The smell

Tim and Matt were watching a movie, when Matt thought he smelled
shit, but wasn’t sure, but then he heard a soft fart and was really
smelling shit and he realized he wanted more, he told Tim that he wanted
to smell his briefs. Tim caught off guard just stared at Matt while at
the same time trying to hold in another fart. He asked Matt why as he
thought the last and first time was just a moment. Matt said he thought
so too, until he smelt Tim’s fart and his cock twitched and started
growing. Tim said, why not if that’s what you want, he arose from the couch
while undoing his slacks, he took them off, standing with white briefs
close to Matt’s face, Matt lean into the front of the briefs taking in the
odors, the hint of piss and a touch of shit. Licking Tim’s bulge and around
his thighs near the leg holes, he turned Tim around and sank his face
into the soft covering of Tim’s nice ass, running his nose up and down the
crack putting off his desire to move the cloth aside and to savor Tim’s
naked crack, which when spread out would reveal, Tim’s asshole, he knew
he wanted to stick his tongue in and taste Tim’s shit. But instead Tim
called out, watch it I’m going to fart at the same time as a fart poofed out
which Matt took in, savoring the intense smell, while noticing his cock
growing more, he moved the briefs aside a stuck his tongue into Tim’s
asshole licking all around it, loving the taste, as he recalled the first time.
He stood up and removed his slacks, Tim turned to see Matt in some white
granny panties which hug his body, Matt’s cock stuck almost straight out
Tim reached out caressing it as it hardened at the same time he farted
again and thought some shit fell into his briefs, feeling the stickiness in his
crack trying to hold everything he knew was coming, he knew soon he would
have to shit, he pulled Matt to himself, hugging him close whispering that he
hoped Matt had to shit as they do it together, again, he was now turned on
by the idea of a repeat of the past. He reached behind Matt and into the
back of his panties feeling the flesh, while seeking the asshole, he wanted to
also smell Matt’s shit, see it, on his finger, taste it while letting, his shit go.
Sticking his finger in and moving all around Matt’s hole Tim could feel the
shit, shit ready to be released, he pulled his finger out, coated with shit,
looking at it he suddenly started pissing, his briefs turned yellow as the piss
soaked them and ran down his legs, Matt was trying not to go but watching
Tim pushed him over the edge and he started pissing spurts still fighting it,
Tim brought the shitty finger to his nose and than to Matt’s nose, which
caused both to freely piss, soaking themselves and suddenly Matt’s hole
opened and his shit crackled and snapped as it slowly filled his panties as the
shit continued he reached for Tim’s ass sticking his finger in, pulling it out
he brought to his nose, smelling it, tasting it causing him to lose control, his
bowels suddenly slowly started oozing, into his briefs, crackling and also
snapping, like Matt’s causing his briefs to sag. Suddenly Matt dropped to his
knees taking Tim’s cock into his mouth as Tim was still shitting and Matt was
also, sucking Tim’s cock until it exploded cum deeply, into, his mouth. They
then headed off to the shower arms around each other’s waist, briefs and
panties sagging and the sweet smell of two different shit odors hanging
over, the room.

To be continued…………..

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