The School Project

It was year 9 in secondary school. We were all 15/16 year olds and every year in October the school would designate a week to be “Alcohol Awareness Week” seeing as all the students were becoming of that age where alcohol started showing up at parties. In our health class we were assigned to partner up and do a project together. The project would be a 5 minute long Alcohol Awareness public service announcement video. The purpose was to explain why alcohol can wait until we’re 21 years old. 

I sadly only had one really good friend in that class…Billy. Luckily we partnered up and were going to work on this project together. Of course being of that age, we waited until the last day of the week to do our video project. Because my parents weren’t going to be home, I invited Billy to my house so we could do the project with little interruption. 
We knew from the get go we wanted our video to stand out and be funny. We knew the rest were going to likely be boring and tedious. We wanted to be different and have some fun. 
Billy was 16 at the time, as was I. He stood about 5 foot 6 and was slender. He was the BMX/Skater type of kid. He had the brown mop-like hair do and always wore punk rock t-shirts and tight blue jeans…But not skin tight..They were a little more relaxed, but still showed everything a Bi-guy like myself was looking for up front. 
Like I said, we wanted a funny video. At this point, our entire 3:00 minute video consisted of the research we needed to complete in order to pass. The last two minutes were totally up to us.
After some brainstorming in my basement, we decided that Billy was just going to act out being drunk to show the other students what bad decisions might get made while drinking. We filmed Billy doing things like falling down the stairs, stumbling, getting lost, basically being miserable. We still needed that “funny” thing though. Deep in the back of my head, I had quite the idea…
“Hey Billy, I think you should pee yourself to show everyone how embarrassing it can be to be drunk.” 
Billy replied, “Hahah! That would be hilarious, dude we’d totally get an A+!”
At this point Billy was sitting on a recliner chair with his feet kicked up and his white socks on. I was just imagining that sweet image of Billy peeing in his tight skater jeans for me. In my head, not only was it going to be good for the video project, it would also be entertaining to me! 
Billy and I sat there and pondered the idea for a while. Might I add that Billy never once shot down the idea… It appeared as if he was willing to pee himself the entire time. We started brainstorming how we were going to do this. 
Having expertise in the art of peeing your pants, I offered Billy some suggestions like “It needs to be well lit…Are you sure you have to pee cause there has to be enough to see…” Stuff like that…Only he didn’t know I’ve done this before.
I was so interested I asked part of that again. “Hey Billy, do you even have to pee right now?”
Billy replied, “Hell yea…I haven’t went to the bathroom since I got here.” (Which had been about 2 hours and 4 Pepsi’s later)
The image kept running through my mind… Billy wetting his skater jeans in front of me. I couldn’t believe it but at this point he sounded totally game to do so. 
After about 10 minutes of talking about it, Billy got up from the chair and said, “Alright, lets do this.”
Billy asked me where we were gonna do this. Seeing as this would be pretty much once in a lifetime that Billy was gonna piss himself, I wanted it to be perfect. I couldn’t really think of a good spot. While I was standing their next to him thinking of the best way to do this, Billy grabbed a yoga ball. He set the ball down right there in the middle of the carpet and sat on it. “Ok, lets do it right here.” Billy said. 
Billy sat on the yoga ball with his legs spread wide open in my direction. I could see the outline of his balls and penis through the crotch of the tight jeans. I couldn’t imagine him peeing his pants, but I was so eager… I couldn’t believe we were about to do this. 
I got the camera rolling and I told Billy whenever he was ready just to let it rip. An awkward amount of time then passed by. There I am, sitting behind the camera anxiously watching Billy’s crotch for that first ounce of wetness. There sat Billy, sitting silently trying to force the pee out. I could tell he was nervous because nothing was happening. He was just sitting there looking down at his crotch awaiting the arrival.
After about 40 seconds of waiting, there it was… With his legs spread wide open while sitting on the yoga ball, I saw the first shot of piss start darkening his light blue tight skater jeans. The wetness was totally encompassing the outline of his balls as he sat their pissing. I watched as the wetness began to creep lower and lower toward his butt. The distinct hissing sound could be heard as neither of us were talking. It was then that the inevitable started happening. These tight skater jeans can only hold so much piss. A steady stream began flowing from his butt down the side of the yoga ball and onto the carpeting. 
Billy didn’t see that happening since he was sitting there concentrating, but I didnt care. Carpet can be cleaned. I just continued to watch as the pee poured from Billy’s crotch, glistening over his butt and then down the side of the yoga ball. After about 20 seconds of admiration, Billy said, “Alright im done.”
Billy stood up and the ball rolled slightly backwards, revealing the dark spot on the carpet. Billy began laughing as he noticed the stain and realized pee was starting to drip down his thighs. “Oh my gosh, this feels so gross…” Billy mumbled. I could tell deep down that he enjoyed that. Billy began to walk slowly towards the basement bathroom keeping a close eye on his dripping crotch to make sure it didn’t drip all over the carpet and his socks. 
I stopped the camera and followed Billy to the bathroom to clean up. As I walked behind Billy, I noticed that his lower butt was totally drenched in pee. Once in the bathroom he turned to me and showed me the front. Because he was sitting down, there was nearly no pee from the front view. “This isn’t actually too bad…You can’t even tell.” Said Billy. 
I replied, “Oh yea, wait till you see your ass, it’s soaked!.” Billy then turned his body to try and see in the mirror his soaked behind. As he was standing there trying to look backwards over his shoulder to see the mess he made of himself, I couldn’t help myself. I slapped Billy’s wet ass jokingly and said, “Right there!” I didn’t care if I got Billy’s pee on my hand…It didn’t seem to bother me. Billy laughed and smiled as he started to notice how much pee was on his back side. Billy began to slip the wet jeans off.
Billy removed the jeans revealing the dark blue boxer briefs. No…Those stayed on. Billy handed me the pants and I told him I’d run these upstairs to the washing machine. I asked if he needed me to wash his underwear and he told me he’d just take a shower in them. Billy closed the bathroom door and turned on the shower to clean off. Being the nice friend I am, I loaned him a pair of my basketball shorts until his pants got cleaned. 
This was seriously the funnest project I’ve ever done. I never though it would be so easy to get a hot young skater boy to piss his tight jeans for you. 

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