The time I ” force ” myself to poop my pants in public

So that happened a couple years ago. I was around 19 and it’s been a while since I did my favourite thing. I was still living with my parents and 2 little Brother so doing it became hard to do…

One day after work I was a little depressed so I call one of my friends who I know had some good weed , and told him that I need to get as high as possible.
In the back of my head I knew that I have a monsters poop to take but I told myself that I will be fine.

I had a bike back then so I paddled my way to my friend home.
We sat down for an hour and smoke a Unbelievable number of god fat joint. I got so high that I couldn’t even talk straight.

All of sudden I started feeling the I really really need to go poo poo and I told myself that its time for me to go to the nearest public toilet.

I said goodbye to my friend and thank him for the god Time ( he Also gave me some extra weed to go so I was fix…)

I got on my bike and started paddling. And after a few minutes I started to feel the pressure of a big giant monsters turd coming down my stomach, I could see the public toilet right around the corner but then for some reason I just kept on paddelin.

” u know u don’t want to go to the toilet” some voice in my head says to my.
” just let it go!! All of it !! Like back in the days! U use to love it so much!!!”
And the voice kept on
” u didn’t do it for so long!! For no reason!! Now it’s the time!! Just relax end let go!”

The voice was right. I do loved doing it more than anything else. And its been to f***n long since I had a good pants accident orb” accident ” band now I have one of the most monsters poop in a long time.
Just let go!!
But for the other hand. This is wrong. Like really really wrong.

First I m in my god clothes. Usually when I use to do it I had some old cheap pants…
Second. It’s to early. I live in the middle of a really busy city and there is tons of people everywhere…

Plus. My parents are probably still awake and so do my Brothers. An with the loud I have I will for sure have to go home to clean myself.

But I love it so much!!! How can I resist?!?!

Come on. I told myself. its now or never. I can already feel the turtle had pockin in end out. Just go to the toilet. its right there!!

I got of my bike and make my way to the toilet but half way through I started to feel the Unbelievable pleasure of a god hot firm poop coming out my but.
I know I can stop it if I just want to but come on. Can I really resist such pleasure?!?!

I just kept on walking with my bike passing through the toilet like it’s not there end I couldn’t move my feet to go back there.
The gain turd just kept on coming out pushing the back of my underwear and pants ant taking its place filling my pants.

I was in the 7 heaven. Its felt like the time is in slow motion. The hot firm hard poop just kept on coming and coming and there was nothing I could do about it. It’s felt so good I really thought I dead and in heaven. I was so high both from the wed and from the felling end smell of the poop in my pants
After what look like eternity the poop finally stopt coming out and a decent bowling ball size of poop was sitting in my pants

And then it hitt my. I poopt my pants in the middle of the day in the middle of my city!!!
Holly cra* what was I thinking?! How do I getting out of it?! What did I just do?! People will notice me!! People who know me!! My parents and brother will notice! What was I thinking?!?!?!?!?!

I started to plane how to get rid of my poppy underwear with as less mess as possible. Just don’t sit on it I tolld myself.

I lighted up another joint while my hand was shaking like crazy And when I finished smoking it and the Undescribable joy of big hot and firm pants pooping reached new high I realised it.

There is nothing that can beat or compete these. Nothing!!!

All my life I tried to fight it and hide it from everyone. I was so ashamed to be ” the boy who poopt himself in 8 great ” I was so embarrassed!!

But now? Been so high and horny there was nothing to beat that filling.
God haow I love it!!

I figured that I m still walking whit my bike Trying to minimize the damage and I decided f*** it!! I m glad I did it i just love it so so much end whatever will com it definitely worth it!!
I got on my bike an just sat down.
Again its felt like time is slowing down. I felt the monsters pile of hot firm end now smellii poop start to spread all over my but checks and even the front of my pants coverin my dic* and bull* completely
As I was paddelin on the poop
was so big that some of the poop just began to fall down my pants.

I was now in a new level of high. I was literally swimming in poop end the smell was just outrageous!! This is was popping u pants should be!!
I kept on peddling with no particular direction and I was totally tripping.

I was the happiest I ben for a long time and my courage billed up.
I decided to do one more thing.
Letting people notice.
I started looking for some good spot to begin and I saw a group of good looking guys sitting and talking outside some building. I reach to them and ask ” do any of u have a lighter? I knew that I smell liked poop so strong but I didn’t care.
One of the guys reach to his pocket while the other started to sniff the air.
Its didn’t tock rock them long to notice that something wrong with my. I could see it on their paces. first the confusion then the shock when they realized was going on and then the disgust wen they so the back of my pants.

I bet they would say something but wen I offer them a joint they just kept silence.
When I got back to my bike I walk like a duck to make sure they knows want going on. And when I began to paddled I hold my joint up an said to them ” Its smell so so god ha?”
I guess they r still there in shock…

In this point I started to get more end more horny. The felling of the massive poop in my pants rubbing
Against my but bulls and dic* make my so horny I couldn’t hold myself. And when I felt that I have more poop in my stomach I just got up my bike and pushed as hard as I could.
Couple seconds later I got of my bike reach back to the back of my pants gather all the poop to one big giant bull end sat on it squeezing More and more. Couple seconds later I just came in my pants.
In this point I m sure people notice my. First the smell was so strong I couldn’t believe it was my… seconds in this point some poop was just falling down my pants and in to the ground… so its was obvious.

But I just didn’t care. I kept on paddelin round squeezing the poop all over and really felling like I m in heaven.
I pass a group of young guys and I just got of my bike and set next to them. They started sniffing and realizing that I poopt my pants. They started laughing end got away from my holding they nosed but I didn’t care. I smell perfectly I told them u should try it!!

I kept on squeezing my poop all over end I was covered in poop like never before.
I kept on paddelin around as close to people as possible. To make them all know that I just poopt my pants. In hope that nobody I know will notice my. Although I didn’t really care in this point. I was so high end horny end the smell was so strong I was almost passing out…
So when I saw someone who used to be my Classmate I just went to him and said hello. He was so in shock its was funny…

I got into some store end bought some drink. End when wen I walk
out the cashier yelled at me ” get the hell out u frick !!”
I just didn’t respond to him but to myself I said ” he just doesn’t know what he is missing…”

I decided that it’s time to start thinking about cleaning myself. I been sitting in my poop for more than 2 hours end by now half my city probably know about my pooping my pants. plus I left some evident all over…

I started to think were I m going to clean myself. Home it’s no a option my family is still awake. So what I m going to do ?! As high and tripping as I was letting my family see my like that covered in poop it’s to mach.

Then I remember. My workplace is now probably close end I have the key for some of the storage room end there is a big nice bathroom there. Nobody will notice my coming in end out. End since I got the key end the code the security will not be alarm…

I just need some new clothes…
I find some general store end didn’t really care that someone must know me there.
I went in. All tripping and stinking and I know were I will find some underwear and some cheap pants and 2 packets of wipers.
I got to the register and ask ” why do u only have pack of underwear. I only need one ”
Its 70 shekels side the guy in the register end looks so funny.i paid him end got out.
I got to my workplace end run into someone. I didn’t even look at him.
I got inside the storeg rom end in seconds the all room was smell like poop.
I was so horny!!!
I got into the bathroom end took my clothes off.
Dam my underwear was all pool. Its was poopwear not underwear!! Its was beautify!! Just the hottest thing in the world!!
My pants to was covered completely with beautiful looking poop.
I was so horny and I couldn’t resist the need. I took my underwear covered my dick with them and rubbed my *** with to poopy undies. I came twice before I even noticed and still the Unbelievable good smell make my horny.

I used all 2 packs of wipers to clean myself for some degree. End I managed to wipe most of the poop of my pants so I kept them under some clothes for further time…. ( believe me the smell remain on them for chapel days end I snuffed them whenever I could coming every time…)

I was still pretty dirty end smells like poop but I figured that if I run straight to the bathroom when I get home I will be fine.

When I got home I locked my bike end entered my home. My mom saw my end ask ” why r u late? End why r u wearing those pants?!”

I answer her ” I felt of my bike end my pants was destroyed. So I bought a new one.
” but u should have brought them back maybe I could fix them ” she says.” Its was a good experience pants”
Mom. I said. I was beyond repeated mommy. Beyond repeated….

The next day my little Brother who was 10 ask my ” why does u bike seat smell liked poop?? Did u poopt u pants?!”

I look at him and say ” if u will talked about it again u will never be allowed to play my pes 3 or use my macbook. End yse. Maybe I did poop my pants. “

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  1. Great story, I know exactly what you mean by the voice. It’s encouraged me to do it in lots of very risky places. The excitement and sensations you get from doing it becomes irresistible. I don’t consider myself an exhibitionist but getting discovered and the attention it provides can be exciting.

  2. In public. I was also wearing very short shorts with a disposable nappy and plastic pants that showed between my legs when I sat down and at the back when Ibent over. I had just been to Boots chemist to buy some more nappies. I asked for assistance and the woman who helped me with my enquiries noticed my as she squatted down to show me some vinyl pants that she said were better than the ones I was wearing. When Iwent out o the shop I heard a voice say look that lad is wearing a nappy! From then on I did not care who saw my nappy and at one point sat down legs apart showing the bulk of my nappy between my legs. Then on the outskirts of the town in a park area I pushed a massive load into my pants and then wee’d myself as well exposing my very full nappy and plastic pants. I heard giggles and a look at that!

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