The Stinky Romance of Mark and Kate Part 1

Testing out my first chapter of this story, it will eventually have diapers and scat kink in it, but it starts out with farting as its initial fetish. Just looking for some feedback on the rough draft of chapter 1, enjoy and please give feedback!

Chapter 1

To start this tale, I must start it at my 23rd birthday party. I still lived at home with parents but had all the freedom I needed and wanted. I had a huge party for my birthday that year, with a house full of friends and some family, and lots and lots of drinking. Towards the later end of the evening, I had quite a few drinks and shots in me and a group of us were watching a movie. I don’t remember how but eventually I got cozy with a nice plump girl and we were watching the movie together, her name was Kate. We were getting a little touchy and both quite drunk, and all I remember her asking is if we could go up to my room. It was my birthday, I was horny and drunk and didn’t really mind that Kate was fat either. We went to my room, turned on some music and through our clothes off and had some fun.

The next day was awkward, I wasn’t sure if my fling meant that Kate and I would end up dating, or if we were just gonna call it a fun time and move on. I had found out she was 19, and I was 23 and at the time I was starting to get tired of dating girls under 21 cause then we couldn’t go out to the bar and such. I found out Kate was a friend of my brothers girlfriend, whom invited her to my party so that’s how she got there. Part of me just didn’t want to date her or pursue her, even though I didn’t mind her fat body, and we had fun.

In the next few weeks, I tried to keep my distance from Kate, since we were starting to bump into eachother some but I think she was trying to hang out with me since our night. Eventually she seemed to stop pursuing me. Then it was about a year or two later, and my brother’s girlfriend was trying to set Kate up with people, and I soon found out that she was dating one of my good friends, Jason.

Around this time I had been dating a girl already too, so things seemed to work themselves out, I was with someone, Kate found someone and life moved on.

Some time later, I was married, and Kate and Jason were dating/engaged. They were in my circle of friends so we sometimes saw each other, and we could laugh off about our one night stand and such. Jason and Kate were having a party at their place one time, and I wasn’t able to attend it, but looking back I wish I could have, because that was the night that made me become a bit more obsessed with Kate.

The next day I kept hearing gossip about how Kate farted in Jason’s face in front of everyone, when they were hanging out in their living room. Now I will also mention I have a few fetishes, one of them being girls farting, and especially from fat girls. This is how it all went down from the gossip I heard from friends…

Kate was sitting on Jason’s lap and all of a sudden she told him “Ohh I’ve got one brewing for ya.” followed by “Ohh yeah its gonna be a big one.” She then was wiggling in his lap for a bit, and not really putting up a fight, but not long after she lifted her big butt up and put it right in his face and let out a big long monster bubbly fart.

Upon hearing the story, it got me quite horny, and thinking alot. I probably jacked off to the scenario several times in the next several weeks after that, and most of the time imagining me as the one getting farted on. It also made me wonder, that if I had dated her, would she have farted around me like that? for all I know she lets them rip on him all the time when friends aren’t around, and does my friend Jason like it? or just tolerate it.

I never did find out those answers around that time, I just kept hoping that Kate would fart at future get together with friends, but as more years went on, it never did. I had heard Kate talk about farts, she let out plenty of manly burps and such, but never got to hear her fart. I still stayed a little obsessed with her because I always kept wondering… what if, what if I was with her, would she be the kinky stinky girl of my dreams? My current wife would fart at times, but wasn’t into it as a kink. So it was cool that she did, but not as exciting as having a girl order me to smell her farts and such.

So bringing things up to the present, I still would think about Kate once in a while. Jason and her had been married with a kid, my wife Geri and I had 2 kids also and we would still see each other once in a while, but I never stopped thinking… what if, and always had the occasional jerk off to Kate and smelling her farts from her fat butt.

Present day

Today, I am 30, and Kate is 26 now. New years was coming up and I was a bit excited. My wife Geri and I hadn’t made any big plans and Jason and Kate had asked what we were doing. Since the four of us had no major plans, we decided to host.

It was New years day and Kate and Jason arrive around 6pm. Geri and I had cleaned up the house and we were working on getting things ready.

I smiled and welcomed them, “Hey guys come on in, we have a few things staying warm but we got a nice spread of food and snacks…”

As I pointed to the table filled with chips and all sorts of dips, cheese and cracker tray etc. Kate had chimed in and said, “We brought some beer with us, and I made a bean taco dip too”

I grinned to himself and thought the spread of food for them was sure to give any one of them gas, hopefully I would get to witness Kate let a few good ones go.

Kate had set her things down and was chatting with Geri some, then mentioned, ” Thank you guys for hosting, its nice that some plans pulled through, its been stressful lately with work and me back in school and such. I could use a good night to relax and let loose a little, ya know?”

We all agreed and with that, and then did a quick toast and all took a chug of our beers, made up plates with some snacks and we all sat down in the living room and watched some new years specials on tv. I had been eyeing up Kate’s ass a few times since she arrived, her big bubble but looked so good in a snug pair of blue jeans. Oddly enough for a while Jason and I talked it up, and the girls had their own conversation going. We caught up on some geek stuff and computer things, as both of us are geeky nerdy kinda guys.

As him and I were talking, a loud belch was soon heard from the girls, and we both looked and Kate was grinning, and said, “Haha whoops, where did that come from..” Jason shook his head and we all chuckled. However as another hour or two passed more of us were belching with all the beer that was drank so far.

More time passed, and it was getting closer to midnight, Jason and Geri were looking pooped out and a bit drunk already, but were just relaxing on the couch, Geri and I were cozy and Kate had gotten up to get some more snacks and another beer. As she was walking back Kate grinned and said, “Uh oh watch out…” as she lifted her leg some and let out a loud fluffy fart and sat down on the couch with a grin.

Jason moved over and gave Kate a look, “Oh geez, thanks.” he said, I got a rush over myself, as hearing her fart got me real turned on. The girl I had been slightly obsessed with, just casually let one rip. I even caught a bit of the smell too and liked it.

Time was getting close to midnight as Geri was starting to doze off next to me, but soon was more awake as the countdown was about to happen. Kate seemed to be enjoying herself as was I, Jason seemed tired and wasn’t much of a drinker, as he only had a few beers.

The countdown began, and I noticed Kate grinning and getting her butt pointed at Jason as she sat next to him, which made me wonder if she was getting ready to let one rip. Midnight hit and we all cheered, then Kate said, “Happy New Year Jason!” and let out a big bubbly rumbler of a fart on his leg and busted out laughing, I couldn’t help but laugh too and gave Kate a high five. “Sorry Jason, thats funny.” Geri laughed about it too and shook her head, Jason groaned and said, “Yeah try living with her…” Kate giggled, “Oh hunny its not that bad,…” then she took a sniff, “Oh maybe it kinda is, oh my.”

Jason stood up and threw some of his trash away, “Well I think I am gonna go crash in the guest room, thanks Mark and Geri, but I’m beat, happy new year!”

I stood up and said, “Night man, go get some rest.” As Geri stood up too, looking sleepy still, “Hey hunny I’m gonna go crash too, I was up early today.” I smiled and hugged and kissed my wife, “Its ok sweety I’ll stay up a bit and clean up, Kate can help me right?” Kate nodded and said, “yeah no problem.”

A rush of excitement was coming over me, as this night was lining up to be pretty good.. Jason and Geri were off to bed and I was gonna get to hang out with a drunk and gassy Kate, all alone. I then realised that over the years Kate and I rarely would be by each other alone, and I wondered if any old feelings would come up between us. If anything I was just happy to hear some more farts if she let them out.

As it was just Kate and I, I quickly picked up beer bottles and garbage, and put food away that needed to be cold. Then I grabbed a two beers and sat down. “Well that actually didn’t take to long…. hey I grabbed ya a cold one. Happy New years Kate!” Kate smiled and cracked it open with me, and we both chugged it down. Then we looked at eachother and both let out a good belch, followed by a giggle. I said, “Haha good minds think alike, or act a like, ah I dunno haha.”

Kate scooted a little closer to Mark, and said, “Its funny how its been what 7 years and here we are hanging out still, glad we could still stay friends all these years ya know.”

I didn’t mind her getting closer, and said, “Yeah I know, crazy right? But I probably never told ya, but I feel bad for not giving you a chance back then, I really didn’t know you much but I think we may have been a good couple, who knows. ”

Kate smirked and grinned, scooting closer some more, “Well you know, I’ll be honest, I still have a slight crush on you Mark, all these years later.” as she put her hand, gently on my thigh and grinned.

I didn’t reject her touches as I liked where it was going, but was a bit cautious. I was hoping Kate wasn’t testing me or whatever crap girls do sometimes. I rolled with it though and said, “Well I’ve always had some kinda crush too, or well like I said, I never gave ya a chance. ”

Kate rubbed my thigh more, “Well no harm in being a little cozy tonight…its new years and our other half’s are passed out, plus I’ve noticed you look at me sometimes Mark, I know you like your big girls, and big butts too, haha.”

I blushed and laughed, “Well uhh, guilty there, hehe.” As I giggled, and soon heard Kate’s stomach rumble a bit, and she had a grin on her face. “Uh oh I feel a good one coming, I don’t think you’ll mind right? You didn’t seem to earlier at least, where as Jason acts like I committed a crime or something haha. ”

I laughed and went with it, “Ah I don’t care, I mean we all do it, or is Jason still mad at you from that one time you farted in his face?”

I giggled and felt a bit nervous bringing up that moment, Kate just giggled and held her stomach, and leaned slightly as she let out a big bassy bubbly fart. It sounded beautiful to me and I had a rock hard hard-on now too that I was gonna try to hide. The fart stunk too as it only took a few seconds for it to fill the air around them.

Soon I was fanning the air and giggling, “Damn Kate that was a nasty one.”

Kate smirked and said, “Yeah here I am trying to flirt with ya and telling you I have a crush on you still and silly me has to let out a big unladylike fart, hehe sorry if I ruined the mood.”

I didn’t say anything and stayed close to her and leaned in to kiss her some more to show her that the mood wasn’t ruined.

“Oh well I guess it didn’t ruin the mood…” as Kate giggled and kissed me back, I even massaged her thick thighs and rubbed her big ass some, and she let out a few small toots and smirked. She didn’t say anything else and we spent a little while touching each other and enjoying each others bodies again. Not long after that we thought we heard some noises and realized we should be careful and stop our little fun for the moment.

We got up and were gonna head to our bedrooms and rejoin our spouses, I whispered, “Shall we continue some of this another time, when we know we have full privacy?” Kate leaned in and kissed me as we stood there, while I snuck another few grabs at her big ass, “Yes Mark, we shall, I am sure we can find some time, good night.” and she winked at me, and wiggled her fat butt some as she walked down the hall.

I woke up the next morning, things feeling a bit awkward but we all got up and made some breakfest together acting as normal. Kate did slip me a wink when our other halves were not looking.

Geri and I said bye to Kate and Jason after breakfast and for the moment I tried to keep Kate off my mind, but it was hard to. Here I got to fool around with a girl I fooled around with before I met my wife, but this time Kate was quite gassy, yet I don’t know if she knew I was enjoying it or not. We were both drinking so I’m not sure if that detail just got overlooked.

At home I just did a few things around the house, watched some tv and Geri and I had a pretty lazy day, but the next day it was back to the grind and back to work. During my lunch break at work the next day I get a text from Kate:

“Hey Mark, good news, I forgot Jason has a trip he has to take for his work, he will be gone two nights even. You are welcome to come by and visit should it work out on your end too, let me know…”

I was very excited to hear that, but had to wait til I got home to figure out a plan. I knew Geri didn’t have to work the next two days so that worried me, damn here Kate had some nice free time but I wasn’t sure if I would be able to sneak away. I managed to focus on work til the end of my shift but every now and then I kept thinking of a plan to make this work, as I really wanted to go visit Kate. As I drove home, thoughts of cuddling with Kate and her big fat butt, and smelling her stinky farts wandered my head. Then I was thinking of ways to be excused from the house for a few hours, maybe I should say I am going bowling with some of the guys, or something with one my guy friends.

I hadn’t come up with a solid plan yet, but not long after I walked in the door from being home from work, Geri comes up to me, “Hey sweety how was your day?”

“Oh same old same old you could say, how are you?”

She replied, “Well Im ok, I did get a call from my mother though, and you know how she hasn’t been doing the greatest lately.”

I nodded

“Well she is gonna need some help for a few days, she just had another surgery…I don’t work already so that works out, but I think I should go help her out, 2 maybe 3 nights ok?”

What I heard sounded like magic, how could this have worked out this way? I kept calm and didn’t let my excitement show, and said, “Oh sweety, I understand, you mom needs you, you should go.” and we hugged for a little bit. “Well, I will go start to pack my things and take off tonight then, its a bit of a drive too. Thanks for understanding honey.” as we kissed and she went off to her room to pack.

I went to the other room to text Kate right away.

“Hey Kate, well good news too! Things are definatley working out for us today, as Geri tells me she needs to visit her mom to help her out for a few days, her mom had another surgery and such… she is working on packing and leaving within the hour…”

A minute or two later I get a text back.

“Wonderful! Jason already left, do you want to come over here? I could start making us some dinner while you wait for Geri to leave?”

I replied

“Perfect! Wow im trying not to get to excited, but I am quite happy to see you again, so whats for dinner?”

Kate replied

“I’m excited to see you too Mark, this time with the house to ourselves…hehe. For dinner we still have some sides from the party, but I can cook some taco meat and we can have homemade tacos, along with the taco bean dip we had at the party. ”

I replied

“Sounds yummy! Well I will text you again as I am on my way over, later!”

I closed my phone up and had pleasant thoughts of hanging out with Kate later, and I was getting a slight vibe that she might want to be gassy on purpose, with the food line up she suggested. I was very fine with that but wondering what she thought of it, cause normally most guys would find a way to leave if their girl started farting while making out and such.

I helped my wife Geri finish getting things together and waved her off as she drove away. After a few minutes, I got myself ready to go, and hoped in the car and texted Kate:

“On my way, see you soon sexy.”

All she sent me back was a smiley face and said, “Let yourself in.” After a short drive across town, I was at her house and walked up to let myself in. When I walked in I saw Kate sitting in the living room, with all our taco fixings and snacks set up in there. She came walking up, and looked sexy with her fat body and curves as she wore some nice tight gray yoga pants. We hugged and kissed right away, locked into a passionate kiss, and I grabbed and rubbed her nice big fat ass.

“MMmm its good to be back Kate.” as we went in to kiss more and slowly moved towards the couch as we kissed.

“You sure do love my ass don’t you Mark. ” Kate said as we fell onto the couch, smiling and grinning at each other.

“Yes I sure do.” and Kate just giggled, “Well you can have more of it later, lets eat while the food is still hot.” as we both started snacking and loading up on all the taco goods, and Kate was munching on the chips and bean dip a lot too I noticed. We both ate til we felt a bit stuffed, and we knocked back some cokes and proceeded to belch it out some.

Kate smirked after she belched again, “Yeah I know, I’m such a lady, haha, but you like that a bit don’t ya Mark?”

I blushed a little as I was caught off guard with Kate’s last comment. “Well, uh I’m just cool with a girl being comfortable, it just doesn’t bother me, and I mean we all do it right?”

Kate nodded and still had a smirk on her face, “Yeah I know, but I guess I just been wondering something from the other night…I know we were a bit drunk, but I remember busting out a lot of farts, hehehe. Ive never been with a guy that put up with them like that, so were you just being nice, or did you….like it.” as her smirk was more of a grin now.

I flushed red, and that may have gave me away. “Well…I mean I didn’t mind you doing it, I wasn’t putting up with it…”

Kate still grinned, “So you liked it then huh? Did it turn you on?” as she bit her lip and slipped out a deep gurgly fart out her ass, then turned and fanned it to me. “Tell me Mark do you like that? ”

At this point Kate is bending over with her big butt in my direction, fanning her ass from her stinky fart, and I felt it was pretty safe to say that she would indulge in my fetish, so there was no need to keep it a secret now.

“Oh fuck yeah I do…” As I looked at Kate and her grin got bigger, “Excuse me, you do what?”

I loved her shift of tone in her voice as she commanded me, “I do like your farts…Kate..” In which she kept her grinning smile and said, “Good, I was hoping that was the case…” as she had a look of curiosity, “So is it a fetish for you then….do my farts get you hard and horny…?”

I bit my lip and moaned softly, just hearing Kate talk about it now was quite exciting, the moment very surreal that this was even happening. “Yes I’ve had a fart fetish for a long time, since high school… In recent years when you started slipping out farts at get togethers, I’ve been wondering if you’d ever enjoy it in a fetish aspect, I kinda imagined you would but well its a touchy subject to just bring up to someone randomly….but I think you seem to be liking it…”

Kate shifted and sat on my lap some, as she rocked her big butt on my hard dick she could feel, grinning back at me, “Honestly Mark I fucking love the idea… I’ve always been a gassy girl, and well Jason hates it, and I forget when I heard about people having fart fetishes, but I know I always thought it would be fun to fart for a guy who got horny for it…. so tell me Mark, do you really like it that much? Would you want me to fart right in your face and make you smell it? You love my big fat ass too don’t you?”

I moaned softly and was amazed by how Kate was reacting to all of this. “Oh, mmmm, yes Kate, I’d love to bury my face in that ass of yours, be your fart slave if you really wanted…”

Kate grinned and rubbed her belly, I could hear it gurgling, and she raised her eyebrows, “I think you know what that means… hehe, oh I feel a big one coming, I guess this is the test Mark…” As she turned around, and stood up on her knees, putting her ass in my face, keeping her yoga pants on for now. She grabbed my head and pushed it towards her ass. “Alright Mark… tell me how much you need my farts, from my big ass…”

As I moaned and was an inch from her big fat bubbly ass, “Oh Kate I want it so bad, I need to smell your stinky farts with my face buried in your butt, please, your ass is so big, sexy and stinky, and I want to be your ass and fart slave…” With that I heard her grin and groan, as she pushed my face into her big cushy ass and was immediately greeted with a big gurgly long fart in my face. It was amazing as the heat of it bubbled all over my face and soon the stench up close was so stinky but got me so horny at the same time. I coughed and sniffed it all up, followed my some loud moans. Kate, my crush and former hookup, who I had just about been obbsessed with, was now farting in my face. I was so happy and aroused.

Kate giggled and grinned, “Mmmm good boy, oh that was a big fart, it sure stinks too, mmm Marky I bet you loved it didn’t you? It felt so good knowing I was letting it out in your face…up your nose.”

“Oh fuck Kate, that was amazing!.” As I was a bit out of breath, “Mmm I could get use to this…” With that she pushed out another gurgly fart and giggled, “Oh good cause I’m sure your gonna be smelling my farts a lot more now.” I took in the fart for a few minutes, and enjoyed her big ass in my face, but soon she moved off and we lunged into kissing each other with strong passion. Moments later she paused a kiss and ripped a huge fart, then went back to kissing, it was very hot and turned us both on greatly.

Kate broke off, and had a big grin. With a sexy tone she said, “Alright Marky…my slave, strip and lay down on your back for me, I think I want to take a seat…” as my eyes lit up and I nodded, then immediately pulled the rest of my clothes off lay down on the floor. Kate stripped before me and soon stood over me with her big fat naked ass which slowly lowered down onto my face as she grabbed a hold of my rock hard cock. “Mmmm worship my big fat ass Mark, tell me how much you love it, kiss it, and lick it, and of course, take any fart that I give to you..”

“Mmm I love your big jiggly stinky ass Kate, mmm, I need your smelly farts too!” as I leaned in and began lapping away at her asshole, and randomly kissing it and her big plump cheeks. Meanwhile Kate would rip some random short bursts of gas on me and talk sexy. “Oh good job Marky, good slave, yup yup take all those stinky farts, mmm smell em up and lick my ass. ”

The next 20 minutes or so were a blur as I was in Kate’s ass, taking small and big farts every few minutes, and lots of dirty fart talk from her. Then she rolled off me and said follow me, as I walked with her, a bit dizzy and we soon found ourselves in the bathroom, and she sat down on the toilet. “Kneel down and face me Marky…”

I knelt down and she leaned in and pulled me in for a kiss, as we broke into a passionate kiss as she farted into the toilet bowl and started to pee. Kate spoke for a moment between kisses and said, “Mmmm I’ve always wanted to kiss a guy while I take a nice stinky dump on a toilet..” as she made a pooping face and groaned, then went in to kiss me again as I could hear her poop crackling out and splash into the toilet. “MMm fuck Kate I love how stinky and sexy you are…” as I kissed her back and rubbed her thick thighs, smelling her poop in the air.

As we backed off she grinned, and wiped her butt, “Just think Mark, what if this could be almost everyday, us having stinky fun like this, what if we had been dating all these years and we had been. ”

I gave her a look with a raised eyebrow, “It would be fun, but what about our other halves… Jason and Geri, Its twice now that we are being sneaky, how long can we keep it up for..”

“Well, I don’t know everything about you and Geri, but Jason and I have been pretty disconnected for a while, if I had a chance to be with you and not him… I’d totally go for you, my Marky…”

“Well I am definitely thinking about it, I mean Geri and I are good, but things seem bland lately and she doesn’t fulfill my kinky side.” as Kate wiped and flushed the toilet, with a naughty grin on her face.

“Well Marky, lets go cuddle up and watch a movie, lets see how we feel after this weekend is done, since I get you for two nights!”

Then Kate and I snuggled up, with me behind her pressed against her big fat butt, and we started a movie. I knew I would probably get some nice blasts from her butt while like this too, life was great at the moment.

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