The time i pissed myself in class

Okay so i’ve been into wetting since i was born. And i think it started getting sexual at the early age of 16 . i enjoyed the feeling of feeling full and the feeling of relief afterwards so i did holds and stuff . one time i got a bit kinky and did a hold in class. now i have three 45 minute long classes before i can go home and i decided to do th hold at that time. so i drank water and tea and kept going for trips to the water fountain over an over again. everything was going fine until last period. it started raining and i was sitting right beside the window and i got so desesperate. i was wearing a black leather skirt and an oversized jumper so hidding my mess if i peed myself was easy. but i wanted to hold it more . about halfway in the class a huge urge came and i moaned in pain and my teacher asked me if i was okay. i shook my head and he told me i could head out. so i grabbed my stuff and left . and on my way out of the classroom i was dripping badly. i ran to the bathroom but when i got there i was already soaked and i didnt make it to the toilet. i was not going out of the bathroom all wet so i waited until school was over and walked home and to be honest it was the best walk ever because all along the wat i could feel wet and happy and that was the worst but best day of my life

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