The story of my 14-load experience !

It was quite funny how it started, and I certainly had no idea it would turn out to be the most loads I ever had the pleasure to wear in my pants !
2 weeks ago, I had a great time shitting my briefs and jeans 3 days in a row , as seen in the pics last week..the most explosive and sloppy being the 3rd day , the Wednesday , in my Versace briefs that I’d only just got clean after a huge multiload session , it was a genuine accident but the shit just kept on coming, so I just let it ! After work I put them in a plastic box till I could clean them out..
Next day, Thursday, it was business as usual – I never use a toilet to shit in anymore, much more satisfying in your pants or a nappy ! So I grabbed my scat skimpy panties, and dumped a nice load . Put them in a box quickly as I was late for work…it wasn’t till I got them out again on Friday to ass more that I saw the other box with the Versaces in . Fearing they would have been totalled by the runny load, I opened the box to tip it out and get them washed…and was amazed to find the shit had hardened up and it was a lovely load, far too nice to throw away ! So I added it to the first load, then added a 3rd for good measure !
Saturday I pulled them on again, they already felt heavy and so delightful to wear, the growing pile pressing against my pulsing hole as I delivered another massive pile…the unusual thing about this particular multi-load ( as it was becoming, subconsciously ) was that every load except the one from the Versaces went in with the briefs pulled up, normally by this stage I’d be putting them on the floor or the upturned bucket , and dumping from above them…but they felt SO good pulled up, I just had to keep wearing them !
In the afternoon I had some good photo sessions, first pissing my skintight jeans over in the woods, then back here I took some arty shots with the filled briefs placed on my chest, on my crotch , next to my face…but still I wasn’t thinking of carrying on filling much longer
It was Sunday that was the turning point…wasn’t going to bother filming the dump as it didn’t feel much..good job I did, it was HUGE ! Guys who have seen the vid were surprised it was just one days worth the briefs were getting seriously full . Sent the latest pics to a friend in the states who,s always egged me on to add more and more ..the response was, ” looks like a good basis for a mega load ? ” . Don’t think I replied straightaway, giving it some thought..had a great day with Lumpypants at the local sauna, enjoying their watersports area to the full !
And on to Monday, yet another sizeable load in the bulging briefs..replied to my friend in the States, saying ” we’re on ! ” …then Tuesday , out in the covered yard holding out the back of the groaning briefs, a crazy bunch of shit that nearly made me cum when I pulled the briefs right up, so warm and comforting … they were hard to keep up now, and I remember someone asking me how much my pants weigh when loaded…so onto the scales, more than a kilo of shit already ! No wonder they were dragging down ! Sent the vid to my friend who said from my orgasmic groaning it seemed I really wanted to keep going …well yes I did now, but couldn’t see me getting much more in those briefs..found myself wondering if they test them at the factory to see how much they could hold if required ! ( maybe I could apply for the job as chief tester ! )
The answer came the next day more load, it was Wednesday again, and just like the previous Wednesday, I had an attack of the runs, the shit totally thundered out my hole filling those poor briefs to the very brim, and oozing out splattering on the floor… I could barely get the lid back on the box !
Clearly I had to use something else for the rest of the loads ..but what to use, and how would the 8-loaded briefs fare getting wetter and wetter sweating in their plastic box ? And how long should I keep going for …was there any chance of beating my previous record of 13.loads ?
To be continued tomorrow !

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  1. What a fun-filled (and shit-filled) time you must’ve had ! Each day got better than the one before !!
    To keep that going for that long must’ve been a labor of love. You accumulated a lot of great memories, as well as a lot of shitty pants !!

  2. Wonderful and that picture of your full briefs wow! You should be in the Guiness book!

  3. Thanks so much guys, and you havnt even got to the main event yet ! Love all your comments my friends
    Love sharing what I do and enjoy !

  4. These vids you keep mentioning, are they posted on this site? I can’t seem to find them. Man, I would love to see them. Need a reply.

  5. Good story! love doing similar but the most I managed to get up to was day and shit five! Had a great messy, smeary wank!

  6. Keep at it, and take lots of pics for us ! I didn’t intend to go on so long but got egged on bigtime so thought, why not ! Great decision !!

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