the story of our scatlife

I spoke to my wife about some extreme videos i had seen with my ex girlfriend Chantal the tittle was LES INTERDITS DU MONDE it was about extreme customs and among them there was scat practices , she was very curious about the scenes in this movie, i had seen so she asked me to rent this movie, she was disappointed because it didn t reveal much ,we decided to try and find very movies about of that type and found some but with no scat ,so after much searching we found and old dingy sex-shop with movie viewing cabin , while i was looking trough the movie catalog she was in the front of the store looking at sex toys ,she too shy to come with me in the back ,she said you choose i trust you honey! ,i found a good one a German film named Grenzbereich 9 with Veronica Moser and Alois , i told my gf i found a good one ,common baby quick let go home arrived at home we were both extremely excited to have found what we were looking for , quickly we undressed and put on the tape right away , it was surreal to see finally real scat action it would like a dream , we were so horny that we diced to do the same action as the movie , we felt very kinky and we loved it , we shat on each other and we smeared all over at the same time as Veronica was being shit on we came so hard we thought we would die ,i think our first scat lasted of an hour at the end the movie we were completely exhausted it was in 1990 and its been almost 25 years and we never stopped playing. So this is how we met and how we started our scat Odyssey.

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  1. Ahhh! Veronika Moser! She was my first intro to scat too! I wanted to jump into the video and be with her. There was also a woman by the name of Horny Lynda, who would sit in a tub and play with the shit deposited on her. This was the first time I remember seeing scat eating. She had a daughter who was being introduced to the whole scene.

    You’ve brought back memories!

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