The Shopping Trip

I wake as Joanna shakes me; she’s already dressed and ready to go out, her outfit comprising a skin tight light grey top with the bra outline clearly visible and tight black lycra leggings with a visible panty line and in front I can just make out the slight unevenness caused by her Y-fronts; she loves wearing male underwear and encourages my love of feminine clothing. This morning she’s laid out for me on the bed a white shiny silky blouse, a pair of bottle green cotton interlock schoolgirl knickers and a pair of olive green side-fastening slacks to wear over them.

As usual I need to use the toilet when I awake but this morning I’m so late that Joanna tells me there’s no time for anything other than putting on my clothes and leaving for the shopping centre. However, before I remove my pink frilly nightie, she makes me bend over and, with the aid of a little vaseline, she inserts a suppository up my arse. I do as instructed, pulling on my soft cotton knickers, revelling in the feel of the girlish knickers against my cock and balls and the elastic around my legs. The blouse, bra and slacks soon follow and I am ready for the trip to town.

It takes about 15 minutes and I am soon thinking that I should have used the toilet, even if it had made us a little later, but Joanna knows what she wants for me, and I too have a certain pleasure in anticipating what will shortly be inevitable. We reach the shopping centre but as usual have problems parking; we drive around for 5 minutes before eventually finding a space. By now I am feeling the pressure in my bladder and the suppository is also contributing to my discomfort. As we walk towards the shops, we pass our favourite bench seat, just a wide plank of wood on two supporting pillars. Joanna tells me to sit down and she climbs astride me and facing me so that our crotches are as close as they can be, separated only by Y-fronts, lycra leggings, slacks and school knickers. It’s at this point that I know what’s imminent, and it’s not my needs that are about to be relieved for I wasn’t the only one who didn’t use the toilet before we departed. My expectations are fulfilled as I feel a spreading warmth as Joanna empties her bladder, the warm golden liquid flooding her underpants and leggings and my slacks and knickers. Her black leggings barely show the broad wet stain, unlike my olive green slacks which show a blatant wet patch around my groin. Although embarrassing, it does have the advantage that when my bladder finally forces relief, it won’t make much difference.

As we enter the shopping centre, I notice that several people are glancing down at my wetness, some with expressions of curiosity, some with disgust and some with obvious pleasure. We enter a women’s clothes shop and Joanna tells me to go to the lingerie section and choose some underwear. I love feeling the silk, lace and frills of feminine panties, slips, bras and petticoats and I thrill with the embarrassment of doing so in public while not only wearing obviously feminine clothes but with my embarrassing large wet patch also clearly visible.

Joanna finds me fondling some french knickers but suggests that some panties on the bottom shelf would also appeal. She knows that crouching down to view the suggested panties will increase pressure on my already distended anus and so it turns out, but this time the internal pressure, enhanced by the suppository, proves too much and it is with great relief but further embarrassment that I feel my anus opening without control and a spasm of contraction takes over as a huge soft warm mass slides out into my knickers. The expulsion of the contents of my rectum seems to last forever as I crouch there, feeling the mess spreading around my buttocks and balls, some oozing upwards towards my waist. By now I don’t care any more and almost without realizing I start emptying my bladder too. Again the flow seems eternal and I am lost in the bliss of the warm flood enveloping my belly, cock, balls, buttocks and thighs. I am completely oblivious to my surroundings as I fill my knickers with my brown and yellow waste and to the wet puddle I am creating on the carpet as my bladder empties. It is at this point that, with a sequence of convulsive jerks, my balls also empty their full load of semen into my knickers.

As I stand up, feeling a little faint, Joanna suggests that I return to the car while she finishes her shopping. I can tell from her expression that she too had an orgasm as she watched me in the throes of using my knickers as a toilet for I know that this was what she had planned for me all along. I’m looking forward to next week’s shopping trip!

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  1. that was awesome, you had me hard the second you started to poop. I had to poop my pants just to feel the warmth of my sperm as it shot out all over my pee and poop filled diaper. I love going shopping and wearing my diaper, it’s so nice to hear stories that I can relate with !! keep em cumming ..

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