie lets write some real sweat building cock throbbing stories together. xoxo

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