The Stinky Romance of Mark and Kate Part 2

Part 2

A week had passed since my weekend with Kate, as I sit home alone and looking back at the fun we had and getting to know each other better.

The second morning I woke up next to her was quite epic, as I touched myself while laying back on the couch and relived it in my mind…

….I woke up to Kate nudging me, and first thing we did was kiss and then I saw Kate grin.

“Good morning beautiful…. its quite nice waking up to you Kate.”

She giggled and kept the dirty grin on her face, “I know it is my Marky… and I bet you love waking up to my stinky fat ass too?”

I moaned and nodded, “Yes yes is it my….Mistress.”

Smirking some, “Well then Marky, I want you to get under the covers and bury your face in my big butt….its dutch oven time…”

As she smiled real big and pulled the covers over my head, in which I found my way over to her ass and dove right in. She must of been holding one in cause with in seconds Kate ripped a big bubbly fart and boy did it stink. Her hot gas blasting my face and now I was under the covers so it was thick under there and lingered. I coughed and moaned, sniffing her ass crack and rubbing her big ass cheeks.

Kate giggled loudly, “Oh my I bet it stinks under there, mmmm mmmm smell it all my Marky, ” as she pushed out 3 short bubbles that smelled so bad, but I was loving it so much, being trapped under the blankets and forced to take her stinky farts.

This went on for another ten minutes or so until we couldn’t resist and I started taking her from behind and pounding her fat ass while she randomly let some big farts out during sex, it was amazing.

Then as I lay there on the couch thinking about it, I released myself and came, moaning loudly to myself. Breathing heavy and laying there for a few moments, reality sunk back in and I thought about how I would juggle all of this. Trying to sneak off with Kate when I could and keep things good with Geri, it could be tough, but doable.

The next few weeks were an interesting series of events. It seemed like at least once a week we were hanging out with Jason and Kate, and usually it was Kate arranging something with Geri, or Jason even trying to mention we all do something to me. During these Kate was such a tease, such as bending over and showing her ass when no one was looking or pretending to rip a big fart. However a few times we would sneak around to a room and I would plant my face in her big ass and sniff a quick fart. Sometimes she would rip a fart in front of all of us and she would grin big, knowing I couldn’t come over to smell it, it was almost torture!

Eventually one evening when the four of us were hanging out, Kate and I had a window to go into the other room and have a moment. In this moment she pulled down her pants quick and I buried my face into her bare ass and sniffed a good fart. We started to kiss and rub each other, then I interrupted, “Hey hey, we shouldn’t go to far….although it seems odd we have been alone this long.”

Kate nodded, “Yeah that is odd, honestly Jason has been a little odd since new years and it seems interesting the way we have been able to meet up this much, even though we don’t get much alone time. ”

I thought for a moment, “Lets go see if we can find them….” Kate gave me a look and slowly followed.

I walked around the house, looking for Geri or Jason, I couldn’t find them in any room, Kate didn’t either, until we looked outside in the backyard, and there they were having sex on the grass, almost as if they were waiting for us to see. Kate and I looked at each other shocked…

“Did you know about this Kate?” she shook her head no.

“No I did not…” I shook my head, “Neither did I, but well I guess its all out there now…”

Kate smirked, “I feel a big fart coming…how about you get down and sniff it…..right in front of them.”

I looked a little shocked, and said, “Huh? seriously?”

Kate grinned, “If they are gonna put on a show, so can we….”

We stepped outside to where they could hear us, and I think they both glanced quick and noticed us but kept going.

Kate loudly said, “Mark get on your knees and worship my big ass…and tell me how much you want to smell my farts.”

I got super tingly and nervous, strangely excited to do this in front of others but I got down anyways.

I put my face in front of her ass and said, “Oh Kate please let me smell your farts, I love sniffing them so much…”

As she reached back and pushed the back of my head into her ass, and ripped a big loud gurgly fart, taking her hand away and leaving me there buried in her ass with my hands on her ass cheeks.

Eventually when I backed off I glanced and seen Jason and Geri looking surprised, but guilty as well. Everyone was silent and then Kate stepped in and said, “Ok I guess I will say something, look, obviously we all are doing wrong, but maybe you two are suppose to be together and maybe Mark and I are , so how about we skip the damn drama and just be with who makes us real happy…

Jason glared at Kate, “Well it just kinda happened, we both noticed you two cozy on new years, and we were about to break it up, but then we decided to have some fun on our own, and it just happened and felt good, tonight we thought we would just get it out in the open, we know you guys have been sneaking around, so yeah whatever lets just do that, you guys do your thing and we will do ours.

Geri had a gross look on her face, “Ugh, and Mark you can have her stinky fat ass, eww, gross…”

Kate and I giggled and kinda shrugged our shoulders. It was an odd moment, I was pretty speechless, but maybe it needed to happen. I could be with Kate full time, no sneaking, but I would have to tell her more about me, I had been wanting to anyways.

Jason grabbed Geri’s hand and said, “Well we are gonna head back to my place for the night, you guys do whatever, we can sort this out tomorrow…or whenever..”

They walked off and Kate and I grinned at each other “Well this is an odd turn of events ….” I said,

“Yeah and I loved making you smell my big fart in front of them too!” Kate added.

I grinned and giggled, “Oh my I was so turned on and humiliated with that, I loved it…”

“Well maybe I can get in the habit of making you smell my farts in front of others more often.” Kate said

I replied with a smirk, “I like the sound of that… anyways come upstairs , there is something I have been wanting to show you, and tell you…”

Kate’s eyes lit up and followed me up to the spare bedroom I have.

I walked into the room and in the closet, I pulled out one of my packs of large adult diapers.

I seen Kate’s mouth drop open, as I said, “So I like to wear these and see girls wear them too of course, I have a diaper fetish…”

Kate’s face turned into a big grin and paused for a few, “Well this is another lovely surprise, I think its fucking awesome, so I can make my Marky wear and use his diapers? oh my do you make poo poo in them too?”

I smiled big, “Yes I love to make big stinky poo poo’s in them…”

Kate smiled big too, “Mmmm very nice, I am not opposed to taking a big stinky dump in my pants or diaper either Marky..”

I chuckled and knew Kate would take the diaper kink well. “I have been wanting to tell you but had a good feeling you would love it, but didn’t want to throw it all at you at once too with the fart kink too and such. ”

She looked at me me right in the eyes with her loving but stern stare , “Well thank you for telling me, I might just have to keep you in these all the time. Hmm which makes me think that since we are full time now, maybe we should set up some kink rules at some point, hehehehe. ”

Now Kate leaned in and pulled out one of the big adult diapers of mine, and started to unfold it, “Well Marky, lay down and lets get you undressed… I think its time for a change.”

I lay down and Kate started to undress me down to nothing, then she giggled and said, “Oh my gosh this is so awesome, I get to keep my Marky in diapers now…” as she slid the thick diaper underneath my butt, and sprinkled some powder on my crotch and cock, rubbing it around my very hard cock as well. “Mmmmmmm” I moaned, “And I would love to see your big butt stink up a diaper too my Mistress Kate.”

She pulled the diaper around and started to tape it up, “Yes Marky, my little stinky lover, hehe. There we go, oh my all diapered up and so cute!”

I lay there as Kate rubs my diaper, loving how it crinkles. “Mmmm these look great, I had heard of people wearing them before but never thought to much of it.”

Kate held another diaper up to herself , “Damn I think my butt is to big for these ones, we should order some a size larger, then I can wear diapers for my slave Marky.”

I nodded, “Yes, totally, mmm you would look so sexy, but shall we discuss new rules?” In which Kate grinned big and then even straddled me with her ass on my chest. “Well I am going to suggest a few rules, and you might be able to negoatiate them hehe, or well now is your only chance, after we set these, they will be in place for a week, after that we either change some or keep them as they are, and they can stay for a few months. ”

Kate was facing me as she sat on my chest, and I nodded, then said, “That sounds fair…, Mistress Kate.”

She grinned and said, “First rule, you are in diapers full time, but you may ask permission not to in a case by case basis. Second rule, I have the power to make you get in position to smell my farts at any time, private or public. I might save the public for certain times and will still be respectful to the people around us, but I have sneaky ideas as well. Third rule, I want to get more people involved with our kink fun, every week I will reveal our kinks so someone you or I know, in hopes that they may join us. Fourth Rule, is not so much a rule but a guildline or idea, but that we keep our minds open and willingness to explore our kinks, maybe push some limits. I think that is good for now, maybe I will think up some more after the next week….hehe.”

I nodded and grinned big, “I love it, I know it will have its embarressments and humilation but thats also why I love it..”

Kate grinned and turned around, “Good good, first up I have some big farts for you slave…” as she sat her big fat ass on my face and let loose a monster loud long fart. I licked her asshole some and took in the big stinky fart , as her fat ass engulfed my whole face.

Kate ripped a few more on my face before we got cozy under the blankets and snuggled up for bed.

We cuddled for a few , as my diaper kept crinkling, and Kate thought it was so cute. Then she made a soft moan and I heard her tummy grumble. “Uh oh, better get under the covers and put your face in my bare ass Marky, mmmm Dutch oven farts in your face time my slave.”

I slid under and planted my face in her big ass once again, then I heard, “Oh and you stay under the covers until I say so..”

With that she errupted a big wet fart in my face and said, “Oh man I know that one is gonna stink, mmmm how is it Marky? oh it must stink so bad under the sheets…”

I moaned in pleasure as I took the hot fart in my face, and man the stink was so much stronger being trapped in the sheets. I coughed only a little but smelled it up and licked her ass. I took a few more small bubbly farts and about fifteen minutes later she let me out of the sheets, as I breathed heavy, was sweaty and smiled big.

Kate giggled, “Mmm very good my slave Marky, lets goto sleep now, and good thing I don’t have to worry about any accidents from you diaper boy, hehe.”

After I caught my breath I snuggled up behind Kate and sighed, “I love you Kate…” and she moaned softly, “I love you too Mark, night night.”

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