The Secret I’ve Never Shared

I don’t think I would ever feel comfortable saying to anyone what I say to people on here or anonymously. I don’t think I would ever tell someone “I like pretty much anything that shows possible stomach ache. Constipation, Puking, Pooping depending on if you can tell there may even be a slight strain or pain and farting.” 

Normally, this would be something I write on my blog but I don’t want to write about there because I don’t feel like it’s the kinda thing I want anyone to know unless they’re into it too. I guess if someone told me first, then I would tell them too. I’m using a fake name on here, and keeping my face out of any shot to keep myself anonymous.

Someone actually told me their fetish once and practically begged me to tell them what mine is. I had a panic attack, plain and simple. I kept saying I didn’t want to tell them and when they kept pushing it I had a panic attack. I trust him too, I would tell him anything else really, honestly. Just not that.

I haven’t had that much sexual experience, being almost afraid of it. I guess thats being bodily self conscious. The sexual experience I have had though, I never liked. I never orgasmed from sex, and I’ve now found myself wondering if it’s because none of this stuff is involved in it. Maybe it’s just falling short for me. I mean whenever I’m doing it myself I’m almost feeling orgasm coming even just looking at a picture and thinking about it.

Honestly, I’ve been watching videos and this stuff for years. I came across my fetish while babysitting. I’m not into kids, nothing like that. Just the baby was constipated so he was pushing hard and for some reason that stuck in my head and the thought of that was getting me so horny. I started off with farts, then vomit, then pooping. Posting video’s of myself, well, that was a recent thing.

How is anyone else open about this kinda fetish? I mean, feet and stuff like that are common and not embarrassing. This is, or at least I think so. I guess I have a bigger problem with trust though. Even though people say I trust to easily because I tell people really personal things really soon after meeting them, I think I’ve got a problem. I think that because, well, I don’t tell any one person everything. I just tell each person something else.

I’m not sure what I’m trying to gain out of writing this. Just to kinda work it out in my head I guess. Writing helps me think things through. I definitely want feedback on this post if anyones got any. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Good post; I think most people are the same way.

    Searching on Craigslist (not that I’d consider meeting anyone on there… just curiosity) for this stuff always yields a few hundred results… with a "no" in front of whatever you search for. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    It’s a very unpopular fetish and most people have the wrong ideas about it. Most people think of the videos of people rolling around in it and eating it and thing that constitutes the entirety of it. To the people into that, I can’t imagine how much worse it’d be to tell someone…

    If I had to tell someone — like, if they were insistent as your friend was — I might introduce it obliquely. Like talking about diapers instead. That way the poop is just an offshoot of an interest and not the focus, even if the act of pooping is!

  2. To answer the question there, I usually start with a small request and/or question. I’ll ask if they have a fetish or when we meet(and we’re meeting for sex specifically) if they can remain unshowered. I start with a small kink, and try to read the reaction from there.

    I typically only ever go as far as admitting I have a fart fetish. I’ve gotten comfortable admitting I like it to people I’ve been with by framing it in a way that appears normal, "I just like scents, smell of soap is a turn off, etc."

    Is there a way for you to do that? "I like discomfort"?

  3. I think writing about this tuff is a great way to frame what your desires are in your own mind, so in that sense it’s really helpful. It’s also probably a great way of deciding just how you’d present this to someone else, if it ever came to that.

    I’m not sure if your inability to get off with someone else ha anything to do with this fetish or not. For me, sometimes I can easily get off during "regular" sex, and sometimes I find myself thinking about peeing or pooping, and that’s what sends me over the edge. There’s been only a few times that I’ve had a hard time getting into sex at all. I’m not sure if that had to do with the person, my mood, or the absence of this type of stuff. I do know that when this type of stuff is involved, it’s always a huge turn on!

    I didn’t feel comfortable telling anyone I was into this until I was in my mid twenties. I think it just took me that long to become comfortable enough with myself to not really care what the other person thought of me. But even then it was a hard thing to bring up, especially if we had mutual friends in common.

    When I first brought it up though, the girl was surprisingly accommodating. She was more than happy to pee on me, and even asked if I would pee on her. She wasn’t really into it, but she had an open mind.

    Since then I’ve brought it up with maybe three or four girls. They’ve all been willing to try it, though a couple got stage fright and weren’t able to actually go. Still, I admire how open people are.

    I usually bring it up by telling them i’m into wet. sloppy sex at first. Oral sex with kissing after, cum – that type of stuff. Then I’ll casually suggest a little pee fun and see their reaction. As I said, usually it’s been positive.

    Poop is harder though. I’ve only brought that up twice, and presented it kind of as a joke. Neither was willing to do that.

    Good luck with this. I think as you get older you’ll become more confident, and you’ll figure out how to broach the subject. The trick is finding someone as into it as you are 🙂

  4. The points you made in the post are really the concern of a lot of people on this site. Yet the thing is that sadly, there is not a true answer. People come to these sites to really express themselves sexually and be honest about how they feel, but the honesty that you show on the internet in my mind doesn’t even hold a candle to that in the real world.

    My friend also asked me if I have a fetish, and in a similar situation I backed down from opening myself up to someone in real life who I considered my closest friend, let alone someone of the opposite sex who was a really caring person.

    The saddest part about that is, im not friends with that girl anymore. We stopped talking and to think that she was my one opportunity to open up to someone in real life about my true sexually feelings and not be judged… and I wasted it, really shows how people with these fetishes can do one of two things.

    They can wear their heart on their sleeve or take it to the grave. Personally I will probably take this to the grave, unless I become a super lucky guy and meet a girl in real life who understands and accepts me for who I am and even more unlikely, enjoys the same stuff that I do.

    Expressing yourself in any way though is healthy and normal and that is what everyone in this situation should do. Keep reminding themselves that they are normal, and that they are not alone in this situation. The worst thing they can do is hide who they are from themselves. Doing these things in your own privacy is so incredible necessary. I really wish I knew more, but sadly a lot of people are in this same sort of situation.

  5. Hey, this must be some kind of great coincidence because I kind of have a thing for people with stomach trouble too! I love watching people with stomach aches, whether or not they need to puke or poop or fart. I just like seeing their faces and hearing them groan in pain – and no other pain does it for me, though I don’t get sexual pleasure out of it. That’s just my two cents, hope it makes you feel less alone! XD

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