The story of Brian and Tim: The long ride to grandmas. [fiction]

They re boyfriends

Tim and Brian were going on Tims first long trip to Brian’s grandmas house for Christmas, Obviously they put on their diapers and only brought on pair of clothes, the two packed all the presents and all and took some laxatives before the ride, they kiss and get in the jeep and start to drive, talking about how big their shits will be. *45 mins later*

“Oh, It hurts” states Tim
“I know, me too” says Brian.
“I don’t think I can hold it” says Tim
“Just let it out, I will too” Says Brian
Tim doesn’t even need to push, or lift his ass up as all the mushy sweetness ours into his pre, white undies, as does Brians.
“That felt nice… wait, what is this?” Tim says as a second wave of even softer, wetter shit pours from his opened hole
“this hurts” screams Tim.
“I can feel it coming too!” exclaims Brian As both of their clean undies were 100% soiled from the perfect shit. Brian stops the car s they embrace eachother and make out in the front seat, feeling eachothers full ass as more shit pour out and Their undies fill, Brian pulls up the windows and they embrace the smell as the soft shit eventually becomes full diarrhea, it pour out the sides of their pants and all over the seats.
They finally arrive to Brian’s grandmas’ house and they walk inside with their MASSIVE backsides dripping with liquid, brown love, *Brian rings doorbell*
“Hello, sweety” says his grandma, her panties just as full as theirs, they all walk to the table, just In time for dinner with all their cousins, babies and elders alike, full of shitty, stained clothes, they eat all night and get fattened up, all taking more laxatives as they all cuddle together in a massive cuddle party on the livingroom floor, using their shitty bottoms as chairs and release their bowls fully all over eachother, the floors, and themselves as the room floods over TWO FEET in shit and piss and they drift away into rest in their pool of lovely, squishy brownness.

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