The Suppository

I had been constipated for a few days and decided to make an effort to unload my bowels. I lay on the bed with only and old pair of pants and a pair of shorts and started to push. After half an hour I had to give up, as nothing was happening.

I had some Glycerol Suppositories in my cupboard and inserted one of them into my rectum and as I waited for 10 minutes for it to take effect, I ate a banana before returning to my bed.
When I started again to push, I could feel that something was beginning to happen and I put my finger on my rectum and I could feel that a heap of lubricant had already come out and that the suppository was doing its job. I continued to push and I could feel that things were starting to move. As I had been so bound up for a few days, I did not worry how it all came out. 
The first hard lump did not take long to shoot into my pants, assisted by the lubricant and it was followed by a stream of soft poo which built up in my filling pants. I pushed all the soft poo out until I was happy that there was no more.
The I took stock of my situation with my pants now full of soft poo. There was no way of getting off the bed without having to sit in it. I blew caution to the winds and sat in my pile of poo, which I could feel, was spreading out in all directions.
I made my way very carefully to the toilet and emptied my pants into the bowl.
The suppository did an excellent job and the reaction was much faster than I had imagined.

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  1. nice, i’ll have to try that some time, how long did it last until the poop stopped filling your pants?

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