The story of my 14-load experience , continued !

So…the skimpy briefs were well and truly filled right up by the Wednesday , it was very tempting to just sit on that huge mass and enjoy myself , but my friend in the USA was so excited at the prospect of me carrying on , and I must admit I was quite keen to do so…but clearly not in those briefs , even adding to them in the box wouldn’t work as the shit was right up to the lid !
So Thursday morning I was looking around for a pair of something to shit in, and spotted the pack of diapers …such a comforting feeling letting go wherever you are and nothing showing ! Took a dump in the kitchen preparing breakfast then boxed them up..that was number 9 in total . Kept checking the box, it smelt appalling but looked fine…Friday was in a rush so added a 2nd diaper load in my room.
Saturday woke up bursting, couldn’t tell If it was a big firm load or a big sloppy loose load ! Videoed it anyway, shitting onto the loads with the diaper on the bed…it was lots of lovely firmish turds that piled up beautifully, filling it up . Just got the lid on !
So, 8 in the briefs, 3 in the diaper …but we weren’t done yet on Saturday, as I was given another toast breakfast at work painting in a big house ( where I’d shit my CK briefs the previous Tuesday and kept them on all day – as I just have again today in my PRL briefs ! ) , then a massive fry up at lunchtime producing the usual warning signs..sure enough, had to call in at the woods on my way home, in my Superman boxers this time , to dump a first load in them , trying to dodge the dog walkers and guys out cruising !
In the evening we had a huge meal out for my aunts 90th birthday, my sexy younger cousin was there which reminded me that 10 years ago , at my aunts 80th birthday meal, I went to the toilet after him and found a lovely turd he’d left behind !! The result of all this rich food was a 2nd load in the boxers just after I got home – not huge but a load all the same, meaning I now had – 13 , equal to the last big multiload ! Laid out all the various shitfilled items before bed, still wondering how I’d get it all together for my walk…
A few hours later I was up and having breakfast, and knew I needed to ditch the briefs in favour of something with more capacity…my favourite Calvin Classic white boxers , lots of room and very thin do great for bulging loads !
Out in the covered yard with all my loads and cleanup stuff, I gingerly opened the briefs box, oh the stink nearly blew my head off, and I was so worried the shit wouldn’t be usable – but as I tipped it in, the underside looked great ! You would never have guessed it was 12 days old ! Then added the 3 from the diaper and 2 from Suoerman boxers , the pile was impressive but stable and I carefully stepped into them and pulled them up…oh the feeling as it nuzzled against my ass and crotch ! At once I was struck by an urgent need to shit, and load 14,tumbled out, soft and stinking – the icing on the cake ! Quickly I pulled up my 505s, wow that felt soooo good, squishing, sliding down my legs already, wrapping round my balls … set off in the mist to the woods , not so much a walk as a waddle, but trying to make it look normal ! Not many people about – probably just as well in the circumstances! – but then 2 hot skinheads appeared walking fierce dogs…stopped for a brief chat but didn’t dare linger as the dogs were already sniffing round my stinking ass, the shit was sliding down faster now, and I badly needed to piss ! As I left I saw them looking at the big bulges in the back of my jeans, well they were hard to miss ! If the dogs had looked like they might rip me to shreds, I might well have asked the skinheads to hose me down or at least show off my handiwork !
But time was against me, so I carried on , found a quiet spot and released my piss load, felt very weird pissing through all that shit ! And made it slide even more…found a bench and sat down , oh the crack ogling and popping as the shit came surging up over my waistband , and way down my leg, and right up over my crotch…bliss ! Had a disaster with the filming as just after the piss, the storage was full, so there I was in that state, desperately trying to delete enough to at least allow me to take pics !
Then another heart stopper …as I got back home , I saw that dad was not only up, but waiting to speak to me in the window ! Major panic ! I just grabbed a pair of waterproof trousers, pulled them over the jeans, and went in to talk to him, dragging my 14 loads of shit and bunch of piss with me, thanking my lucky stars his sense of smell is t what it was !
Excused myself after a while and raced to the carport for final pics and the biggest cleanup yet !! There just seemed to be shit covered items all over the place, especially me ! It took forever..but worth every bit of time and effort, one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done !!

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  1. Holy Shit, what an adventure!! Loved that you described your walk into the woods as a waddle, with 14 loads in your pants I would expect nothing less. It must have felt sublime!!!! I could only imagine carrying that much weight and bulk in my pants was just simply amazing!!! I love to hear about your adventures and close calls, I am strangling my cock like a serial killer my friend! Hot story, keep them coming, anything, I want to hear about it!!

  2. Glad to read again your amazing adventures. You are certainly the champion of pants poopers in the UK!

  3. Thank you both my friends, wish you were here to share the fun and enjoyment in person !! So glad you liked the story and it pushed all the right buttons !!

  4. I have found when adding multiple loads that older shit tends to last longer when adding fresh shit onto it, and squashing it all together. I have never managed more than 6 dumps so I have a mountain to climb to come close to this record 🙂

  5. Yes another friend has told me that works..and such fun doing it ! Keep going my friend, look forward to seeing and hearing about the result !!

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