The Strawberry Pee

It was just last week. My friend had gone to pick Strawberries. He had taken 2 large jugs of water with him. He drank them both before he left not having to pee, he was biking home. He said it hit him, he could hardly hold it in his jeans. He stopped off at my house, to use the wash room, and told me that it was almost coming out when he was biking, and that  it would have looked funny seeing a wet spot. I was personally hoping he would have pee himself.

Thanks for reading!
More coming soon, this is my first ever story keep in mind! :~

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  1. O.o … very… very short story… no detail… This is more of a forum post hun…

  2. I liked your first story. Like you I was hoping your friend would have peed his pants but maybe next time.

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